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Suno! Suno! Sadhuji! - 3

Carrot to the mind

Kirtana noticed Sadhana sitting in the verandah, her small round face looking long and oval and holding her face in her palms. She seemed lost in her own thoughts. Kirtana tapped her gently and sat beside her with a questioning expression. “Everything is fine with school Sadhana?”

“Oh yes ma! Everything is absolutely fine except me!”

“Why dear, is something bothering you?”

“I am just feeling so restless, bored and dejected for no apparent cause!”

Kirtana took her daughter’s hand in hers and said, “Sadhana! Come let us take a walk!”

“Sadhana! All these feelings and emotions are caused by that which we know as mind. Give it Divine company and it will become strong and light! Mind has immense power and can make us or break us. It is our friend and enemy too!”

“How do I befriend this powerful mind Ma? I don’t seem to have control over it.”

“Remember? Order does not help! The powers of the mind are best used when it is directed properly. Using the same instrument of knife we can kill a person or operate and save his life. Similarly, the same instrument called mind can be used to pull us deep down the abyss of self-pity and depression or take us to higher levels of spirituality and bliss. Our Swamiji, Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, sings beautifully teaching us to lead our mind to attain supreme good. Listen!

Sangaruchir mAnava sahaja svabhAvah
kIdrusha sangam icchasIvada mAnasa

“Seeking company is verily the nature of the mind! What company do you yearn for my mind, do say!”

“Sadhana! Swamiji clearly points to the nature of all minds. Mind can exist only if it holds on to something and to sustain itself it keeps craving for things of the world. It shows us the pleasures of wealth, beauty, power, fame, knowledge and various other things that easily allure us and goads us to exert ourselves to acquire these. Just as water flows from higher level to lower, mind flows towards the world.

Sri Swamiji says

icchasIyadi sundara shishu sangam
bhavatu te sango gokula bAlasya
Sangaruchir mAnava....

icchasIyadi nAnAkeli vilAsam
bhavatu te sango brundAvaneshasya
Sangaruchir mAnava....

“If you desire the company of a beautiful child, seek the company of the Divine Child of Gokula. If you insist on the company of a playful child, may you be in the company of the Lord of Brindavana!”

“Sadhana! The Lord of Gokula is the most charming, handsome and wonderful child. The pranks He played in Brindavana are still remembered and rejoiced by all Saints and Mahatmas! One who has seen this form, desires for none else and one who has once enjoyed His Divine lilas crave for nothing else in this world.”

Swamiji further sings,

icchasIyadi sundara purusha sangam
bhavatu te sango rAdhApateh
Sangaruchir mAnava....

icchasIyadi panditajana sangam
bhavatu te sango sAndIpanIshishyasya
Sangaruchir mAnava....

“Oh mind! If you desire the company of a handsome young man, seek the company of the Lord of Radha! If you desire the company a scholar, seek the company of the disciple of Sandeepani!”

“Sadhana! Mind craves for the most beautiful objects and is proud to be in possession of the best of all in the world. Some pride themselves on their handsome son or husband and some on their most intelligent child or spouse. The best of all indeed can be found only in the Lord is it not? Rukmini Devi addresses the Lord as ‘Bhuvanasundara’- the most handsome person in the world! Indeed the world and all its objects get their beauty only from Him! He is the source of all beauty. Sri Krishna learnt all the arts in Sandeepani’s Gurukula in 64 days! He is described as ‘akila kalA Adi guru’. Lord Sri Krishna is the foremost Guru and the source of all knowledge. Seek beauty and knowledge in Him, says our Swamiji!”

icchasIyadi rAjAdirAjasangam
bhavatu te sango dwArakAnAthasya
Sangaruchir mAnava....

icchasIyadi dhIrapurusha sangam
bhavatu te sango pArtasAratheh
Sangaruchir mAnava....

“If you desire the company of a King, find it in the Lord of Dwaraka! If you yearn for the company of a valiant one, seek the company of the charioteer of Arjuna!”

“Sadhana! People always love to claim their acquaintance with someone in high office! Who can be placed higher in power than the Lord of this universe who played the role of Lord of Dwaraka? If we can claim our friendship with Him, the whole world shall bow before us! A valiant friend would be of great help in protecting us isn’t it? It is said- ‘If Lord is with us who can be against us?’ Seek the most valiant Lord for protection.”

icchasiyadi dhnAdhipatI sangam
bhavatu te sango lakshmipateh
Sangaruchir mAnava....

icchasIyadi bahusundara strIsangam
bhavatu te sango asuravanchaka striyAh
Sangaruchir mAnava....

“If you desire the company of the most affluent person, seek the company of the Lord of Lakshmi! If you desire the company of the most beautiful lady, seek the company of the Lord who deluded the Asuras in the form of Mohini!”

“Sri Swamiji says that mind longs for wealth. The goddess of prosperity, Sri Lakshmi herself is massaging the Lotus Feet of the Lord! Find all the wealth you need at the Lotus Feet of the Lord of Prosperity. And the most beautiful form in this world is that of Lord as Mohini! Swamiji says, find all the beauty in the Lord himself.”

icchasIyadi brahmaswarUpa sangam
bhavatu te sango antaryAminah
Sangaruchir mAnava....

icchasIyadi premikasangam
bhavatu te sango muralIdharasya
Sangaruchir mAnava....

“If you desire the company of Brahmaswarupa, seek the company of the Lord who resides within all as Antharyami! If you seek the company of the ‘Premika’( the epitome of Divine Love), seek the company of Muralidhara!”

“Sadhana! Some desire to attain the Self, Brahmaswarupa. The Lord resides in all as the Antharyami and seeking him reveals the Self. If we yearn instead for the Love of the Lord and if we want to be ever in the company of the Lord who loves, we shall find it in the company of the Lord who plays the flute!

Thus sings our Swamiji throwing light on the most beautiful aspect of Spirituality! The nature of the mind is to desire. All we need to do is simply direct it. The great Vaishnava saint poet Sri Andal too expresses this idea in her Tiruppavai verse “matrai nam kAmangal mAtrelorempAvAi” isn’t it?

Put simply, Swamiji says- ‘Desires become devotion when directed to Divine!’

Sadhana nodded her head in understanding. Both mother and daughter sang joyfully as they entered their home after a long walk and talk -


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