Thursday, May 10, 2007

ANDHRA CM, a Christian hiding behind a Hindu name

Crusader arrested in US for disrupting peaceful Hindu protest
5/9/2007 9:54:05 AM

Plan to disrupt the Peaceful Protest was foiled in Chicago

On May 6, 2007 nearly 500 people were peacefully protesting in Chicago expressing their concern for the plight of Hindu Temples in Andhra Pradesh during 'dis'Honorable Chief Minister's visit to USA.

A group of five people came into the middle of demonstration and started asking why we were doing the protest. One of the Protesters gave the booklet containing the information. Protesters took the booklets when they did not want. Then one gentleman, later identified as Dr. Jayachand Pallekonda went behind Mr Praveen Gandhi and started choking his throat with his fingers. Mr Gandhi was not even able to shout as his throat was being pressed very hard. Nearby police saw the incident immediately, rushed behind Dr Pallekonda pulled his hands off Mr Gandhi and handcuffed him.

Then took away from the Protest area and filed a case. Hearing is set for May 23, 2007 in Rosemont, Il. Mr. Gandhi was taken to the emergency hospital the next day due to the swollen glands. Dr. Pallekonda is seen on the left side of the picture with black outfit. Dr. Jayachand Pallekonda is President of Federation of Indian American Christian Organization of North America, Washington, DC.


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