Thursday, May 10, 2007


Throw out Hypocritical Hindu Leaders

What is the use of just blaming the Christians (and Muslims) for getting more and more control over TV channels and print media in India? What are the hypocritical Hindu leaders doing to encourage the pro-Hindu journalists and editors?

Many of the Hindu leaders just want personal power and wealth. They believe that all the Hindus must fall on the feet of the Hindu leaders and worship them like Gods and Goddesses. Such Hindu leaders don't even want to pay the pro-Hindu journalists and editors adequately. How can the pro-Hindu journalists and editors work effectively when they are not paid for their work?

Should all the Hindus work free for the personal benefit and glory of the arrogant and corrupt Hindu leaders? Many of the Hindu leaders are the greatest exploiters in the world. Such hypocritical Hindu leaders deserve to be mercilessly removed and thrown into the dustbin of dead history. The Hindus must select and put new really patriotic Hindu leaders in the places of their useless old leaders.

The new Hindu leaders must show the absolute determination to put the TV channels and print media in India under the control of pro-Hindu journalists and editors.

Ashok T. Jaisinghani.
Editor & Publisher:


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