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Radhe Krishna To all,

Watch the 'The Senanayi Episode' discourse in You Tube by clicking the
following link. The video speech is in Tamil, for the benefit of
others the same is in the form of an article below.


"In Pandharpur there lived a devotee called Senanayi. He was a barber
by profession. He constantly sang the Name of the Lord. Honest and
straight forward, he did not know any deceit.

It was a royal practice that the king's hair had to be dressed before
he came to the court everyday. He was searching for the right person
to to the job. The citizens unanimously proposed Senanayi's name
owing to his devotion to God, calmness and guileless disposition

The king gave Senanayi the job.

One day, when Senanayi got ready to go for his work, a group of Sadhus
passed by singing the Divine Names of the Lord.

He saw that there was still time to go to the palace. He
instantaneously joined them. Time flew by; he lost himself in the
Nama Kirtan.

Those who were envious of him went to the palace and told the king,
who was already restless because of the delay and kindled the king's

The king was red with fury and ordered the arrest of Senanayi. He
decided that he will have his hair dressed some other day and rushed
to the well to get a quick bath.

The King was surprised to see Senanayi waiting there for a long time.
Senanayi took water in his hand and applied it on the king's head.
Immediately, the king's body had a shiver. He had a horripilating
experience. The King had a Divine sight of Lord Krishna.

The king was no more in his normal senses. In the court, he kept
recounting the beautiful divine form he saw and talking to himself
about it. The ministers suspected that the king had become lunatic and
decided that he had to be treated. Just then, the actual Senanayi

Immediately, the king requested him to show him the divine form again.
Senanayi was confused. He admitted he had not turned up that morning
as he was in the Bhajan.

The king said, "No! You came this morning! You touched me and I
experienced that wonderful bliss!".

It was then that Senanayi realized that the Lord Himself had come and
done his job that morning. That glorious One, whom the Vedas speak
about, that Divine Being which can be attained only by penances over
crores of births, has come down as a hair-dresser for Senanayi's sake!

This goes to prove that

"If you perform Nama Kirtan, the Lord will do anything for you."

Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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