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Re: Islamic Peril Inbox

surinder attri
WHY HINDUS ARE BEING CONVERTED By S.P. Attri ( USA ) ------------------------...
Apr 11

By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. Clashes of faith have, indeed, been occurring, but not from the date of 1813 ( just before the Indian-Mutiny of 1857 ) onward, as indicated in the Guardian-Article, but have been coming to pass, for the last 1200 years plus.
The tolerance of religion was not relinquished during Aurangzeb's Mughal rule, but was foresworn long before that, from Day One Of Islam's arrival in India, in fact from Day One of Islam's origin in Arabia.
2. The engine of religious-intolerance was not put in motion, due to the actions or the style and scheme of any specific, Moslem or Christian ruler or head-honcho in India.
Religious-Intolerance was organized and instituted by the religions ( ideologies ) of exclusivity, particularly Islam and Christianity. Religious intolerance is connected and consecrated with the nature of the beast itself. Both Islam and Christianity have a god, who is not only monotheist ( single ), but also intolerant, violent, aggressive, and very cruel. That is why both Islam and Christianity have been and still are, very belligerent and combative, and have been viciously-vectoring out, to occupy new lands, new people, new cultures, to concoct and contrive new converts, with the use of force. Their religions have been offering attractive rewards to their followers, with lots of milk, honey, and pretty big-bosom damsels, with strong ideological input, urging their followers, to eradicate the citizens of the invaded lands, with the use of sword.
3. Moslems and Christians have been acting with precision, doing strictly what their religion has been teaching them. No wonder, both Moslems and Christians regard other people and their religions ( Non-Moslem/Non-Christian religions ) and their gods as abominations, and as works of the Devil.
Surinder Paul Attri

On 4/2/07, surinder attri wrote:

Subj: Islamic Peril

1. Writes Dr. Suseelan:

Kanayalal Raina's interpretation of Koran and islam is based on wrong assumptions. He has failed to understand the Muslim behavior pattern because he has failed to study the inherent evil nature of Islam. He has assumed a priori that the Koran is a religious scripture full of lofty messages.

2. My Take:

I do not want to pick on Shri Kanayalal Raina, because there are too many other Hindus who are victims of the same mis-apprehension, same mis-interpretation. To pick on Shri Kanayalal Jee, would only trivialize the problem. However, Dr.Suseelan's identification of " based on wrong assumptions ," provides the clear answer.

Is Quran a scripture of lofty-messages ? Lofty messages, my foot !

Quran is a manual of Kafir-Murder, Torture-Murder of Hateful Non-Moslem Infidels ( labelled by Islam as Kafirs ).

3. My friend, Shri R.K. Ohri Jee, has just supplied me with the following quote from Al Qaeda:


"Islamic governments have never and will never be established by peaceful solutions and cooperative councils. They are established as they have always been, by pen and gun, by word and bullet, by tongue and teeth."

Preamble of Al Qaeda.

My Reaction: Al Qaeda's bell-wether makes Islam's intentions very clear. Moslems want to murder us Kafirs ( Kafir-Hindus included ), in order to prevent us Hindus from going to Hell ( Islamic Hell ). Pen and gun, ….tongue and teeth are the weapons ( murder-weapons ) of Islam's war against us Kafirs. What Kafirs need to do is to slash the tongue of Islam, and cut its teeth.

4. Islam is a violent criminal, it cannot hide its identity, it wants to avoid responsibility for its criminal behavior and its crooked culpable actions.

If we Hindus don't fight back, there will be a torture murder of the Hindu, on a mammoth scale.

5. Wrties Dr. Suseelan:

Even Mohammedan leader and founder, the pedophile Mohamed was a mass murderer.

My Take:

Hazrat Mohammad was a cold-blooded killer, cold-blooded SOB ( Snaffu Bitch ). He has terrorized Kafirs from start to finish, for the last 1400 years.

Surinder Paul Attri


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