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"If people slap you once, slap them twice". (attributed to Subash Chandra Bose. It is a directly contrary to Gandhi's highly detrimental 'show the other cheek' attitude ).

If people slap Hindus once, Hindus will slap them twice!!

It means if anybody maligns Hindus or Hinduism we will ensure that compliment is returned a 100 folds back. This will make sure think they twice before embarking on any such foolish adventure.

Such attitude is already being displayed on the net ... and I can see our enemies are running scared. The recent RSS attack on CPM in Delhi/Pune as a response to commie killings of Hindus in Kannur seems to reflect this new mood on the ground too, of not taking things lying down any more.)

So let us go for it. Hindus, If people slap you once, slap them twice!

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