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I Am Babbar In Hindustan As I Have Changed The Name Of The Nation From The Previous Aryawat & Bharat Post Your
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I Am Babbar In Hindustan As I Have Changed The Name Of The Nation From The Previous Aryawat & Bharat. I Am The King Of This Land. I Got The Opportunity By Killing Only A Few Millions People Practicing Vedas As Well As Sanatan Dharma. Those Kaffirs Were The Animals For Condemning The Islam. I Had Ordered Them To Practice Islam But Those Rigid Stupid Did Not Oblige Me & Tried To Encounter Me In Consequence Of Which, I Had No Other Choice But Slaughtered Them. I Am Happy With Those A Few Millions Who With Great Humble Act, Have Accepted To Practice Under Me The Religion Of Islam. These Are Good People As They Have Turned Muslims. The Islam Is The Best Faith In The World. All Citizens Have A Framed Duty To Comply With My Orders To Practice Islam Or They Have To Visit For Ever The Hell. By Order Babbar The Mughals Hindustan King 2008-500 years

I Babbar see this building that represents an ugly temple in which a statue is located & the people of Aryavat Sanatan come here to worship by praying & doing aarti, what non sense it is? These people are harami as they pray a statue. Why? Why? Why? Worshipping statue is against the tenets of Quran. How come it is possible that while I am the ruler, any body can go against Quran? Ya Al lah. I must do something so that these people oblige my desires. Al lah help me to serve you in the name of Islam promotion & establishing its dignity & honour.

Come on my senior secretary & go to that building located in Ayodhya & just bulldoze it with no consideration of any thought. The people of Ayodhya should not see it tomorrow or I shall behead you tomorrow morning in case of your failure. The building of the Ram temple must be leveled.

Next day he sees the site. Very nice. You have done it. Now mobilize the builders & immediately, erect one beautiful Islam oriented building on this so that the Sanatan Aryavat be suppressed for ever & the people of Hindustan must know the Islam by forgetting the Dharma. The building of the Islamic tenets was constructed soon & Babbar was too happy. He used to enjoy his relaxing moments there whenever he felt tired. This was a bloody structure of building & I could not see the Ram present there. Why he was there?

Since I have bulldozed the building, all coming times shall remember my achievement. Since this building is my first good work in Hindustan for the purpose of eliminating Bharatwasis, the building must be designated after my name. This shall provide solace to the future Muslims of Hindustan while my soul would for ever feel happy after looking at this from the sky.

Yes, one more issue. Check over the Hindustan territory all other religious structures & in case, you find more such religious building, convert them to the Islamic religious structures. I do not intend to see any more Vedic oriented structure or temples. The nation belongs to us the Mughals & the Sanatans have no room here. I am the king of Muslims & all have to follow the Islam.

The time moved on & Babbar demolished or converted hundreds of thousands of temples small or big all over the Bharat lands. The innocent coward people of Bharat did not contravene & acted as slaves. All cruel acts were imposed on the nationals.

Mughals were taken over by the English who added fuel to the fire & further created the problems. To get the rid of British, the Mughals tried to merge with the Hindus & Hindus also supported them in the name of the beautiful secularism. The whole community was misled by the Bharat national leaders from all ranks & files. The nation was a mixture of Hindus & Muslims. Keeping in view the trouble of the communalism, the Ram temple or superimposed Babbri constructed structure was closed for the public access. But one day one Congress PM Rajiv reopened it for the access of the Public.

Some burnt heart patriots of Bharat could not digest the injustice done by the animal Babbar on the soul of Bharat Shri Ram & with the virtual permission of Nar Simha, the Congress PM, got the revenge by demolishing the Babri structure to ashes & erected a makeshift temple. The day fired the hearts of the spoons of Babbar all over the nation Bharat, in Bangle Desh & in Pakistan. Millions of Bangla Deshis tried to reach the spot bet were withheld. Mass riots occurred & the country was in turmoil but the patriots had taken back the honour of the nation that was detached by one stupid Mughal. The Hindus all over the world were happy to see their soul back to the temple. Though the rubbish politics always plays its dirty games but as far as the general Hindu community is concerned, was entirely happy for the excellent job done by certain people. The soul of Ram was back in to the structure. Babbar once saw Ram back to the temple when Shri Ram once called him to his office in the heaven. Babbar was called from the lowest category of hell. Babbar was shown the new makeshift temple by Ram on the universal website. Babbar was weeping for what he had done against Ram & had to stay in hell of poison for ever. Since then, he has been weeping for being granted the mercy by Shri Ram. One day Shri Ram again called him & asked him if he could go back to Bharat one more time for reconstruction of Ram temple & bring back its glory. He accepted & I think he is already back in Bharat & one day shall definitely bring back the temple. But then, another stupid by the name of Mani Shanker has posed his nose in to the work & intends to see the Babri Masjid rebuild. The person shall definitely be sent to hell by the people of Bharat soon.

Congress has to explain its mind & heart to the people of Bharat regarding what they intend to do. The vote bank tactics have to stop. It is gross stupidity while they claim themselves as secular but the fact remains that all politicians are strongly communal.

Jai Bharat Vandematram

P Eng Suraj Singh


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