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I am a Palestinian child. I am a Palestinian child.
People think, I am meek and mild.
I was  born in the midst of fire,
Coffin on the body is my attire;
I can face everything, dark and dire,
The time fails to sink me in its mire.
I am a Palestinian child. I am a Palestinian child.
People think, I am meek and mild.
Always ready for bullets is my chest,
The bombs can never dampen my zest;
My blood is meant for my country's best,
Only in the grave, I shall take my rest.
I am a Palestinian child. I am a Palestinian child
People think, I am meek and mild.
I aspire for peace , have love for all,
I want to demolish the religion's wall;
When the world is weeping on my fall,
I must also try to rise high and tall .
I am a Palestinian child. I am a Palestinian child
People think, I am meek and mild.
Playing with death, is my ordinary game,
For me , earth and sky are all the same;
I am a violent storm, no power can tame,
My enemy will suffer a lasting shame.
I am a Palestinian child. I am a Palestinian child .
People think, I am meek and mild.
Desire for freedom makes me wild,
I am a Palestinian child. I am a Palestinian child

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Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
All India Muslim Forum
Lucknow , U.P. India
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gold adulteration with iridium rampant in India
30 Jan 2009, 0050 hrs IST, Hemali Chhapia, TNN

Your wedding jewellery may not be as pure or as precious as you think it is. Goldsmiths across India have taken to adulterating the precious metal with iridium and ruthenium, and are getting away with it, as until recently the metals failed to show up on all purity checks. It's an alchemist's dream, and the practice is becoming increasingly commonplace if you go by the stocks of the 'duplicate' metals at even the smallest of karigar workshops.

Both iridium and ruthenium belong to the platinum family of metals, and when mixed with gold, do not form an alloy but sit tight in the yellow metal. What makes the adulteration even more alarming is that the metals do not replace silver and copper, which are added to the gold during the jewellery-making process to harden the soft, malleable yellow metal. As Saumen Bhaumik, general manager (Retailing) at Tanishq put it, ''The two metals manage to camouflage as gold.''

TOI tested three pieces of jewellery, and all had some amount of either iridium or ruthenium lurking inconspicuously with the gold. A 22-carat gold bangle bought in 2003 from a century-and-a-half-old jeweller—who has since then expanded from Mumbai to other parts of the country—when tested at the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, had 3% iridium in it. A gold chain bought from a shop in Bangalore in 2002 when tested at another city-based centre had 2.39% ruthenium, while a pair of earrings from Kerala was found to be adulterated with 4.65% of iridium.

On an average, a piece of jewellery or a bar of gold contains nearly 5-6% of the adulterant, and manufacturers—wholesalers and retailers across India—are aware of how rampant this notorious practice is. Consumers, however, are the biggest losers as they have been kept in the dark. ''Most machine-made jewellery contain these adulterants. Overnight, these manufacturers hit the jackpot,'' said Suresh Hundia, president of The Bombay Bullion Association (BBA).

The situation came to head when several refineries across India noticed that the gold bought from the market, which when melted, contained a high percentage of adulterants. ''Some refineries complained that a blackish substance kept floating in the aqua regia (mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, which can dissolve gold). Moreover, if they bought 1kg of gold, they were losing 50-60gm after refinement. At the time, they didn't know where the rest of the gold was getting lost,'' said a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) official.

The practice was especially rampant between 2004 and 2006, when there were few checks and balances. Traditional jewellers who checked the purity of gold by rubbing it on a touch-stone, said Bhavesh Sonawala from National Refineries Private Limited, ''had no clue about either iridium or ruthenium''. There was also very little awareness on hallmarking. (Hallmark is a purity certification of gold articles in accordance with Indian Standard specifications.) To add to the problem, XRF machines that are used to test the purity of gold were not calibrated to identify iridium and ruthenium. It was only after an alert from the trading community that BIS conducted a survey in markets across the country and found an extensive use of iridium and ruthenium in gold. ''In 2006, we issued a circular to all hallmarking centres to re-calibrate their XRF machines to look for iridium and ruthenium,'' said the BIS official. The results of this survey were never made public. That is when the BBA also started checking for iridium and ruthenium ''So, even hallmarked gold sold between 2001 and 2006 could be of dodgy quality,'' said a member of city-based hallmarking centre.

Several jewellers believe that the damage has already been done. During this period, tonnes of gold had already exchanged hands and consumers were unknowingly investing in 'spurious' jewellery.

By then, the word had spread, and the demand for iridium and ruthenium began to climb. When plotted on a graph, prices of gold, iridium and ruthenium could be seen moving along the same path. For instance, on January 12, 2004, international rate for gold stood at $142.56 for 10gm; the same quantity of iridium was priced at $27.97 and ruthenium at $13.83. In two months, iridium shot up to $73.95 and ruthenium was selling at $21.86—both for 10gm each. All the three metals touched their all time high in February-March 2007; gold was priced at $311.44, iridium was $144.69 and ruthenium was being sold at $273.3.

''This was largely because there was an unprecedented demand for both iridium and ruthenium from all kinds of people dealing in gold across India,'' explained B H Mehta, proprietor of Varsha Bullion and Elemental Analab Hallmarking centre, a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)-approved hallmarking centre.

Even now, as per data from the BBA, only 46% of gold sold in India is hallmarked; the percentage is even lower in tier two cities and villages, which make up close to 70% of India's gold consumption. It is paradoxical, but both iridium and ruthenium have now become such high-priced substances that buyers get both these adulterants tested too, just to ensure that the metals are not adulterated with another cheaper substance.


News - City Real-life Amitabh reels from son’s ‘Baghban’ shock

75-year-old takes up job as clerk to buy his wife an anniversary present after son throws him out of his home

By Nilesh Nikade
Posted On Friday, January 30, 2009

It’s like a scene straight out of Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Baghban. An elderly father sells his house for the sake of his son, only to be mercilessly thrown out years later. Sakharam Sadvelkar, too, still knows how to look after himself and his beloved wife Damayanti. At 75, he took up a job so he could buy her a sari and cake to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

On Thursday, Sakharam received his first salary as a clerk with Thane-based NGO Madat Seva Sanstha, and headed straight for Thane’s shopping haven, Gokhale Road.

After scouring four sari shops, he found the perfect yellow sari to gift his wife, and purchased it for Rs 600. “I’m as excited as I was on my first wedding anniversary. Even then, I had purchased a sari for Damayanti. I hope she likes it, though. I am still not very sure about her choice,” he said.

Sakharam lost his job as a mill worker in 1982. He supported his family by taking up small jobs and sold his house at Kurla so that his only son Ashish could get a good education. “In the late 90s, I managed to purchase a flat when my financial condition improved,” he recalled.

In 1998, the responsible father had his son married. But it was all downhill from here on. “Ashish wanted to move to Mulund. I sold my flat so he could buy one and moved in with him. However, with a working daughter-in-law, Damayanti was forced to do the household chores. Two years later, when Ashish had a son, we gladly took on his responsibility, too. But we were never respected by them and would often be subjected to false allegations.”

After five years of living together, Ashish asked his parents to move out.

The callous son offered no help even when Damayanti had to be operated on for a stomach tumour, and Sakharam collected funds by taking up odd jobs.

Sakharam Sadvelkar (top right) and (above) with wife Damayanti in happier times

By now, the couple had been forced to take shelter with their adopted daughter Trupti Chavan at Dombivli. A month ago, her husband lost his job and once again, Sakharam had to fend for himself.

His hunt for a job brought him to Madat Seva Sanstha. The NGO plans to arrange for a small place for him in Thane.

His boss Shashi Agrawal said, “It is very saddening to see Sakharam working at this age. He works like a young man, though. We all will celebrate his anniversary. We just hope that like in films, his story will have a happy ending, too.”

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Bharat Gajjar
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A candid interview, as honest and straight forward as it could be.


''If there was any evidence against me, I would have been hanged long ago''.
Posted online: Oct 26, 2008 at 0202 hrs Indian Express

Suman K. Jha: How did you go from being an RSS leader to becoming the Chief Minister of Gujarat?

"I was an RSS leader in Gujarat and in those days, there was a Jan Sangh leader called Natha Jhagda. He insisted that young people should join the party. So I joined the BJP in 1989-90. When the Ayodhya-Somnath rath yatra started, I helped organise it. That marked the beginning of my political career. In 1995, I became a BJP General Secretary. That's when I closely observed how governments function. In 2001, I suddenly received a call from Atalji who told me to return to Gujarat".

Maneesh Chhibber: We've been told that the Gujarat anti-terror law, which is stuck with the Home Ministry, may be referred back to the state. Your reaction?
"The GCOC (Gujarat Control of Organised Crime) Bill is based on a draft that was circulated by the Government of India to the entire nation when POTA was in existence. So it's not as though this law came in place of POTA. The draft law was passed by the Gujarat Assembly. A similar law existed in Maharashtra, but it was challenged in court. The Maharashtra High Court's judgement amended two sections of the law. In 2004, the Government of India asked for these changes to be made in our proposed law. We made the changes, passed it in the Assembly and sent it back to the Centre. By then there was a new Government at the Centre, which had a very different agenda.
In the last three years, whenever I have met the Prime Minister and asked him about the Bill, he asked, "Oh, is it still pending?" So we don't know if the PM is aware of why the bill is still stuck. But if the law already exists in Maharashtra, why delay it in Gujarat? I have told the government that they should write to us on whatever they think about this law so we can decide what needs to be done. They are not doing even that".

Dheeraj Nayyar: You are one of those rare politicians who has put economic development on the campaign agenda. Why don't other leaders do the same?

"When I went to Gujarat in 2001, people told me, "Modiji, please ensure there is electricity in our homes when we sit down for our evening meal." I know what it is to be without electricity. So I conceived a brilliant idea€ '·Jyoti Gram Yojna. We installed 18 lakh new poles, 20,000 new transformers and some 78,000 km of new cables. It cost me Rs 1,600 crore but now Gujarat has uninterrupted power supply".

Sudhakar Jagdish: What did you tell Ratan Tata that he decided to take the Nano factory to Gujarat?
"I didn't say a word. When controversies were on in Singur, mine was the only state that did not interfere, unlike other CMs who were writing letters inviting Tata to their states. When Tata's top people met me, I told them that the whole world is saying the 21st century belongs to Asia. I told Tata that Nano should roll out of West Bengal. But when Ratan Tata announced his decision to leave Singur, I sent him a text message saying, 'Swagatam (welcome)'. They have come to Gujarat because of our track record".

Ambreen Khan: How far do you hold yourself responsible for killing the spirit of secularism in the country after the 2002 riots?
"This is not a question but an accusation. And the accusation is absolutely baseless. We have a vibrant media, an active judiciary and global human rights groups working in the country. If there was even the slightest evidence that I had committed a crime, I would have been hanged long since. The government in Delhi is such that it will prevent me from returning to Ahmedabad, right now, if it finds a pretext. So if you have any evidence that Modi has done something wrong, please bring it forward. Secularism in India was not invented by the Constitution. It's our age-old tradition".

Ambreen Khan: Why should a Muslim vote for you?
"It is this country's curse that everything is weighed in votes. The only yardstick should be the welfare of the poor. I'll give you the example: I have been successful in ensuring 100 per cent enrollment in schools of both girls and boys. And when I say 100 per cent, I mean 100 per cent; I don't see people as Hindu or Muslim as you do".

Soma Das: Is Narendra Modi a disciplined democrat or a lenient dictator?

"The fact that you are able to ask me this question and that I am answering it in your office should be proof enough of my being a democrat".

Soma Das: If you had to vote for one of the current UPA chief ministers, who would you choose?
"The system of voting in this country is through secret ballot, and I'm committed to upholding the spirit of the Constitution. On a more serious note, however, there are issues every party should consider. First, why not make voting compulsory? Second, every government should be mandated to complete the full five-year term in office that's what people have elected it for. Third, there should be the option for a 'No vote a vote of rejection and if a candidate gets less than a minimum percentage of votes, elections should be held again with new candidates".

Pranab Dhal Samanta: Does it distress you that the US still hasn't granted you a visa?
"I'm deeply grateful to the US for denying me a visa. I used to go to the US a lot earlier, and there were so many Gujarati friends there that I spent eight hours a day just travelling from one place to another. Now, through video-conferencing, I address the biggest NRI conventions in the US".

Pranab Dhal Samanta: The BJP has opposed the Indo-US nuclear deal. But how soon do you want to get nuclear energy to your state?
"Nuclear power was being used in my state even when there was no deal and plans for nuclear expansion had been approved long ago. But nuclear energy will make up only six per cent of the country's energy by 2040. If we were to upgrade the existing electricity plants, we can generate up to 15 per cent more power now".

Suman K. Jha: Ashis Nandy had charged the Gujarat government with harassment over an article he wrote.
"One citizen filed a writ against Nandy for insulting the Gujarati people. How does my government prevent a citizen from filing a writ in court? If my police had gone after Nandy, you could blame me. Nandy went to the media and claimed that the Gujarat government was hounding him. I remained silent because it's not in my nature to get into such quarrels".

D.K. Singh: Sonia Gandhi has apologised to the Sikh community for the 1984 riots. Have you ever considered apologising to the Muslim community for your failure as chief minister during the 2002 riots?
"I have said this repeatedly: I seek punishment, not forgiveness. If I have done something wrong, punish me".

D.K. Singh: The NHRC has indicted your government for the 2002 violence. What is your opinion of the NHRC as an institution?

"Institutions need to be honoured and strengthened, and clashes between them and the government should be prevented. But there's been no adverse remark against me so far. All the NHRC's directives have been complied with. This is just political sloganeering. I have always said, let the inquiry commission come out with its report and let the Supreme Court decide".

Unni Rajen Shanker: After the 2002 riots, there has been considerable insecurity among Muslims in Gujarat. How will you allay this sense of insecurity?

"I'm sending every child to school, I'm providing healthcare to every citizen, I'm giving everyone a share of the fruits of development. The Sachar Committee report, you'll be surprised to learn, says that Muslims in Gujarat are better educated than Hindus. I always address my people as my five-and-a-half crore Gujarati brothers the entire population of the state".

Irena Akbar: Your government is known for its efficiency. Why is the same efficiency not in evidence when it comes to securing justice for the riot victims?

"The judicial system is responsible for securing justice. And it is doing its job, the government cannot do anything about it. The Supreme Court is involved, the High Court is involved. As for the compensation package, the government has announced one and implemented it".

Ashok Kumar: Do you think it's possible to have casteless politics in India?

"I'm a living example of casteless politics. I am an OBC and I come from a most backward caste. If I can be successful, so can others. The fact that I have no caste base helps me because no one says I take decisions based on caste".

Ruchika Talwar: Is it difficult dealing with so much criticism?

"I welcome criticism, but charges made without substantiation are injurious to democracy. Whatever I've said here must be investigated and even if one per cent is found to be untrue, it should be publicised".

Shailaja Bajpai: What is the reason behind increasing home-grown terrorism?

"Be it Naxalism, Maoism or this latest home-grown terrorism, everything has international links. The harm to the nation occurs when a law is accused of being against a specific community. There are Hindus in Naxalism and POTA was meant for Naxal terrorists too".

Shekhar Gupta: VHP's Praveen Togadia was once a political ally. Then you distanced yourself from him. Some of his followers have been jailed in Gujarat. Is he your adversary now?
"He is one of the five-and-a-half crore Gujaratis that I want to take along with me. If some of his followers are in jail, they must have done something to get such a punishment. If a relative of mine commits a crime he should be put in jail".

Seema Chishti: Do you admit that your government failed to contain the situation in 2002?

"A commission is looking into the charges of who failed and on which fronts. The media trial is over, the sloganeering is over. I always said that the commission of inquiry will bring out the truth".

Seema Chishti: The NHRC's indictment, the Supreme Court's censure, these mean nothing?

"There's nothing in writing to substantiate what you are saying".

Irena Akbar: Many people have questioned the Nanavati Commission's report because it was set up by the Gujarat government, which is itself accused of wrong doing in 2002.
"The Constitution gives every state government the right to appoint a judicial commission of inquiry and to decide who'll head that commission. My government did not appoint the members of the commission. I wrote to the Supreme Court and the High Court asking for a sitting judge to head a commission of inquiry into the 2002 riots. My request was turned down citing the workload of sitting judges. I then wrote asking for a retired judge to head the commission. I have the letter from the Chief Justice of India suggesting Nanavati's name the same Nanavati whose report on the anti-Sikh violence in 1984 has been applauded by the Congress".

D.K. Singh: Did Sonia Gandhi's description of you as 'a merchant-of- death' have an impact on the Gujarat elections?
"I don't think there's a leader of such stature in the country whose one statement can alter an election's fortunes".

Ambreen Khan: Five years ago, you wouldn't speak to the media. Now you interact with the media. Is this part of an image makeover?
"Why didn't I court the media? That's because I'm focused exclusively on the development of my state. I'm speaking to the media more often these days to generate awareness about the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investment Summit coming up in January 2009. It has nothing to do with an image makeover".

Suman K. Jha: Like Mayawati, you are building a core base and then expanding it. L.K. Advani said that you are his likeliest successor. Please comment.

"There's only one party in India that has the system of a successor. The BJP is a democratic party and there's no question of a successor in the party".

Transcribed by Geeta Gupta

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Suno! Suno! Sadhuji! - 3

Carrot to the mind

Kirtana noticed Sadhana sitting in the verandah, her small round face looking long and oval and holding her face in her palms. She seemed lost in her own thoughts. Kirtana tapped her gently and sat beside her with a questioning expression. “Everything is fine with school Sadhana?”

“Oh yes ma! Everything is absolutely fine except me!”

“Why dear, is something bothering you?”

“I am just feeling so restless, bored and dejected for no apparent cause!”

Kirtana took her daughter’s hand in hers and said, “Sadhana! Come let us take a walk!”

“Sadhana! All these feelings and emotions are caused by that which we know as mind. Give it Divine company and it will become strong and light! Mind has immense power and can make us or break us. It is our friend and enemy too!”

“How do I befriend this powerful mind Ma? I don’t seem to have control over it.”

“Remember? Order does not help! The powers of the mind are best used when it is directed properly. Using the same instrument of knife we can kill a person or operate and save his life. Similarly, the same instrument called mind can be used to pull us deep down the abyss of self-pity and depression or take us to higher levels of spirituality and bliss. Our Swamiji, Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, sings beautifully teaching us to lead our mind to attain supreme good. Listen!

Sangaruchir mAnava sahaja svabhAvah
kIdrusha sangam icchasIvada mAnasa

“Seeking company is verily the nature of the mind! What company do you yearn for my mind, do say!”

“Sadhana! Swamiji clearly points to the nature of all minds. Mind can exist only if it holds on to something and to sustain itself it keeps craving for things of the world. It shows us the pleasures of wealth, beauty, power, fame, knowledge and various other things that easily allure us and goads us to exert ourselves to acquire these. Just as water flows from higher level to lower, mind flows towards the world.

Sri Swamiji says

icchasIyadi sundara shishu sangam
bhavatu te sango gokula bAlasya
Sangaruchir mAnava....

icchasIyadi nAnAkeli vilAsam
bhavatu te sango brundAvaneshasya
Sangaruchir mAnava....

“If you desire the company of a beautiful child, seek the company of the Divine Child of Gokula. If you insist on the company of a playful child, may you be in the company of the Lord of Brindavana!”

“Sadhana! The Lord of Gokula is the most charming, handsome and wonderful child. The pranks He played in Brindavana are still remembered and rejoiced by all Saints and Mahatmas! One who has seen this form, desires for none else and one who has once enjoyed His Divine lilas crave for nothing else in this world.”

Swamiji further sings,

icchasIyadi sundara purusha sangam
bhavatu te sango rAdhApateh
Sangaruchir mAnava....

icchasIyadi panditajana sangam
bhavatu te sango sAndIpanIshishyasya
Sangaruchir mAnava....

“Oh mind! If you desire the company of a handsome young man, seek the company of the Lord of Radha! If you desire the company a scholar, seek the company of the disciple of Sandeepani!”

“Sadhana! Mind craves for the most beautiful objects and is proud to be in possession of the best of all in the world. Some pride themselves on their handsome son or husband and some on their most intelligent child or spouse. The best of all indeed can be found only in the Lord is it not? Rukmini Devi addresses the Lord as ‘Bhuvanasundara’- the most handsome person in the world! Indeed the world and all its objects get their beauty only from Him! He is the source of all beauty. Sri Krishna learnt all the arts in Sandeepani’s Gurukula in 64 days! He is described as ‘akila kalA Adi guru’. Lord Sri Krishna is the foremost Guru and the source of all knowledge. Seek beauty and knowledge in Him, says our Swamiji!”

icchasIyadi rAjAdirAjasangam
bhavatu te sango dwArakAnAthasya
Sangaruchir mAnava....

icchasIyadi dhIrapurusha sangam
bhavatu te sango pArtasAratheh
Sangaruchir mAnava....

“If you desire the company of a King, find it in the Lord of Dwaraka! If you yearn for the company of a valiant one, seek the company of the charioteer of Arjuna!”

“Sadhana! People always love to claim their acquaintance with someone in high office! Who can be placed higher in power than the Lord of this universe who played the role of Lord of Dwaraka? If we can claim our friendship with Him, the whole world shall bow before us! A valiant friend would be of great help in protecting us isn’t it? It is said- ‘If Lord is with us who can be against us?’ Seek the most valiant Lord for protection.”

icchasiyadi dhnAdhipatI sangam
bhavatu te sango lakshmipateh
Sangaruchir mAnava....

icchasIyadi bahusundara strIsangam
bhavatu te sango asuravanchaka striyAh
Sangaruchir mAnava....

“If you desire the company of the most affluent person, seek the company of the Lord of Lakshmi! If you desire the company of the most beautiful lady, seek the company of the Lord who deluded the Asuras in the form of Mohini!”

“Sri Swamiji says that mind longs for wealth. The goddess of prosperity, Sri Lakshmi herself is massaging the Lotus Feet of the Lord! Find all the wealth you need at the Lotus Feet of the Lord of Prosperity. And the most beautiful form in this world is that of Lord as Mohini! Swamiji says, find all the beauty in the Lord himself.”

icchasIyadi brahmaswarUpa sangam
bhavatu te sango antaryAminah
Sangaruchir mAnava....

icchasIyadi premikasangam
bhavatu te sango muralIdharasya
Sangaruchir mAnava....

“If you desire the company of Brahmaswarupa, seek the company of the Lord who resides within all as Antharyami! If you seek the company of the ‘Premika’( the epitome of Divine Love), seek the company of Muralidhara!”

“Sadhana! Some desire to attain the Self, Brahmaswarupa. The Lord resides in all as the Antharyami and seeking him reveals the Self. If we yearn instead for the Love of the Lord and if we want to be ever in the company of the Lord who loves, we shall find it in the company of the Lord who plays the flute!

Thus sings our Swamiji throwing light on the most beautiful aspect of Spirituality! The nature of the mind is to desire. All we need to do is simply direct it. The great Vaishnava saint poet Sri Andal too expresses this idea in her Tiruppavai verse “matrai nam kAmangal mAtrelorempAvAi” isn’t it?

Put simply, Swamiji says- ‘Desires become devotion when directed to Divine!’

Sadhana nodded her head in understanding. Both mother and daughter sang joyfully as they entered their home after a long walk and talk -

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German rape case: 5 get life imprisonment
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Posted: Jan 28, 2009 at 1804 hrs IST
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In quick disposal of a rape case, a local Chandigarh court gave life imprisonment to five accused of raping a 20-year-old German tourist in September 2008. Pankaj Punia, Manvir Singh Jolly, Harpreet Singh Dalli, Sukhwinder Singh Sukhi and Sompal were booked for kidnapping the woman from outside a five star hotel in Chandigarh on September 28 and taking her to a farmhouse in Haryana's Samalakha area where she was gang raped.
The five youths were convicted under section 376 (2) (g) (gangrape) of the Indian Penal Code and awarded life imprisonment.

Besides, the court slapped a fine of Rs 20,000 on each one of them for the gangrape offence. The judge also held them guilty under section 473 (display of fake number plate on the vehicle), 363/366 (kidnapping) and 506 (threatening).

He awarded three-year jail term for their conviction under section 473 and five-year for the offence under section 363/366 besides imposing a fine of Rs 3,000 for each of these two offences.

The court also awarded one-year jail term and a fine of Rs 1,000 under section 506. The total fine payable by each convict would be Rs 27,000 and all the four prison terms would run concurrently, the court said.

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From: Fawad Ashraf
Subject: [Fropki] Welcome to the World of HIV AIDS
To: "fropki Group"
Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2009, 2:46 PM

(Don't avoid Pls read this mail)
FROM Arvind Khamitkar, I.A.S, Director of Medical
& Research Div,

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, in a movie theatre, a person felt
something poking from her seat.
When she got up to see what it was, she found a
needle sticking out of the seat with a note attached saying

"You have just been infected by

The Disease Control Center (in Paris ) reports many similar
events in many other cities recently. All tested needles were HIV Positive..

The Center also reports that needles have been found
in cash dispensers at public banking machines. We ask everyone to use extreme caution when faced with
this kind of situation. All public chairs/seats should be inspected withvigilance and caution before use. A careful visual inspection should be enough. In addition, they ask that each of you pass this message along to all members of your family and your friends of the potential danger.

Recently, one doctor has narrated a somewhat similar
instance that hppened to one of his patients at the Priya Cinema in Delhi . A young girl, engaged and about to be married in a couple of months, was pricked while the movie
was going on. The tag with the needle had the message

"Welcome to the World of HIV family".

Though the doctors told her family that it takes about 6
months before the virus grows strong enough to start
damaging the system and a healthy victim could survive about 5-6 years,the girl died in 4 months, perhaps more because of the "Shock thought".
We all have to be careful at public places, rest God help! Just think about saving a life byforwarding this message. Please, take a few seconds of your time to pass along.

With Regards, Arvind Khamitkar ,
I.A.S, Director of Medical & Research Div, Chennai.

Rather than forwarding irrelevant mails, kindly pass
this to every one.
Probably ur mail can help to save his/her life

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


"Drive-in banks were established so most of the cars today could see their real owners."
- E. Joseph Cossman

Rex Barker here with "What is The Value of Time," sent in by Karen L from London...
Please submit your favorite inspirational stories, pictures, quotes, or dog pictures to
To realize the value of one year: Ask a student who has failed a final exam.

To realize the value of one month: Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of one week: Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of one hour: Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realize the value of one minute: Ask the person who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize the value of one second: Ask a person who has survived an accident.

To realize the value of one millisecond: Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics.

Time waits for no one.

Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special.

This is Rex Barker reminding you to value your time more carefully - and for some of you - to get off the sofa and stop wasting time watching TV all day.
Please KEEP SENDING us your lessons and type 'LESSON' in the subject line. Your last name will not be used unless you give us permission in your email. We get hundreds, but all are read.

Monday, January 26, 2009


When I first noticed that my penis was growing larger
And staying erect longer,
I was delighted, as was my wife

After several weeks, my penis had grown fifty centimetres.

Became quite concerned. I was having problems dressing, and
Even walking.
So the wife and I went to see a prominent urologist.

After an
Initial examination, the doctor explained to us that,
Though rare, My
Condition (Donkey Doodle,) it could be fixed through corrective

Long will he be on crutches?' my wife asked anxiously.

Why would he need crutches? ' responded the surprised doctor.

Said the wife coldly, 'you're gunna lengthen his legs, aren't

o my

Reply Forward



[gita-talk] Re: Guidance to the Mentally Exhausted and Very Stressed

sadhak_insight Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 1:16 PM
My mother is once again hospitalized… im sorry im exhausted and
very stressed. After five years of taking care of her entirely on
my own, as other family members have washed their hands off, I feel
completely exhausted. She is also a alzheimers patient exhibiting
all behaviour related to this deadly disease. She continues to be
extremely stubborn in receiving any kind of help which is continuing
to exhaust and drain all her financial resources.

Caring for her for so long, I feel like I will have a stroke or a
heart attack. There have been many incidents where I have been
completely freaked out, totally drained of all energy. This extreme
physical and mental exhaustion has reached a point where I can
barely make it off the bed, with my eyes swollen from exhaustion.

I read the words in your daily posting and though i know they are
true, they mean nothing in my serious state of exhaustion. I can
no longer care for my mother and have told her doctors so and they
know and agree. Knowing that I still feel responsible, but at the
same time, feel completely unable to deal with the situation.
There appears to be no Light in sight! How do I connect to this
Light? I seek any guidance you can offer to be free of suffering
and to be at Peace!

May all souls cross over the horrid ocean of suffering
including me.


Hari Om

You have every right to be peaceful. "Duty" - is what you CAN and
what you SHOULD. Once you have done what ever you could, there is no
need for you to feel guilty when you CAN NOT anymore. What you can
not do, it is not your duty to do.
Hence be brave, be guiltfree, and see God's hand in every result.
See God live in your Mom, in your mind, in your circumstances - and
for once with a simple heart surrender yourself completely into the
hands of Paramatma. Once you surrender, thereafter you should not

Stand erect. Be peaceful by realising that you did your level best.
Don't look at all at the conduct of "relatives" ! They are made like
that only. They were not "yours", they are not "yours", they will
not be "yours" - there is no possibility of their ever
being "yours". Yours is only Paramatma ! Once you accept "mineness"
with Him (He is always yours) , it would not matter to you, if
anybody is "yours" or not. GUARANTEED !! Remain Doubtless.
Worryless. Griefless. Fearless.

Cry before Him- only before Him. Say now take over My Lord. He
surely will. Have trust. Have belief. Thank Him any way !

Jai Shree Krishna

Vyas N B
-Shree Hari-

Dear Anonymous,

My wife and I are in a very similar position to you, almost a
reflection of that which you have written.
My role in all this is to mainly support my wife.

May I point out the family members have washed their hands of much
more than caring for mother.
Surely if they find themselves incapable of helping her directly can
they not at least support you?

You have done something very important, you have contacted this site
with so much divine love and wisdom.

I feel that you need direct support, as I have no idea where you live
I cannot offer much, here in Australia there are support groups,
religious and none religious.

You do not have to remain anonymous, but if you wish to fine.

Do come back to this site, I personally promise you I will always
reply and support you to best of my abilities.

You may find this site of value, I cannot recommend it too much.

May God bless you.

With Respect and Divine Love,

Mike (Keenor).

Priy Anonimous
I say you are choosen by god to serve your mother.
It comes rarely occassion that U get such chance.
Whatever the situation please do all servings on the basis of
Almighty lord.
God is seeing every moment. He knows better than all of us.
God will take care coz he knows all ur pains.
Have faith. please.
Raja Gurdasani
Namasthe anonymous, I read your message and I guess I understand
what you must be going through. do not worry much. God is there and
everything will be fine too. I just was wondering..where do you
live ? in which country ?
Please try to find the local support groups regarding these
alzeimers' illness. I guess, u are handling this all on ur own and
it would definitely get exhausting. Please find some of the members
who are going thro similar situations via support groups.

also, when u mention about exhausting financial is it
happening ? is it possible if some nurse or anyone can take care of
her 2 to 3 days a week and during that time..u can do other things
and you take care 2 to 3 that you will also get a break
from the routine and get refreshed also.

Also, please think about this. in case if u are caring of ur any
family member..the other type of exhaustion we all may feel worried
thinking that it is our family member. Rather than that, if
possible, just try to think that whatever situation we are in
either by choice or circumstance, think its God's work and do it. In
the respect, although u may get physically exhausted, atleast the
exhaustion will not be much from the emotional perspective. once
the mental energy is not drained, you can be calm in every day's
action u do.

Please be strong and I am sure everything will be fine. Do not
thnk..its ur mother..just think that it is God's work whatever u are
doing to ur mother. Definitely, please check on the support
groups/non-profit organizations..they will definitely be there to
help the people who are taking care of the people with illness.

My prayers and good wishes and so u feel peac in ur heart even in
the midst of all these.

namsthe again,
Consider yourself as Arjuna in the battlefied of Kurukshetra, where
in the midst of the war between mother' illness including her
stubborn rejection of all help and your own physical and mental
resources, you are completely dejected and despondent. This is the
reality of the situation you cannot bear. Reading Gita is your Lord
Krishna: read this and identify the Truth. You are not responsible
for anything, you are not the cause of anything. You have done what
you have been doing and continue to be doing. But your actions do
not cause the consequences that you desire and you do not desire.
Whatever happens to Mother is destined to happen and you are neither
the cause nor the one responsible for. You are just an witness to
all happening.
You are only to act as per the propensities/ tendencies that have
been imparted in you by your genetics and past interactions/
experiences with the environment you have grown up. This you have no
alternative but to accept the pains and sufferings.
Get out of identification with this You. This you is just an
illusion that this you will have to live. But the Real You are the
God. Read Gita again and again to realize your Real You and get
beyond the chained you attached to the happenings of this World
around you. Pray and pray to God that He lifts you to the Real You.
Know that when you try in this way to get into your Real you, your
apparent worldy you will have no suffering at all.
All above are words and really cannot help you. Sincere and
continuous prayer and submission to God as you read Gita can only
help you.
Basudeb Sen
Yes, on a physical level it is all very difficult to understand and
cope up with.
But these things do happen with many families and part of our
worldly existence.

What helps us in these and all other situations is the spiritual
wisdom/rules of our lives,
knowing ourselves, doing things by remaining at the source......
It may appear difficult but with some practice, one start getting
the results....
So please read the messages on this group and get into the spiritual

Humble suggestions:

1) You have to understand who you are. So, ask yourself "Who am I?"
and wait for the answer.
Then try again...see what happens....what happens to the
feelings...the stress....Keep this practice
on whenever you can and find time or even while doing something....

2) Second question that may burst many myths is to understand who is
getting exhausted and
who is stressed....So ask your self "Who is getting exhausted", "Who
is getting stressed"
and again wait for the answer........

Our mind/ Mann is a wonderful instrument and able to create things
out of nothing.....and we
slowly become slaves of thoughts and further thoughts....The above
questions help you to get rid of the
these absolutely unnecessary and unwanted thoughts. Once that begin
to happen, you can see the
light which shall direct you to do what needs to be done happily and
without much effort....

Best wishes....
Sushil Jain

Hi ,

God is only testing you, do your work and manage to distance
yourself from now or you will be heart broken when the time comes to
say good bye, god willing.

Pray more and carry on with your work, you have done your duty and
this is all you can do. You are answerable to only The Almighty, so
go about your work and pray when you find the time to do so.

All the best till you feel good.

Dear Sadhak,
Under the circumstances of your mother please do not lose confidence
in your sincere caring of your mother who has given birth to you.If
you are tired then ask other members of your family to take care of
her If you have money please put her in a nursing home or any such
place where her care is properly taken
Matru devo Bhava " is a great obligation as narrated in Upnishad.

For her salvation please start reading one chapter of Bhagavat Gita
or the whole Gita on Sunday or any important day. Keep some chanting
program at your place for finding a solution and relief to both of
you. Have faith in God and a solutions will come within six months
of your resolution to seek peace in your family.

Truly yours
Shankerprasad S Bhatt
Dear anonymous....
My heart truly goes out to you.....unless one has been in a
similar situation, it is impossible to understand the level of
stress that you are experiencing. I am presently caring for an 84
yr. old mataji, whose son passed away from cancer last November.
(2008). He was only 54. She has one other son, but he is not
vegetarian, so she does not wish to live with him, nor does she wish
to relocate away from the devotional community she has grown used to
in Los Angeles. I promised her son, who was not related to me, that
I would care for his mother. But I have my husband to help me. I
am constantly on the lookout for individuals from my temple who can
spare time and energy to stay with this sweet, elderly lady,
otherwise I take her everywhere with me, because to leave her alone
is quite scary...both for her, as she sits alone and doesn't move,
and for me, because I am so worried about her when she is alone!
And she doesn't even have alzheimer's, or anything like that. Just
incontinence, which of course brings a load of social
pressures......and she screams about having to take a shower. It
is certainly a demanding which the Supreme Lord will
bless you millions of times over for executing so faithfully for so
long......may you always be guided by the Lord in your heart to know
how to continue pleasing Him.
respectfully, Mahalaksmi Dasi
Arvind Khetia, engineer and a Hindu:
Discouragement and hopelessness can arise due to many reasons.
Spiritual wisdom is essential to cultivating a balanced mind. Then,
one recognizes the negative influence of ego, greed and excessive
material pleasures on one's mind and society. Consequently, one
learns to cultivate self-control, discriminate between what is
eternal and transient, practice equanimity and follow one's dharma.
Dharma requires one to perform the duties of life in accordance with
universal ethical values.

Therefore, one's faith must be founded on spiritual reality to help
combat discouragement and hopelessness. The Bhagavad-Gita
states, "When spiritual wisdom is the highest goal, one's faith is
deep and senses restrained, then one attains wisdom and acquires
perfect peace."

According to Vedanta, true faith begins with having faith in
ourselves. Then, through practicing the spiritual disciplines of
meditation and yoga, one achieves a transformation of one's
character. Thus, one's faith evolves into the realization of one's
inner spiritual nature and manifests as enlightened optimism.

Arvind Khetia
Dear Exhausted ,

The True answer must come from your ' inside ', from inside you.
No-one from outside can give you the correct answer for you, in your
particular situation

Meditation will lead you to your inner being .
Meditation is the only Way.....................
Sit for formal meditation , morning and evening, half an hour .


When meditation does not ' happen', especially in the beginning(
your mind does not move into it so easily), and Karma ( sewa) is
also so exhausting and stressful, ' prayer and satsanga' is the
answer ..........

A Prayer to God ( Krishna, Rama,Shiva, Allah, Waheguru ) for
strength and wisdom, whenever the mind falls ... Being at the feet
of a master can do wonders !

narinder bhandari


- Being Peaceful is your birth right! What you can not do, it is
not your duty! be guiltfree. See God in Mom, and take complete
refuge in the Divine (God); accept only Him as yours; thereafter do
not worry! Remain Doubtless. Worryless. Griefless. Fearless.
- you are choosen by god to serve your mother; a rare opportunity!
Serve as if serving Almighty! He knows what is best! He knows ur pain
- My heart truly goes out to is certainly a demanding
service. may you always be guided by the Lord in your heart to know
how to continue pleasing Him.
- you are being tested; You have done your duty! continue working
but becoming detached. Pray. You are only answerable to God.
- Whatever happens to Mother is destined to happen and you are
neither the cause nor the one responsible for. Stop identification
with Body/Mind and identify with the Truth of the Gita. Read Gita
again and again! prayer and submission to God/Gita can only help you.
- Spiritual wisdom is essential to cultivating a balanced mind.
True faith begins with having faith in ourselves.
- Question over and over again.. who am I? who is getting
exhausted? Who is getting stressed? and wait for the answer! Mind
creates things out of nothing! The above questions help you to get
rid of the unnecessary thoughts. thereafter light shall direct you
to do what needs to be done happily and without much effort
- Meditate and Pray... at lotus feet of Lord
- Do not lose confidence. Seek Help! Read Gita! Have Faith in God
and solution will come.
- You need direct support! Are there support groups / others?
Don't hesitated to rely on sadhaks in this forum. They are
personally committed to support.
- Please seek out a local support group! Possibly a break, through
hired nurse help, so can get some rest!
- think its God's work you are doing for your mother and do it!
There will be less emotional exhaustion, therefore you'll be calm
even though physical strain.
- Please be strong and all will be fine!


1. Only responses that further clarify Gita message will be posted.
2. Quote Gitaji/scriptures wherever possible..
3. Limit personal feelings, opinions, beliefs etc. to the
extent that they further help in understanding the Gita shlokas
4. Be as concise, to the point, respecting sadhaka's time.
5. Focus on subject at hand only.
6. Do not include links to the other sites.
7. Do not include your personal information (Ph #, address etc).
8. Do not personalize message
9. All responses may not be posted.
10. Moderator at his discretion, may modify the posting.
11. Take into consideration the novices, youth, westerners, non-
sectarian audience. i.e. limit the use to Sanskrit words only.
Provide English word bracketed.

Ram Ram


ऐ मेरे वतन के लोगो
राहुल उपाध्याय

ऐ मेरे वतन के लोगो, तुम खूब कमा लो दौलत
दिन रात करो तुम मेहनत, मिले खूब शान और शौकत
पर मत भूलो सीमा पार अपनो ने हैं दाम चुकाए
कुछ याद उन्हे भी कर लो जिन्हे साथ न तुम ला पाए

ऐ मेरे वतन के लोगों, जरा आँख मे भर लो पानी
जो करीब नहीं हैं उनकी जरा याद करो कुरबानी

कोई सिख कोई जाट मराठा, कोई गुरखा कोई मदरासी
सरहद पार करने वाला हर कोई है एक एन आर आई
जिस माँ ने तुम को पाला वो माँ है हिन्दुस्तानी
जो करीब नहीं हैं उनकी जरा याद करो कुरबानी

जब बीमार हुई थी बच्ची या खतरे में पड़ी कमाई
दर दर दुआएँ मांगी, घड़ी घड़ी की थी दुहाई
मन्दिरों में गाए भजन जो सुने थे उनकी जबानी
जो करीब नहीं हैं उनकी जरा याद करो कुरबानी

उस काली रात अमावस जब देश में थी दीवाली
वो देख रहे थे रस्ता लिए साथ दीए की थाली
बुझ गये हैं सारे सपने रह गया है खारा पानी
जो करीब नहीं हैं उनकी जरा याद करो कुरबानी

न तो मिला तुम्हे वनवास ना ही हो तुम श्री राम
मिली हैं सारी खुशियां मिले हैं ऐश-ओ-आराम
फ़िर भला क्यूं उनको दशरथ की गति है पानी
जो करीब नहीं हैं उनकी जरा याद करो कुरबानी

सींचा हमारा जीवन सब अपना खून बहा के
मजबूत किए ये कंधे सब अपना दाँव लगा के
जब विदा समय आया तो कह गए कि सब करते हैं
खुश रहना मेरे प्यारो अब हम तो दुआ करते हैं
क्या माँ है वो दीवानी क्या बाप है वो अभिमानी
जो करीब नहीं हैं उनकी जरा याद करो कुरबानी

तुम भूल न जाओ उनको इसलिए कही ये कहानी
जो करीब नहीं हैं उनकी जरा याद करो कुरबानी

सिएटल | 425-445-0827

Sunday, January 25, 2009



Dr. Babu Suseelan

It has long since become common knowledge that Indian politicians relinquish their loyalty to reality and their consideration for safety and security of their fellowmen. These perverse political leaders who are driven by their impulses are suffering from approval addiction, lethargy, indifference and thought disorder. Their perverse personality appear in their decision making and behavior. And their hidden goal is to insult, demean and discriminate the majority Hindus who keep India together as a nation. The net result of their thinking errors and destructive behavior is the total destruction of the country.

A man is supposed to fight in his own right in defense of infringement upon his home, his freedom, happiness, culture, his reputation and ideals. Such defense is required to preserve life, family, community and the nation. Individual assertiveness and defensive action to protect life and liberty cannot be considered as a hostile action with culpable intention. Such aggression is not for selfish rewards or for reaching martyrdom. Rather, a man who does not fight such circumstances for selfish reasons or due to pacifism destroys the individual more or less certainly and often more nearly completely than anyone else and hence falls into the general category of self-destructive behavior.

These psychopathic self-destructive politicians have uncontrollable urge for approval from their tormentors. Hindus in general show irrational guilt without reason, and hence contribute to the urgency of the psychopathic political leader's compulsive impulse for approval addiction from their distracters. They have an unconscious need and obsessive tendency to minimize or avoid the dangerous consequences of confrontation with enemies. The dangerous disregard of reason and sound judgment are a part of their destructive mindset.

The chronic pacifism disguised by self-destructive behavior is quite obvious in our political leader's decision making. There are several examples of destructive policies implemented by Indian politicians that lead to calamity and disaster. The Kashmir fiasco, Mandal Commission policy, reservation and quota system for Muslims, Hajj subsidy,
policy on Jihadi terrorism, peace treaties with hostile Pakistan, policy of Hindi-Chini bahai-bhai, etc show the destructive impulses of these psychopathic politicians.

The chronic pacifism and indifference disguised as tolerance and secularism is quite similar to Alcoholism except the psychopathic politicians ruins himself, the family, the community and the nation by inexpedient conduct instead of drinking. The net result of which is the danger to the individual, the community and the nation. These psychopathic political leaders assume the role of a moralist. But they always fail. The are, so to speak, always successful in failing. They frequently do everything possible to obstruct Hindu organizations measures for Hindu defense. In short, these self-destructive politicians invite disaster. They find comfort in talking about mindless universalism, irrational tolerance, unreal idealism and appeasement with criminals. With misplaced idealism and phony secularism and destructive behavior they skillfully manage to bring catastrophe time after time.

It is fair to say that on account of these psychopathic politician's bad judgment, we are paying a heavy price. They are fooling the society and rule us by fooling. Hindus are often fall victims to successive disasters, with an uncanny, sometimes almost incredible regularity.

Hindus need to break the thick wall of denial and recover from approval addiction from our distracters and tormentors. Hindus need to join together and lend an effective hand to Hindu organizations fighting the malignancy of destructive impulses of the psychopathic politicians.


Dan was a single guy living at home with his father and
> working in the family business.
> When he found out he was going to inherit a fortune when
> his father died, he decided he needed a wife with which to
> share his fortune.
> One evening at an investment meeting he spotted the most
> beautiful woman he had ever seen.
> Her natural beauty took his breath away. 'I may look
> like just an ordinary man,' he said to her, but in just
> a few years, my father will die, and I'll inherit £20
> million.'
> Impressed, the woman obtained his business card and three
> days later, she became his stepmother.
> Women are so much better at financial planning than men.


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Pakistan to demand handing over of Col. Purohit from India
By Makhdoom Babar

ISLAMABAD— Government of Pakistan is set to demand handing over of Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit of Indian Army, the main accused of 2007 Samjhauta Express inferno in which 69 Pakistani passengers, returning from India to Pakistan were killed, The Daily Mail has learnt on good authority.

Highly reliable sources have revealed to The Daily Mail that Pakistan is going to insist on handing over of Col. Purohit because he was proved guilty of killing 69 Pakistanis in 2007 by India’s own investigative agencies. It may mentioned here that India’s anti-terrorism specialist and formal RAW’s officer Mr. Hemant Karkare, who was investigating Samjhauta Express inferno and Malegaon Blast in his final conclusion report, framed Col. Purohit as the main accused and mastermind in both the cases and arrested Col. Purohat for further investigations. However Mr. Karkare and two other members of his Investigation Team were later killed by Saffron Terrorists, belonging to Sang Parivar’s Aatma Ghataki Pathak (Hindu Suicide Squad), during Mumbai carnage, while after Karkare’s assassination Col. Purohit was also released on bail by the court and there are no further investigations on this direction and the matter has been hushed up.

The Daily Mail’s investigation reveals further that the Pakistan authorities have taken an exception note of findings of Karkare’s investigation and are very anxious to get hold of Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit to investigate him further to ascertain in his involvement in the killing of many other Pakistanis in different terror attacks inside Pakistan and also in India, since it has been established through Karkare’s report that Col. Purohit is an important member of the network of Hindu Extremists and like minded officer in Indian Army. The authorities believe that handing over of Col. Purohit to Pakistan, who is a proved accused of massacre of 69 Pakistanis, is more important than handing over of certain Pakistani “suspects”, doubted to be involved in Mumbai carnage.

It may be mentioned here that the Pakistan has already prepared a list of 35 most wanted terrorists that are to be sought from India, however Col. Purohit’s name was earlier not on that list and his name is to be given separately in wake of the Karakare’s investigations. However due to Mumbai incident that occurred soon after release of Karakare’s report, Islamabad could not initiate the move but now it has become imperative to go ahead with Col. Purohit’s handing over demand. It is yet to be decided that when and how this demand is to be made.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ram Avatar- a Perfect Incarnation - by Sri.Sri.Muralidhara Swamiji Part-8

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Ravishankar Gopal to sss-global
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Radhe Krishna To all,

In our life we plan and decide that it would move in a particular way. But what happens? We plan something but it fails.

If everything were to occur as we wish - be it education, marriage or in matters of begetting children - then what is the work of God in the scheme of things? What need is there for a God? If things were to move as per our whims and fancies only, then what is the part played by God or fate?
Then it is you who are verily the God! But the fact is even Mahans’ lives do not move as per their desire. So, we can understand from this that there is a Power that conducts the world/our lives.

If the WISH of this Shakti and our desire happen to be one and the same then we say, "whatever I wish for is fulfilled". We deem that we are able to conduct our life as we plan! But when the two differ - our plan/desire is one but what occurs is totally different - we then say, "Whatever I wish for never comes through!" Therefore, the cause of the conduct of our lives is that 'Shakti'. Nothing can be done with the mere effort of man.

Both 'anumana' and 'pratyaksha' have proved false. So, why then should I believe the words of Mahans? One has to accept the words of the Mahans because they are hundred times, thousand times - no, crores of times powerful than you are. You are an 'ashakta' (powerless). Hence, you have to accept their words. How are these Mahatmas? They are very powerful indeed.

In Kali yuga, 'Prayenalpayusha sabhya Kalavasmin yuge janah mandah sumandamatayo mandabhagya hyupadrutah'.

None of us live beyond 70 years. But what about these Mahans? "Dasa varusha sahasrani" - Dasarata lived for 60,000 years! In those days people have enjoyed such long span of life. Now people are small made and life is very short. And even in this short span of life, man suffers innumerable diseases including mental sickness. In Kali, people lead such a life.

How did the people who lived for 60,000 years in those days lead their lives? All of them led a life of a 'tapasvi'. Their glory was great indeed. Further, they were not self-centered('swartha'). They gain nothing by their 'upadesa'(advice) to you. It is you who stand to gain if their words are adhered to. This is the reason that we should take the words of such great Mahans as 'pramana' and not our reasoning.

Ramayana that speaks the words of the Vedas has been given to us by such a great Mahan. The Vedas contain 'Samhita bhaga'. It contains 'Brahmana bhaga', 'Mantra bhagas' followed by Upanishads that contains the Vedanta bhagas.

How does Ramayana read? Ramayana contains Dharma as also Vedanta. If analyzed on the basis of 'tatva' we find that Ramayana is filled with Advaita Vedanta. If one takes Dharma as the subject matter then Rama-avatar depicts it. Since Ramayana has come from the mouth of Maharishis and every sloka contained in it is the sound of a Mantra it fulfills the worldly aspirations, too.

The Samhita bhaga, Brahmana bhaga, Vedanta bhaga, Upanishads contained in the Vedas are all found in the Ramayana, too. They are found in Bhagavatam as also in Mahabharata. So one cannot speak of the Vedas being different from the Itihasa Puranas. The Vedas might contain great themes but we are unable to understand it directly. Whereas, in the Itihas Puranas, it is given to us in the form of stories ('katha roopa').

Bhagavan Himself had come down to the earth and led such a life, performed divine lilas that the mind and heart very smoothly and easily enjoy it.

Ramabhadra Dikshitar lived in Thiruvisanaloor. He says, "Reading Sankara's grantas I struggled to attain atma swaroopa. But never did I understand them all. I then took up Ramayana. In this Valimiki is a hunter. He threw open a net in which my Vedanta bird was caught. What is that bird? The parrot that is Rama! This green parrot that is none but Rama has now sat in my heart. This parrot refuses to fly away even if I chase it! That which failed to enter through the hard Vedanta has entered very easily through Ramayana parayana!"

!!! Will Continue !!!


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare



[gita-talk] Meaning and How to Attain - Mukti and Jeevan Mukti?

sadhak_insight Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 6:43 PM
Dear Saadhakas,

Can sombody tell me the meaning of Mukti & Jeevan Mukti.

How do we achieve the same.

OM shanti.

Bhavin Shah
Dear Shahji,

I will try to answer your query to the best of my knowledge as I have understood the questions raised by you:

1. Mukti means stopping this chakra of awah jaayi, i.e. end of being born again and again which happens to all of us until we achieve moksha or liberation from this cycle of chaurasi laakh yoni;
2. I must admit I do not know the meaning of 'jeevan mukti' myself; perhaps one of the sadhaks can answer this one.

3. To achieve moksha, one has to reach a stage whereby one has no desires left, whatever we can see and the world are only temporary and therefore this whole phenomenon of the sansara does not bother one any more; we are all actors here with a mukhota; in each new janam we get a new mukhota and we act out our part and then we die and are born again and again according to our unfulfilled desires until we are able to establish a contact with our soul and with the God himself and are completely in love with him and nothing else. Examples are: Kabir, Mira, Buddha, even though Buddha said he did not find God in any house that he was born into one birth after the other; he however has emphasized, inter alia, meditation and compassion for the one who is working for his liberation, true compassion at that for every one, irrespective!

4. So many paths like karm yoga, gyan yog, bhakti etc. have been advised to reach the goal to achieve moksha; but I think the easiest and the ultimate path is pure bhakti when one only loves God and no one else, not even one's own body, etc. An example is Ram Krishna Param Hans. Also listen to the lectures of JAGADGURU KRIPALUJI MAHARAJ OF Vrindavan.

5. Out of the millions of bhaktas or the ones following different paths, like karm yog, gyan yog, bhakti, etc. out of millions and billions only one soul achieves the goal, i.e. moksha that also in aeons. Rest of us keep going through the cycle and keep suffering.

6. And then the most important part is bhagwat kripa, after all the above efforts, whenever God will shower his blessing.

1. Only responses that further clarify Gita message will be posted.
2. Quote Gitaji/scriptures wherever possible..
3. Limit personal feelings, opinions, beliefs etc. to the
extent that they further help in understanding the Gita shlokas
4. Be as concise, to the point, respecting sadhaka's time.
5. Focus on subject at hand only.
6. Do not include links to the other sites.
7. Do not include your personal information (Ph #, address etc).
8. Do not personalize message
9. All responses may not be posted.
10. Moderator at his discretion, may modify the posting.
11. Take into consideration the novices, youth, westerners, non-
sectarian audience. i.e. limit the use to Sanskrit words only.
Provide English word bracketed.

Ram Ram
------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------

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Indian Muslims not protesting Mohammed's House in Mekkah being demolished?

Hindu Rashtra Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 10:06 PM
Reply-To: Hindu Rashtra
Saudi Arabia: Demolishing history
by Tarek Fatah [Hat Tip: Foulla]
Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But let me come back to that later. In December 1992 a mob of 1,50,000 Hindu nationalists attacked a 15th-century mosque in the Indian city of Ayodhya. Within hours, the mosque was reduced to rubble and in the weeks to follow, thousands of Indians died in Hindu-Muslim riots.
The Muslim world reacted in outrage. Among the countries that expressed anger at the destruction of the centuries-old Indian mosque by Hindu extremists was Saudi Arabia. Here in Canada, imams gave fiery sermons and urged congregations to protest.
Although more than a dozen years have passed since the destruction of the mosque, there is still bitterness in the air. Muslims worldwide feel a sense of betrayal and impotence at not being able to control their own destiny and protect their historical religious sites.
However, a Muslim site far more significant than the Babri mosque is facing destruction, but there is barely a murmur in protest. The site is none other than the home of Prophet Muhammad in the city of Mecca.
The demolition of the prophet�s 1,400-year-old home is not going to take place at the hands of non-Muslims or some occupying western army, but by the very people who have taken the title as protectors of Islam�s two holiest mosques in Medina and Mecca: the Saudi royal family.
What makes this demolition worse is the fact that the home of the Prophet is to make way for a parking lot, two 50-storey hotel towers and seven 35-storey apartment blocks; a project known as the Jabal Omar Scheme, all within a stone�s throw of the Grand Mosque.
Yet despite this outrage, not a single Muslim country, no ayatollah, no mufti, no king, not even a Muslim Canadian imam has dared utter a word in protest.
Such is the power of Saudi influence on the Muslim narrative.
The question is this: Why is it that when the Babri mosque was demolished, hundreds of thousands of Muslims worldwide took to the streets to protest, but when Saudi authorities plan to demolish the home of our beloved Prophet, not a whisper is heard?
Is it because Muslims have become so overwhelmed by the power of the Saudi riyal currency that we have lost all courage and self-respect? Or is it because we feel a need to cover up Muslim-on-Muslim violence; Muslim-on-Muslim terror; Muslim-on-Muslim oppression?
However, in this climate conducive to cowardice, there still are a few giants that stand tall. Dr. Sami Angawi is one of them.
An eminent Saudi architect, he is a brave man in a country where courage is scarce. Today, he leads a one-man campaign to save the home of Muhammad.
He told the London newspaper, The Independent, "The house where the Prophet received the word of God is gone and nobody cares… this is the end of history in Mecca and Medina and the end of their future."
The cultural massacre of Islamic heritage sites is not a new phenomenon. It is said that in the last two decades, 95 per cent of Mecca�s 1,000-year-old buildings have been demolished. In the early 1920s, the Saudis bulldozed and levelled a graveyard in Medina that housed the graves of the family and companions of Muhammad.
Today the religious zealots in Saudi Arabia are not alone. Commercial developers have joined hands with them and are making hundreds of millions in profits as they build ugly, but lucrative high-rises that are shadowing the Grand Mosque known as the Kaaba.
The Muslim Canadian Congress has strongly condemned this outrage and called it a cultural massacre of Muslim heritage for the sake of profit. In a letter to the Saudi ambassador in Ottawa, Niaz Salimi, president of the MCC, has demanded an immediate stop to these demolitions and the placing of a moratorium on all future destruction of Muslim heritage sites.
She writes, "The sacred places of Islam, regardless of where they are located, belong to the Muslim community worldwide. The countries where they are located are simply trustees and have no right to destroy them."
Today Saudi petrodollars have the ability to silence even its most vocal critics, but when all is said and done, history will render a harsh judgement on those who try to wipe out its footprints and steal the heritage of all humanity.
In the words of Lady Macbeth,
Here�s the smell of blood still:
All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.
Oh! oh! oh!
(Tarek Fatah is a founding member of the Muslim Canadian Congress and host of the weekly TV show, The Muslim Chronicle.



An inspirational message - an excellent read.

Given below is one such, a simple small illustration, with a heavily laden message, to lighten our daily burdens. If read well, understood, and above all, practiced, can make a BIG change in YOU.
======================== ==============================================

A Professor began his class by holding up a glass with some water in it.

He held it up for all to see & asked the students

"How much do you think this glass weighs?"

'50gms!' .... '100gms!' .....'125gms' ...the students answered.

"I really don't know unless I weigh it," said the professor, "but, my
question is:

What would happen if I held it up like this for a few minutes?"

'Nothing' …..the students said.

'Ok what would happen if I held it up like this for an hour?' the
professor asked.

'Your arm would begin to ache' said one of the student

"You're right, now what would happen if I held it for a day?"

"Your arm could go numb, you might have severe muscle stress & paralysis

& have to go to hospital for su re!" ….. ventured another student & all the students laughed

"Very good.

But during all this, did the weight of the glass change?"

asked the professor.

'No'…. Was the answer.

"Then what caused the arm ache & the muscle stress?"

The students were puzzled.

"What should I do now to come out of pain?" asked professor again.

"Put the glass down!" said one of the students

"Exactly!" said the professor.

Life's problems are something like this.

Hold it for a few minutes in your head & they seem OK.

Think of them for a long time & they begin to ache.

Hold it even longer & they begin to paralyze you. You will not be able to
do anything.

It's important to think of the challenges or problems in your life,

But EVEN MORE IMPORTANT is to 'PUT THEM DOWN' at the end of every day
before You go to sle ep.

That way, you are not stressed, you wake up every day fresh &strong & can
handle any issue, any challenge that comes your way!

So, when you leave office today,
Remember friend to ......... 'PUT THE GLASS DOWN TODAY! '

Some of our daily burdens are caused by unchecked spoken words…


when will we ever learn this simple message..??
==================================== ====3D=============================

The very beauty of life lies in its problems and hurdles – solving them and getting over them is what makes life worth living.


Friday, January 23, 2009


Sardarji is in a Quiz Contest trying to win prize money of Rs.1 crore.

The questions are as follows:

1) How long was the 100 yr war?

A) 116
B) 99
C) 100
D) 150

Sardar says "I will skip this"

2) In which country are the Panama hats made?


Sardar asks for help from the University students

3) In which month do the Russians celebrate the October Revolution?


Sardar asks for help from general public

4) Which of these was King George VI first name?


Sardar asks for lucky cards

5) The Canary islands, in the Pacific Ocean, has its name based on
which animal:


Sardar gives up.


If u think you are indeed clever and laughed at Sardar's replies, then
please check the answers below:

1) The 100 year war lasted 116 years from 1337-1453

2) The Panama hat is made in Equador

3) The October revolution is celebrated in November

4) King George's first name was Albert. In 1936 he changed his name.

5) Puppy. The Latin name is INSULARIA CANARIA which means islands of
the puppies.

Now tell me who's the dumb one....Don't ever laugh at a Sardar again..

On behalf of,

Manmohan Singh, PM, India


पुरालेख तिथि अनुसार । पुरालेख विषयानुसार । हिंदी लिंक । हमारे लेखक । लेखकों से


फ्रेंचबीन से फटाफट सेहत
क्या आप जानते हैं?
बीन्स एक ऐसी सब्ज़ी है जो कि अमेरिकन, मेक्सिकन, चाईनीज़, जापानी, उत्तरी व दक्षिणी भारतीय, यूरोपियन आदि तरह के भोजन में सामान्यतः मिलती है।
आप सलाद लें या स्टारटर्स, सूप से लेकर बर्गर टिक्की तक हर जगह बीन्स (फलियाँ) किसी न किसी रूप में आपको नज़र आ जाएँगी।
सूखी व हरी दोनो ही प्रकार की बीन्स भोजन का एक आवश्यक व पौष्टिक हिस्सा हैं।
होम्योपेथिक दवाओं में भी बीन्स बहुत काम आती है।

बीन्स की हरी पौध सब्जी के रूप में खायी जाती है तथा सुखा कर इसे राजमा, लोबिया इत्यादि के रूप में खाया जाता है। अमेरिका तथा अफ्रीका के कुछ भाग में तो बीन्स को प्रोटीन का मुख्य स्रोत माना जाता है। हरी बीन्स या सामान्य भाषा में फ्रेंच बीन्स में मुख्यत: पानी, प्रोटीन, कुछ मात्रा में वसा तथा कैल्सियम, फास्फोरस, आयरन, कैरोटीन, थायमीन, राइबोफ्लेविन, नियासीन, विटामिन सी आदि तरह के मिनरल और विटामिन मौजूद होते हैं। राइबोफ्लेविन को विटामिन बी२ के नाम से ज़्यादा जाना जाता है, विटामिन बी२ शरीर की कोशिकीय प्रक्रियाओं के लिए बहुत ही आवश्यक घटक है। बीन्स विटामिन बी२ का मुख्य स्रोत होते हैं। प्रति सौ ग्राम फ्रेंच बीन्स से तकरीबन २६ कैलोरी मिलती है। राजमा में यही सब ज़्यादा मात्रा में पाया जाता है इसलिए प्रति सौ ग्राम राजमा से ३४७ कैलोरी मिलती है। बीन्स सोल्युबल फाईबर का अच्छा स्रोत होते हैं और इस कारण ह्रदय रोगियों के लिए बहुत ही फ़ायदेमंद हैं। ऐसा माना जाता है कि एक कप पका हुआ बीन्स रोज़ खाने से रक्त में कोलेस्टेरोल की मात्रा ६ हफ्ते में १० प्रतिशत कम हो सकती है और इससे ह्रदयाघात का खतरा भी ४० प्रतिशत तक कम हो सकता है। बीन्स में सोडियम की मात्रा कम तथा पोटेशियम, कैल्सियम व मेग्नीशियम की मात्रा अधिक होती है और लवणों का इस प्रकार का समन्वय सेहत के लिए लाभदायक है। इससे रक्तचाप नहीं बढ़ता तथा ह्रदयाघात का खतरा टल सकता है।
बीन्स का 'ग्लाइसेमिक इन्डेक्स' कम होता है इसका अभिप्राय यह है कि जिस तरह से अन्य भोज्य पदार्थों से रक्त में शक्कर का स्तर बढ़ जाता है, बीन्स खाने के बाद ऐसा नहीं होता। बीन्स में मौजूद फाइबर रक्त में शक्कर का स्तर बनाए रखने में मदद करते हैं। और बीन्स की इस ख़ासियत की वजह से मधुमेह के रोगियों को बीन्स खाने की सलाह देते हैं। ऐसे उदाहरण भी हैं कि बीन्स का ज्यूस शरीर में इन्सुलिन के उत्पादन को बढ़ावा देता है। इस वजह से जिन्हें मधुमेह है या मधुमेह का खतरा है उनके लिये बीन्स खाना बहुत लाभदायक है। बीन्स का ज्यूस उत्तेजक ( स्टिम्युलेंट) होता है इसकी इसी प्रकृति के कारण यह उन लोगों को बहुत फ़ायदा करता है जो लंबी बीमारी से जूझ रहे हैं या जो बीमारी के पश्चात पूर्ण स्वास्थ्य लाभ चाहते हैं। बीन्स का १५० मिली ज्यूस हर रोज़ पीना आपके इस उद्देश्य को भली-भाँति पूरा कर देगा। फ्रेंच बीन्स किडनी से संबंधित बीमारियों में भी काफी फ़ायदेमंद है। किडनी में पथरी की समस्या हो तब आप यह नुस्खा अपनाएँ। आप ६० ग्राम बीन्स की पौध लेकर इसे चार लीटर पानी में चार घंटे तक उबाल लें। फिर इसके पानी को कपड़े से छान लें और छने हुए पानी को करीब आठ घंटे तक ठंडा होने के लिए रख दें। अब इसे फिर से छान लें पर ध्यान रखें कि इस बार इस पानी को बिना हिलाए छानना है। इसे दिन में दो-दो घंटे से पीयें, यह नियम एक हफ्ते तक दोहराएँ। इसके परिणाम आशानुरूप मिलेंगे।

होम्योपेथिक दवाओं में भी बीन्स बहुत काम आती है। ताज़ी बीन्स का उपयोग रूमेटिक, आर्थराइटिस तथा मूत्र मली में तकलीफ़ की दवाई बनाने के लिए किया जाता है। बीन्स में एन्टीआक्सीडेंट की मात्रा भी काफी होती है। एन्टीआक्सीडेंट शरीर में कोशिकाओं की मरम्मत के लिए अच्छा माना जाता है। इसलिए इसका सेवन करने से केंसर की सम्भावना कम हो जाती है। बीन्स में फाईटोइस्ट्रोजन की मात्रा होने से ऐसा माना जाता है कि इससे स्तन केंसर का खतरा भी कम हो सकता है।

हरी सब्ज़ियाँ खाना सेहत के लिए बहुत फ़ायदेमंद है, छोटी-सी बीन्स शरीर के लिए बड़े ही फ़ायदे की चीज़ है। ये शरीर के लिए एक तरह से शक्तिस्रोत का काम करती हैं। फलियों में फाईबर तथा पानी की मात्रा काफी ज़्यादा होता है और कैलोरी की मात्रा काफी कम। बस हरी बीन्स ख़रीदते हुए ध्यान रखें कि ये पीली तथा मुरझाई हुई न हो तथा यह भी याद रखें कि बीन्स को धोकर फ्रिज में न रखें इससे इसके मिनरल खत्म होने लगते हैं। जब भी बीन्स का उपयोग करना चाहें, उसे फ्रिज से निकाल कर तुरंत अच्छी तरह से धोकर काम में लें।

--अर्बुदा ओहरी १९ जनवरी २००९

इस रचना पर अपनी प्रतिक्रिया लिखें - दूसरों की प्रतिक्रिया पढ़ें

पुरालेख तिथि अनुसार । पुरालेख विषयानुसार । हिंदी लिंक । हमारे लेखक । लेखकों से

© सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित
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बूढ़े की बात सुनकर सभी दरबारी हँसने लगे, लेकिन राजा ने सोचा, ''इतने इलाज किए हैं तो एक और सही।'' राजा के सेवकों ने सुखी मनुष्य की बहुत खोज की, लेकिन उन्हें कोई पूर्ण सुखी मनुष्य नहीं मिला। सभी लोगों को किसी न किसी बात का दुख था।

अब राजा स्वयं सुखी मनुष्य की खोज में निकल पड़े। बहुत तलाश के बाद वे एक खेत में जा पहुँचे। जेठ की धूर में एक किसान अपने काम में लगा हुआ था। राजा ने उससे पूछा, ''क्यों जी, तुम सुखी हो?'' किसान की आँखें चमक उठी, चेहरा मुस्करा उठा। वह बोला, ''ईश्वर की कृपा से मुझे कोई दुख नहीं है।'' यह सुनकर राजा का अंग-अंग मुस्करा उठा। उस किसान का कुरता माँगने के लिए ज्यों ही उन्होंने उसके शरीर की ओर देखा, उन्हें मालूम हुआ कि किसान सिर्फ़ धोती पहने हुए है और उसकी सारी देह पसीने से तर है।

राजा समझ गया कि श्रम करने के कारण ही यह किसान सच्चा सुखी है। उन्होंने आराम-चैन छोड़कर परिश्रम करने का संकल्प किया।
थोड़े ही दिनों में राजा की बीमारी दूर हो गई।

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Thursday, January 22, 2009



[prohindu] ACLU sues TIZA for promoting Islam

EagleSM23 Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 8:37 AM

ACLU to sue TIZA charter school in Twin Cities
Magan Boldt

Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, a tax-supported public charter school, is blurring the line between religion and public education by promoting Islam, according to a lawsuit filed today by the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota.

The suit argues that the school is violating the First Amendment and the U.S. Constitution by sharing space with the Muslim American Society, promoting prayer in school and endorsing Muslim clothing rules and dietary practices.

"This is not a sectarian school that focuses on Middle Eastern culture," said Chuck Samuelson, executive director of the ACLU's state chapter. "This is a pervasively Muslim school that teaches religion."

The Minnesota Department of Education, the school's sponsor and several school leaders also were named in the suit filed in U.S District Court.

Charters are publicly funded schools, approved by the state education department, that operate outside the traditional school district system.
TiZA, founded in 2003, teaches 430 students in kindergarten through eighth-grade at campuses in Inver Grove Height and Blaine.

The charter school is expected to receive about $3.8 million in per-pupil funding this year, according to ACLU estimates.

A state investigation last year found the school was mostly in compliance with state and federal law, but needed to modify its Friday communal prayer and busing practices.
TiZA officials pointed to those findings, claiming in a written statement released today that the lawsuit is without merit. And they chastised the ACLU for not visiting the school before filing the lawsuit.

"TiZA will continue to abide by all state and federal laws," the statement said.
The lawsuit contends TiZA endorses Muslim religious practices by:

Permitting prayer sessions during school hours and having teacher-sanctioned religious material posted on classroom bulletin boards.
Allowing students and teachers to gather for 30 minutes of communal prayer every Friday.
Giving preference to Muslim clothing rules. Girls, but not boys, are prohibited from wearing short sleeves. They also are required to wear skirts or trousers of a certain length, depending on their grade level. Female teachers have to be covered from neck to wrist and ankle.
The lawsuit also accuses the state education department of dispersing public funds to the charter school despite repeated violations of state law.
Chas Anderson, deputy commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Education, said in a written statement that state law requires charter schools to remain nonsectarian and state education officials take that requirement very seriously.
"The Department is in the process of carefully reviewing the ACLU lawsuit and will thoroughly respond through the legal process," Anderson said in the statement.
"We will continue to monitor the operations of TiZA Academy and, in response to issues raised about the school over the past year, we are in the process of drafting legislation to address these concerns."
This isn't the first time TiZA has attracted public scrutiny. Last year, a columnist for the Star Tribune of Minneapolis wrote that the school mixed the roles of religion and public education. Katherine Kersten's column aired a substitute teacher's allegations that school officials promoted Islam in the classroom.
That sparked the investigation by the state education department. In May, department officials recommended the charter school modify its communal prayers on Fridays and provide after-school busing at different times for students who aren't participating in religious activities.
School officials have said they have took corrective actions. They also said they received numerous threats and hate mail after the newspaper column ran.
TiZA students, many of them recent immigrants, have had better than average success on state-required exams.
At the Inver Grove Heights campus, 86 percent of students are low income and about 70 percent are English language learners, according to state data for the 2006-07 school year.
In 2008, 80 percent of the students were proficient in math, compared with the statewide average of 66 percent.
Joe Nathan, director of the Center for School Change at the University of Minnesota, said the ACLU should be praising the charter school, not suing it.
Nathan said he has spent many hours at TiZA doing research and saw nothing to suggest the school was promoting a single religion. In his 35 years as an educator, Nathan said, he would put TiZA in the top 5 percent of schools he has reviewed in terms of academic excellence and commitment to tolerance.
"As an American Jew who strongly believes in the separation of church and state, if I thought this was a school that was crossing the line and teaching religion, I wouldn't support it," he said. "This school is a model of results, diversity and tolerance."
But Samuelson said TiZA's practices are still violating constitutional law.
"However well-run and academically challenging a religious school may be, it is unconstitutional for public funds to be used for religious education," he said.
The lawsuit comes at a time when state lawmakers say scrutinizing and tightening rules for charter schools is at the top of their legislative agenda.
Proposed changes include requiring sponsors to better monitor their schools' financial and academic performance, reducing board members' conflicts of interest and clarifying how charters can spend money they receive for leasing space.
"It is critical that the Legislature ensure that charter schools are run in the most accountable, efficient and transparent way possible," said Sen. Kathy Saltzman, DFL-Woodbury, who is chairing a task force tackling charter school issues this session.
"Without better oversight, the public's confidence in our charter schools is in jeopardy," she said.
Maricella Miranda contributed to this report. Megan Boldt can be reached at 651-228-5495.
The ACLU lawsuit claims TiZA and the Muslim American Society of Minnesota are linked by a "complex interconnecting set of personal, corporate and operational relationships." They include:
Officials from the society have served in prominent leadership roles at the school.
TiZA's Inver Grove Heights campus is located in the same building as the Muslim American Society's mosque and headquarters. And the society's Blaine chapter has used the telephone number at the charter's Blaine campus to conduct business.
The Muslim American Society has offered an after-school Muslim studies program at the Inver Grove Heights campus and has conducted prayer sessions at TiZA during school hours.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Replying to a motion tabled by T B Jayachandra, Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, the CM said that there was no question of handing over any land of Karnataka to Maharashtra.

Demanding the implementation of Mahajan Commission report, he said that Karnataka's stand on the border dispute was clear.

"Karnataka will never compromise on land and water with its neighbouring States. Kannadigas are peace-loving people and they do not want unpleasantness,'' he said.

Referring to the burning of a Karnataka bus at Latur in Maharashtra, Yeddyurappa said that the Karnataka Home Minister has already spoken with his counter part in Maharashtra.

Jayachandra, who tabled the motion, said that the government should give protection to Kannadigas living in Maharashtra. Blaming the State Government for the violence in Maharashtra, he said that violent incidents would not have taken place if the Government allowed MES to hold the Maha Melava.

Minister R Ashok said that the government has taken a decision to stop plying of buses to Maharashtra and vice versa temporarily. He said that the Transport Department had incurred a loss of Rs 10 lakh due to the bus burning at Latur by the Chava Sanghatana.

Email PrintDelicious Digg Google Facebook Yahoo Reddit Stumble Comments The stupidity of dividing lands on the basis of religion or language is the main cause of all the problems, something else solid has to be taught of to redo the divisions and redefine the borders. Thanks
1/21/2009 10:05:00 PM Hey Raj Thakrey......Are you getting some of Sonia Gandhi???? you better watch out b4 you put stupid and ugly comments. you seems like DESH DROHEE. no wonder india is going down in the drain.
By Kailash
1/21/2009 8:49:00 PM This Tamilian Ram is treated like **** by his own Dravidian brothers in TN and he is trying to give us sermon. First get some respect in your own state and then talk to us
By balwant
1/21/2009 7:36:00 PM We are in India. I hope I will continue living in India. What else we require with these politicians. Some people don't give water and some are more worried about Tamilians living for generations in other countries than for fellow Indians like Kannadiga, Telugu, Malayalees. They scout for projects that are developed by Gujarathis, maharashtrians and others by giving thousands of acres but fail to provide basic requirements including setting up multi language schools say for example Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi & Urdu schools in Tamil Nadu; Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Marathi schools in Karnataka; Tamil & Kannada schools in Kerala. The situation is no different in all States. I dream that one day all these borders in India are wiped out for better tomorrow.
By Pingali
1/21/2009 7:26:00 PM Look a Tamilian is talking about being Indian. This is a state which so far in history has never raised any issue that is pro-india but pro TN. Damn such states. I am waiting for a day when this state gets gets severed from Indian union and we get rid of scum
By hari
1/21/2009 6:58:00 PM Are kanadigas Indian? These idiots should learn how to be Indian? What is this crap "Karnataka will never compromise on land and water with its neighbouring States." All the neighbouring states are India- is it not?
By Ram
1/21/2009 6:31:00 PM I think Karnataka is serious in moving away from united india. these guys never had( will have) friendly relationship with any of their neighbouring state. Kanndigas are only the as--oles who gives more importance to their local flag than national flag.
By rajappa reddy
1/21/2009 4:53:00 PM Will the Shiv Sena and MNS please take care of Vidarbha region first where farmers commit suicide almost on a daily basis rather than ask for Belgaum. People who can't take care of what is already in their state cannot ask for more land. and BTW, what difference does it make for the marathis who live in Belgaum, do they expect to suddenly come into a lot of money ? The only ones to benefit will be the political goondas who are driving this state boundary agenda.
By Eshwar R.
1/21/2009 3:42:00 PM People from states where there is lack of work (like Tamil Nadu and Kerala for example) come to other states in search of work. Obviously over a period of time the population from these states increases. That does not mean that the state boundary should change. This will set a very bad precedent. Karnataka is suffering because Cong govt is in centre. Karnataka should make it clear that any talk of redrawing the state border will give rise to revolt against the state of India and ultimate break away of Karnataka from India (and similar other states) who are fed up with games these politicians play
By sbr
1/21/2009 2:27:00 PM Tony, Are you suffering from convoluted brain syndrome, because every sentence contradict each other. Maybe you should start worrying about your state (looks like a Mallu). Karnataka is no Bihar, with or without Bangalore. The state boundaries were drawn long time back and everyone should honour that. Belgaum has become a part of Karnataka. Going by same logic, will Karargod become Karnataka's part, similarly will Sholapur become karnataks part. Karnataks has bever raised these issues even though more kannadigas live in these places than peolf of native origin. Check your facts first
By Sharan
1/21/2009 2:20:00 PM Politicians are same everywhere in India. But where do they come from? From thin air? The very own inner nature of we fellow Indians come out boldly, when we get power and authority. Even the son of a local councilor or a police man behaves as if he keeps the entire law in his back pocket. How many of us avoid taking advantage of our relationship with a politician or with people in power? Indians never miss an opportunity for malpractice. Unless the ethical standards of the common man improves, you can't expect the politicians alone to be saints of India. Coming to this issue, both Maharashtra and Karnataka have certain fundamental problems. They have unnecessary disputes with the neighbouring states. They often tend to forget that the greatness of their biggest assets (Mumbai and Bengaluru) was not achieved by their own people. The only thing what they could do was to change the names.
By Disguised
1/21/2009 11:32:00 AM Karnataka without Banglore is just like Bihar. More Tamilians live in Bangalore than kanndigas. Can we make it part of TN because of the majority population is Tamils. Kannadigas should learn to live peacefully with their fellow country man.
By Tony
1/21/2009 10:55:00 AM I don't think Sonia has a hand in this issue. A petition was filed during shiv sea regime to adjust border with Karnataka. The ministers of two state are exchanging some statements. so people like Kailash. needs to watch befor they write any libel comment
By Raj Thackrey
1/21/2009 4:17:00 AM This is a creation of Sonia Gandhi and that's how she wanted us to fight each others then she take advantages on central level. that's how she started in Mumbai and have killed north Indians and then she put all blame on Raj Thakrey. come on Indian People get rid of these Old Polticians. and bring new blood and save India once and for all. give Sonia Gandhi One way Ticket for Pakistan.
By Kailash
1/21/2009 1:09:00 AM help me understand isn't karnataka & maharastra part of one contry INDIA?
By TheTruthIsBitter
1/21/2009 12:59:00 AM Where was the CM of karnataka when they were burning Tamil Nadu buses during the water dispute. What was Karnataka's position when they interfered with the Alamatti dam issue with Andhra Pradesh.
By prime
1/21/2009 12:32:00 AM I am so happy to note that all the comments above have clearly seen that this is no more than a charade for the oncoming elections. Thank you, my fellow Indians !
By Nagesh
1/20/2009 2:02:00 PM this is true that politicians are the culprit but i guess we have to do something at the root level by forming some organisations to eradicate this wt say??? replies & suggestions are welcomed at jatin surat
By jain
1/20/2009 12:16:00 PM Politicians fighting for land within India are not at all true Indians. It seems they dont have anything else to think of and they are just disturbing the peace and trying to attract public attention.
By Shiv
1/20/2009 12:02:00 PM Elections are very near. So, PEOPLE BEWARE! Politicians of all parties will stoke the passions of the people on one pretext or the other, so that they can swing the mood of the people in their favour. No state can survive by itself given the distribution of the resources in the country. Let us strive to make INDIA great and each of our state within the above condition. Please DO NOT GIVE EAR TO THESE SELF SURVIVING POLITICIANS. During the Mumbai attacks these politicians went into hiding. So wake up wake up my dear INDIANS!!
By Jeya
1/20/2009 11:57:00 AM this is not an issue to share it's just currupt politics in india which must require cure by genaration.
By deepak
1/20/2009 11:31:00 AM Mr. Guru , Nothing is wrong with Maharashtrians or Kannadigas. Political parties manupulate issues for votes. In indian politics this doesn't have any significance. Every state has a dispute. Kerala Karnataka for Kasargod , Kerala-Tamilnadu for Kanyakumari Karnataka Maharashtra for Belgaum. All states are ruled by corrupt indian political breed. I am born in Kerala, Brought up in Karnataka , Working in Maharashtra. I am a true indian. At eork i speak Hindi, English & Gujrati. It is time we think as indiians.
By Vision
1/20/2009 11:22:00 AM what is wrong with these people in Maharashtra? first they abuse North Indians... now they want Karnataka Land... my god... even the people support them, People from all over India supported the Mumbai blasts... but the politicians are crazy..
By Guru
1/20/2009 11:09:00 AM Why are people being carried away by these polticians... In we are all part of the Indian Union... Polticians and parties want to create issues to divert attention from real issues. GROW UP PEOPLE... This is not like discussing J&K issue with Pakistan. Whether the land is in Maharashtra or Karnataka, it is definitely within the Indian Union...
By Indian
1/20/2009 10:52:00 AM Post your comments * Comments Sholud not be Empty..! Email *