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Shree Hari :
Ram Ram
19th January, 2009, Monday
Paush Krishna Navami, Vikram Samvat 2065, Somvaar
Salvation of Mankind - Chapter 7 (cont'd)
Paramatma (God) Can be Attained Assuredly Today Itself! - Part IV
This human birth has been bestowed on us only for attaining Bhagwaan.
Otherwise what would be the difference between being a beast and a human being?
"Khaadate modate, nityam, shunakah sookarah kharah,
teshaaneshaam ko vishesho vrttiryesaam tu taadrsi."
"A dog, a hog, and a donkey – each of these eats, and enjoys itself daily; if the attitude of those and these (i.e. those animals and these human beings) is the same, what is the difference between them?
"sooker kookar oonta khara, bad pashuanamein chaar
`Tulasi' Hariki bhagati binu, aise hi nara naara." "The hog, the dog, the camel and the donkey – these four are prominent amongst the animals; Tulasi opines that the male and the female are of the same sort, if they do not have devotion for Bhagwaan."
The gods' (Devataah, demi-gods) life is a birth for enjoyments. They too desire to attain Bhagwaan – "Devaa apyasya roopasya nityam darshankaadishanh" (Gita 11:52) – "Demi-gods also are always desirous of beholding this form." (Gita 11:52). Though desiring God, they are unable to give up desire for enjoyments. The same is the condition of human beings. If you earnestly wish to behold God, God will have to appear before you; there is no doubt in it. But if you yourself put a bar that God cannot appear, He will surely not appear! It has been declared explicitly in Gita –
"Api chetsuduraachaaro bhajate maam anayabhaak,
saadhureva sa mantavyah, samyagvyavasito hi sah
ksipram bhavati dharamaatmaa sasvacchaantim nigacchati
kaunteya pratijaaneehi na me bhaktah pranasyati." (Gita 9:30-31)
"Even if the vilest of sinner worships Me with exclusive devotion, he should be considered a saint in as much as he has rightly resolved. Speedily, he becomes virtuous and secures lasting peace. Know it for certain, Arjuna, that My devotee never falls. " (Gita 9:30-31)
The point here is – even if the vilest sinner becomes an exclusive devotee, in other words, other than Bhagwaan he is desirous of nothing else, he also should be considered a saint, because he has rightly resolved that Bhagwaan will be certainly attained.
Desire only Bhagwaan, and don't desire anything else. Neither desire to live, nor desire to die. Neither desire for respect, nor desire for greatness. Neither desire for enjoyments, nor desire for wealth. Only one desire – Bhagwaan, then He will surely be attained. Minimally, at least test my statement and see for your self! God does not come to you, because you do not want Him. (to be continued)
From "Salvation of Mankind" page 76-77 in English and page 78-79 in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji.
Ram Ram
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