Friday, November 02, 2007


Dear Audrey,

As per Geetaji, everyone in the universe gets the pleasures and pains in this birth, only based on his deeds in the previous births. Hence, personally, I don't see your experience as written as anything more than psychological. However, even psychology plays an important role in moulding a persons life. Infact one can say that everything in the world is happening out of mercy of the lord. Some people accept this and others don't. The fact that you have been relating your pains with devine, please rest assured that your belief is absolutely correct. All the pains come from our bad deeds of the earlier births and when we have sufferred them the bad deeds of the past get erased. Hence, there can be no doubt that this is indeed a cleansing process. With this cleansing, you must now proceed to do your sadhana as per Geetaji.

Jai Guru Datta!

Om NamahShivay!

Gita does allude to the Yoga you mention in chapters 6-7, but what you are describing is your realization from your own experience; this is good because you have been able to able to put knowledge ini practice and benefit from experience. In some way sickness and such problems are our motivators to understand more of who we really are. Lord Krishna is a master of such yoga and shakti (Kali) is His healing power through which you understand, progress and even be able to give love to others.

Just in case you are engaged in Mystic Yogic practces [Kundalini], please be warned that such practices can be dangerous without helpf from an experienced teacher; at the very least, one should practice the essence of the shloka in Gita:Bhakti Yoga that reads like this:

Klesodhika Tarastesha Avyakta Sakta Chestasaam

Avyakta hi gathir dukham Deha Vadbhiravabhyate

Sree Guru Datta!



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