Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ram Avatar- a Perfect Incarnation - by Sri.Sri.Muralidhara Swamiji Part-8

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Ravishankar Gopal to sss-global
show details 3:54 PM (4 hours ago) Reply

Radhe Krishna To all,

In our life we plan and decide that it would move in a particular way. But what happens? We plan something but it fails.

If everything were to occur as we wish - be it education, marriage or in matters of begetting children - then what is the work of God in the scheme of things? What need is there for a God? If things were to move as per our whims and fancies only, then what is the part played by God or fate?
Then it is you who are verily the God! But the fact is even Mahans’ lives do not move as per their desire. So, we can understand from this that there is a Power that conducts the world/our lives.

If the WISH of this Shakti and our desire happen to be one and the same then we say, "whatever I wish for is fulfilled". We deem that we are able to conduct our life as we plan! But when the two differ - our plan/desire is one but what occurs is totally different - we then say, "Whatever I wish for never comes through!" Therefore, the cause of the conduct of our lives is that 'Shakti'. Nothing can be done with the mere effort of man.

Both 'anumana' and 'pratyaksha' have proved false. So, why then should I believe the words of Mahans? One has to accept the words of the Mahans because they are hundred times, thousand times - no, crores of times powerful than you are. You are an 'ashakta' (powerless). Hence, you have to accept their words. How are these Mahatmas? They are very powerful indeed.

In Kali yuga, 'Prayenalpayusha sabhya Kalavasmin yuge janah mandah sumandamatayo mandabhagya hyupadrutah'.

None of us live beyond 70 years. But what about these Mahans? "Dasa varusha sahasrani" - Dasarata lived for 60,000 years! In those days people have enjoyed such long span of life. Now people are small made and life is very short. And even in this short span of life, man suffers innumerable diseases including mental sickness. In Kali, people lead such a life.

How did the people who lived for 60,000 years in those days lead their lives? All of them led a life of a 'tapasvi'. Their glory was great indeed. Further, they were not self-centered('swartha'). They gain nothing by their 'upadesa'(advice) to you. It is you who stand to gain if their words are adhered to. This is the reason that we should take the words of such great Mahans as 'pramana' and not our reasoning.

Ramayana that speaks the words of the Vedas has been given to us by such a great Mahan. The Vedas contain 'Samhita bhaga'. It contains 'Brahmana bhaga', 'Mantra bhagas' followed by Upanishads that contains the Vedanta bhagas.

How does Ramayana read? Ramayana contains Dharma as also Vedanta. If analyzed on the basis of 'tatva' we find that Ramayana is filled with Advaita Vedanta. If one takes Dharma as the subject matter then Rama-avatar depicts it. Since Ramayana has come from the mouth of Maharishis and every sloka contained in it is the sound of a Mantra it fulfills the worldly aspirations, too.

The Samhita bhaga, Brahmana bhaga, Vedanta bhaga, Upanishads contained in the Vedas are all found in the Ramayana, too. They are found in Bhagavatam as also in Mahabharata. So one cannot speak of the Vedas being different from the Itihasa Puranas. The Vedas might contain great themes but we are unable to understand it directly. Whereas, in the Itihas Puranas, it is given to us in the form of stories ('katha roopa').

Bhagavan Himself had come down to the earth and led such a life, performed divine lilas that the mind and heart very smoothly and easily enjoy it.

Ramabhadra Dikshitar lived in Thiruvisanaloor. He says, "Reading Sankara's grantas I struggled to attain atma swaroopa. But never did I understand them all. I then took up Ramayana. In this Valimiki is a hunter. He threw open a net in which my Vedanta bird was caught. What is that bird? The parrot that is Rama! This green parrot that is none but Rama has now sat in my heart. This parrot refuses to fly away even if I chase it! That which failed to enter through the hard Vedanta has entered very easily through Ramayana parayana!"

!!! Will Continue !!!


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare


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