Sunday, January 25, 2009



Dr. Babu Suseelan

It has long since become common knowledge that Indian politicians relinquish their loyalty to reality and their consideration for safety and security of their fellowmen. These perverse political leaders who are driven by their impulses are suffering from approval addiction, lethargy, indifference and thought disorder. Their perverse personality appear in their decision making and behavior. And their hidden goal is to insult, demean and discriminate the majority Hindus who keep India together as a nation. The net result of their thinking errors and destructive behavior is the total destruction of the country.

A man is supposed to fight in his own right in defense of infringement upon his home, his freedom, happiness, culture, his reputation and ideals. Such defense is required to preserve life, family, community and the nation. Individual assertiveness and defensive action to protect life and liberty cannot be considered as a hostile action with culpable intention. Such aggression is not for selfish rewards or for reaching martyrdom. Rather, a man who does not fight such circumstances for selfish reasons or due to pacifism destroys the individual more or less certainly and often more nearly completely than anyone else and hence falls into the general category of self-destructive behavior.

These psychopathic self-destructive politicians have uncontrollable urge for approval from their tormentors. Hindus in general show irrational guilt without reason, and hence contribute to the urgency of the psychopathic political leader's compulsive impulse for approval addiction from their distracters. They have an unconscious need and obsessive tendency to minimize or avoid the dangerous consequences of confrontation with enemies. The dangerous disregard of reason and sound judgment are a part of their destructive mindset.

The chronic pacifism disguised by self-destructive behavior is quite obvious in our political leader's decision making. There are several examples of destructive policies implemented by Indian politicians that lead to calamity and disaster. The Kashmir fiasco, Mandal Commission policy, reservation and quota system for Muslims, Hajj subsidy,
policy on Jihadi terrorism, peace treaties with hostile Pakistan, policy of Hindi-Chini bahai-bhai, etc show the destructive impulses of these psychopathic politicians.

The chronic pacifism and indifference disguised as tolerance and secularism is quite similar to Alcoholism except the psychopathic politicians ruins himself, the family, the community and the nation by inexpedient conduct instead of drinking. The net result of which is the danger to the individual, the community and the nation. These psychopathic political leaders assume the role of a moralist. But they always fail. The are, so to speak, always successful in failing. They frequently do everything possible to obstruct Hindu organizations measures for Hindu defense. In short, these self-destructive politicians invite disaster. They find comfort in talking about mindless universalism, irrational tolerance, unreal idealism and appeasement with criminals. With misplaced idealism and phony secularism and destructive behavior they skillfully manage to bring catastrophe time after time.

It is fair to say that on account of these psychopathic politician's bad judgment, we are paying a heavy price. They are fooling the society and rule us by fooling. Hindus are often fall victims to successive disasters, with an uncanny, sometimes almost incredible regularity.

Hindus need to break the thick wall of denial and recover from approval addiction from our distracters and tormentors. Hindus need to join together and lend an effective hand to Hindu organizations fighting the malignancy of destructive impulses of the psychopathic politicians.


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