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mohan sethi Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 6:29 AM
Dear Mr. Shekhar Gupta:

Today, I have been let down very badly by you and your newspaper – The Indian Express.

I did not lose any bet. I lost all my convictions.

My friend had seen today’s Times of India before reaching the park, and cried literally for not seeing any worthwhile mention of the BABA Ramdev Rally, held YESTERDAY (27FEB) in the Ramlila Grounds, attracting thousands of his followers to listen to his CALL. He insisted that the Indian Express was no different and that this new Crusader against Corruption would not be covered even by the Indian Express. Thanks to the AASTHA CHANNEL, we had seen it LIVE FROM 2PM TO 6PM, even though there was the most wanted Cricket Match, India vs. England, demanting attention on all other TV Channels.

I was shocked that The Times of India had done so. But I insisted that my newspaper, my Indian Express, would carry the whole story in full and in color. Lo and Behold, I FELT CHATED. MY eyes could not believe it. There was not a single word on it. I was totally wrong. SO, Now, you are no different from any other - he so-called Journalism of Courage. HA !!!

Since 1960 I have been reading my Indian Express. It was Mr. Prem Chand Arya who introduced your newspaper to me. He had shifted next to my house in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. If you could recall he retired as the Director General News Services, All India Radio, and always insisted that the only newspaper we could trust was this one which stood the test of time. Mr. Arya also had functioned as Dy. Chief Censors during the sad era of Emergency declared by Mrs. Gandhi, and although he must have censored more pages of your stories, than the others Nespapers, day in and day out, yet he told his family/friends how bad he felt when he had to do this to the Indian Express which was “different” from others.

Sorry, I think we are passing thru the cruelest period of our lives. All the pillars of our constitution are in shambles !!! ….and late Shri Goenka’s soul must be cursing you all.






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