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Your name implies you are a follower of islaam, so I am writing this.

dhanyawaad for doing good work.

To those muslims of bhaarat who never intend to do jihad against the kafirs or never want to support the jihadis in any ways, and who never look down at kafirs, nor force burkha on their women, nor do they want to follow sharia while in bhaarat, not circumcize, etc, I have a request:

Dear brothers, please please give up islaam, because:
Your ancestors a few hundred years ago were hindus who were forced to accept islaam. Now now no one is forcing islaam on you, and you are born in the Vedic land, not in a muslim land.
Bhaarat is a vedic land since milleniums. Islaam was not born in bhaarat; it has invaded in bhaarat by force; and has caused a lot of destruction of vedic temple, scriptures, and have killed millions of hindus sinec some 1000 years. Jinnah in/around 1947 correctly said that islaam is not compatible with the Hindu (vedic) dharma. Therefore, he demanded a separate land for the muslims. For this reason there was no sence for the Muslims to live in bhaarat when pak was made.
The messages in koran are opposite to the messages in gita, the book of the Vedic dharma. For example, while koran says to the followers to convert all the kafirs even by force, or kill if they do not accept islaam; the gita/Krishna says, never tell about Me or dharma to anyone who is not interested or is envious of Me. For this reason, the Hindus have no desire to convert any one by force.

So, for the muslims of bhaarat, it is a very good idea to give up islaam. That will bring peace there. And they will be free from the mullas, namaz, hajj, madressas, etc.

You are an intellectual and seva bhaavi leader. So, what you say?

jai sri krishna!
Suresh Vyas


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