Friday, May 11, 2007


This is from Shri Sanjeev Nayyar.

Namaskar Mitra,

For the last couple of days encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh has grabbed media headlines. 3 senior IPS officers were arrested. The question that came to my mind is

WHO WAS Sohrabuddin Sheikh. Media has not given me answer. Vijay Malhotra of the BJP said that he had 56 cases against his name. I spoke to a journalist pal of mine in Ahmedabad and came to know:

1. Sheikh belonged to a village near in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.

2. He was the driver of well known Ahmedabad don Abdul Latif who was big don in the 1980's and if I remember correctly received tacit support from the Congress.

3. After the 1992-93 riots in Mumbai Dawood sent arms & ammunitions to various supporters, one of whom was Abdul Latif.

4. The police came to know that Latif had received arms and put the heat on him.

5. Unable to bear the pressure Latif instructed his driver Sheikh to dispose the arms.

6. Sheikh went to his village near Ujjain and threw all the arms in a well.

7. The cops got to know of this and arrested Sheikh for anti national activities.

8. The Sessions Court sentenced him 5 years imprisonment.

9. The Gujarat Govt found the sentence to be too mild and appealed to the higher courts since he was involved in anti national activities. The appeal is pending before the Supreme or Gujarat High Court I am not sure which one.

10. Meanwhile Sheikh finished his five years and was released.

11. Sheikh was then involved in murder, extortion and crime in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, businessmen were one of his targets.

12. Sheikh was then shot, encounter or otherwise is for the courts to judge.

13. Sheikh's funeral held in his village was attended by a number of people with criminal records and am told Gun Shots were fired in the air.

14. How does the Hyderabad angle to it too - Sheikh was suspected to be a link between Pakistan based ISI and the Naxalites which is when the Hyd police started coordinating with their Gujarat counterparts.

So Friends Sheikh was no innocent. Anyone who was don Abdul Latif's driver cannot be a saint, it is like saying that Dawood's driver was a saint.

The media is saying implement Raj Dharma. India is not governed by Dharma but on the Westminster model. To know 'Science of Governance' based on Vedic model read piece by Swami Dayanand Saraswati excerpts from 'Satyarth Prakash' .

To know what is Dharma by Swami Chinmayanandji.

Hindustan Times in Mumbai on Sunday printed out a picture of Ishrat Jahan a girl who was killed in an encounter by the Gujarat police. Paper says she was innocent. Can someone tell me what was this innocent unmarried girl from a conservative Muslim family of Mumbra (near Mumbai) doing with three men (also killed) at 4am in the morning on the state highway.

Friends the Battle for Gujarat Elections has truly begun. This Mahayudh is between English Media & Narendra Modi. The last time Modi won but there was an NDA govt then!
Cheers sanjeev

With regards,
- Rajendra Phadke

Dasaratha ju ke raam bhaye , Vasudev ke Gopaal
So hee prakate Saahi ke , Shree Shivaraaj bhuvaal ||
( Form - 'Shivaraaj Bhooshan' - Kavi Bhooshan) S


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