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dear all

We all pay our homage to that great saint swami jagdishwaranand ji.
Swami Jagdishwaranand ji blessed arya samaj and its people with a long list of books with impressive language and explicit style, so that every one can grasp it very easily without any difficulty.

HE WAS A REAL SAINT AND A NOBLE SOUL- always aspiring to creat history in the field of HINDI AND SANSKRIT literature, particularly ARSH SAHITYA. His work in the fielf of vedic literature is remarkable.

I came in his personal contact when i was student in school in 1960- 1962 in Arya Kumar Sabha (Regd.) Kingsway Camp, Delhi, when he was known as "Brahmchari Jagdish Vidyarthi" and he was a young handsome boy of 30-32. The he became "Acharya" of Arya Kumar Sabha. He published a number of books with the help of Guru ji (Shri Iqbal Rai Bedi), who was also a bal-brahmchari and founder of arya kumar sabha (regd.)Kingsway Camp, delhi-9. So far this sabha has published roughly 122 books on arya samaj/vedic values. EVEN LAST YEAR, SWAMIJI CHECKED AND CORRECTED ONE BOOK FOR ITS SECOND EDITION VIZ. ''VEDIC DHARAM MUJHE KAYON PAYARA HAI'' (written by the scholar shri mahta ram chander ji) which is in press at present. Swami ji discussed about this book even three-four weeks ago too.

He also used to visit Arya Kumar Sabha, Pulbangash, Azad Market, Delhi-6 (Shri Vijay chaudhary and others) in those days and always tried to inculcate vedic values in the children of tender age.

Yesterday morning I recieved a phone call from Dr. Prem Chand Shridhar from Arya Samaj, Greater Houston, USA conveying his feelings, shradhanjali for that great soul and told that he is one year younger than swami ji. He felt shocked by learning the sad news of Swami ji from the internet on the site of aryayouthgroup and uttered that unfortunately, day by day our "arya samaj" is going short of Vedic scholars and true saints.

Let us all get inspiration from his life and deeds and pledge to unite arya samaj and make it stonger and inculcate aryan values in our kids and try to spread the same fragrance in our family and everywhere around us.

"Let us resolve that we would continue to march on the glowing Vedic path that he has shown to us."

With millions of gratitute for his grateful memory.




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