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Subject: [Shakti] Re: Should we be proud of Bobby Jindal?

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> only the hindus house niggers and uncle toms would be proud of this coolie
> who has spit on the sacrifices of his ancestors and accepted the beliefs
> of his former slave masters
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> Should we be proud of Bobby Jindal?
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> Courtesy: Times of India
> 28 Oct 2007
> The election of Bobby Jindal as governor of the US state of Louisiana has
> been greeted exultantly by Indians and Indian-Americans around the world.
> Thereā?T
> s no question that this is an extraordinary accomplishment: a young
> Indian-American, just 36 years old, not merely winning an election but
> doing so on
> the first ballot by receiving more votes than his 11 rivals combined, and
> that
> too in a state not noticeably friendly to minorities. Bobby Jindal will
> now
> be the first Indian-American governor in US history, and the youngest
> currently serving chief executive of an American state. These are
> distinctions of
> which he can legitimately be proud, and it is not surprising that Indians
> too
> feel a vicarious sense of shared pride in his remarkable ascent.
> But is our pride misplaced? Who is Bobby Jindal and what does he really
> stand for?
> There are, broadly speaking, two kinds of Indian migrants in America:
> though
> no sociologist, iā?Tll call them the atavists and the assimilationists.
> The
> atavists hold on to their original identities as much as possible,
> especially
> outside the workplace; in speech, dress, food habits, cultural
> preferences,
> they are still much more Indian than American.
> The assimilationists, on the other hand, seek assiduously to merge into
> the
> American mainstream; they acquire a new accent along with their visa, and
> adopt the ways, clothes, diet and recreational preferences of the
> Americans they
> see around them. (Of course, there are the in-betweens, but weā?Tll leave
> them
> aside for now.) Class has something to do with which of the two major
> categories an Indian immigrant falls into; so does age, since the newer
> generation
> of Indians, especially those born in America, inevitably tend to gravitate
> to
> the latter category.
> Bobby Jindal is an assimilationistā?Ts dream. Born to relatively affluent
> professionals in Louisiana, he rejected his Indian name (Piyush) as a very
> young
> child, insisting that he be called Bobby, after a (white) character on the
> popular TV show ā?~The Brady Bunchā?T. His desire to fit in to the
> majority-white
> society he saw around him soon manifested itself in another act of
> rejection:
> Bobby spurned the Hindusim into which he was born and, as a teenager,
> converted to Roman Catholicism, the faith of most white Louisianans.
> There is, of course, nothing wrong with any of this, and it is a measure
> of
> his precocity that his parents did not balk at his wishes despite his
> extreme
> youth. The boy was clearly gifted, and he soon had a Rhodes scholarship to
> prove it. But he was also ambivalent about his identity: he wanted to be
> seen
> as a Louisianan, but his mirror told him he was also an Indian. The two of
> us
> won something called an ā?~Excelsior Awardā?T once from the Network of
> Indian
> Professionals in the US, and his acceptance speech on the occasion was
> striking ā?" obligatory references to the Indian values of his parents,
> but a speech
> so American in tone and intonation that he mangled the Indian name of his
> own
> brother. There was no doubt which half of the hyphen this Indian-American
> leaned towards.
> But there are many ways to be American, and itā?Ts interesting which one
> Bobby
> chose. Many Indians born in America have tended to sympathise with other
> people of colour, identifying their lot with other immigrants, the poor,
> the
> underclass. Vinita Gupta, in Oklahoma, another largely white state, won
> her
> reputation as a crusading lawyer by taking up the case of illegal
> immigrants
> exploited by a factory owner (her story will shortly be depicted by
> Hollywood,
> with Halle Berry playing the Indian heroine). Bhairavi Desai leads a taxi
> driversā?T union; Preeta Bansal, who grew up as the only non-white child
> in her
> school in Nebraska, became New Yorkā?Ts Solicitor General and now serves
> on the
> Commission for Religious Freedom. None of this for Bobby.
> Louisianaā?Ts most famous city, New Orleans, was a majority black town, at
> least until Hurricane Katrina destroyed so many black lives and homes, but
> there
> is no record of Bobby identifying himself with the needs or issues of his
> stateā?Ts black people. Instead, he sought, in a state with fewer than
> 10,000
> Indians, not to draw attention to his race by supporting racial causes.
> Indeed,
> he went well beyond trying to be non-racial (in a state that harboured
> notorious racists like the Ku Klux Klansman David Duke); he cultivated the
> most
> conservative elements of white Louisiana society.
> With his widely-advertised piety (he asked his Indian wife, Supriya, to
> convert as well, and the two are regular churchgoers), Bobby Jindal
> adopted
> positions on hot-button issues that place him on the most conservative
> fringe of
> the Republican Party.
> Most Indian-Americans are in favour of gun control, support a womanā?Ts
> right
> to choose abortion, advocate immigrantsā?T rights, and oppose school
> prayer
> (for fear that it would marginalise non-Christians). On every one of these
> issues, Bobby Jindal is on the opposite side. Heā?Ts not just
> conservative; on these
> questions, he is well to the right of his own party.
> That hasnā?Tt stopped him, however, from seeking the support of
> Indian-Americans. Bobby Jindal has raised a small fortune from them, and
> when he last ran
> (unsuccessfully) for governor in 2004, an army of Indian-American
> volunteers
> from outside the state turned up to campaign for him. Many seemed unaware
> of
> his political views; it was enough for them that he was Indian.
> At his Indian-American fundraising events, Bobby is careful to downplay
> his e
> xtreme positions and play up his heritage, a heritage that plays little
> part
> in his appeal to the Louisiana electorate. Indian-Americans, by and large,
> accept this as the price of political success in white America: itā?Ts
> just good
> to have ā?osomeone like usā?¯ in such high office, whatever views he
> professes
> to get himself there.
> So Indians beam proudly at another Indian-American success story to go
> along
> with Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams, Hargobind Khorana and Subramaniam
> Chandrasekhar, Kal Penn and Jhumpa Lahiri. But none of these Indian
> Americans
> expressed attitudes and beliefs so much at variance with the prevailing
> values of their community. Let us be proud that a brown-skinned man with
> an
> Indian name has achieved what Bobby Jindal has. But let us not make the
> mistake of
> thinking that we should be proud of what he stands for.
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At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Doesn't matter who Bobby Jindal is. As long as he supports and defends the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights, he's a good guy.

America is set up that the Common People have inalienable Rights that the Government cannot infringe upon.

This is so that if the Government decides to become a persecuting power, the Common Citizen can defend themselves from a Government like that and remove that Government from power.

America is about personal self-determination, whereby no enemies of the U.S. Constitution, whether foreign or domestic may be empowered.

The Second Amendment, Right To Bear Arms for the Common People is the only reason America has not become a Socialist/Communist nation, run by a Fascist Government.

All Governments are corrupt if left unchecked. The Charter Bill of Human Rights afforded in the U.S. Constitution, allows no one power to govern over all.

Gun Control was invented by Adolf Hitler, The Young Turks and Josef Stalin. Combined, these monsters murdered over 79 million people.

How did they do it? They first disarmed the population so they could not defend themselves, then they set them up to be murdered.

That cannot happen in America as long as no one gives up their Right To Bear Arms.

Everyone simply possessing firearms, is enough to deter criminals and a Fascist Government from even thinking of trying anything upon the Common Citizens.

Criminals and the Government can get guns whether they are legal or not.

No law will stop criminals from getting cocaine and street drugs. This also means no law will stop criminals from getting guns.

No law will stop the Government from getting guns.

Making firearms and ammunition is not that hard, it's just a pressure combustion engine. Any Mechanic or Skilled Engineer can manufacture a nice 7.62mm (.30) rifle, the nitrocellulose propellant and ammunition to go with it.

Guns are an ancient tool invented out in Asia by the Central Asian nomads and the Chinese. It is no more difficult to custom manufacture a good rifle or semi-automatic pistol as it is to build a lawnmower engine. Very simple indeed. After the metal tempering, the rest is just slides and bleed ports to vent the gas pressure.

Just like pneumatics, hydraulics, airfoils/flight, piston engines & jet engines, firearms also operate on amplifying force by exerting a pressure x surface area.

If propellants aren't available, Freon, compressed air and all sorts of other sources of potential energy can be harnessed to develop the pressure spike against the bullet-back surface area.

The lands & grooves inside the barrel will spin the bullet and get the gyroscopic procession needed to keep the bullet straight.

The gas pressure can be vented to recycle the bolt to advance the next round.

Firearms = very simple to make from scratch, they're just another tool.

So are pipe bombs, and nitroglycerin, which can be made from common household items. Their blast flame front speeds are enough to push shrapnel through Kevlar fabric which has a tensile strength 1.9 times stronger than steel. Nothing is bullet proof, only bullet-resistant at best.

Anyway, the Common People have the natural right to defend themselves from criminals, tyranny and murderers. Whether those murderers come out of the Government, or common street thugs.

No one is above the law in America. You all have Amended Constitution Rights. Government isn't there to protect anyone. Government is only there to control and exploit (if possible) all Citizens. It's like that all over the world. Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anybody can get a gun if they want one, no law in the world can stop that.

All that Gun Control does, is it disarms the common law-abiding person, while it empowers criminals and corrupts Governments.

Modern Gun Control was developed by Communists and Nazis. If the common public wasn't so ignorant and they knew these facts, then no one would support Gun Control.

Gun Rights is a Natural Right, NOT A PRIVELAGE! Everyone was granted the Right to defend themselves by their Creator. The Government is not God, only the Creator who made everything and everyone is God.

All human beings were granted certain inalienable Rights by their Creator. So that right there supersedes anything any mere mortals in the Government think they can implement to control the masses.

Most of the shootings in the U.S. are between drug dealers in ghettos shooting each other. They have nothing to do with the Common Law-Abiding Citizen.

If you count out the street thugs and drug dealers in inner city ghettos shooting each other, then the gun violence in America reduces by 97%!

No law in the world will prevent a criminal from getting as many guns as he wants and barging into your home to assault or murder you.

But Gun Control, will make it so decent law-abiding citizens have to give up their guns, while criminals will always still have them. As well as the Fascist and corrupt Government always still has them.

Then when Constitutional Rights are done away with your personal liberties and property rights will be seized by the evil Socialists taking over the U.S. If you don't cooperate they will shoot you.

See how Gun Control is nothing more a product of Fascists, Communists & Socialists?

Did you know Socialists are nothing more than the ultra super rich who buy out everything in Government and privatize everything to their liking? As no more personal liberties and Rights. As in a return to feudalism, and no more Rights for the masses, no more middle class.

Communism is just Socialism but covering more territory.

No decent person in America should support ANYTHING which goes against the Rights in the U.S. Constitution!

At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Go and Read the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution which is the first Ten Amendments. Also go and read the 17 additional Amendments in the U.S. Constitution.

If you are a U.S. Citizen, those are your RIGHTS! No one, not even the Government has a right to do away with them, provided you stand up for them.

America is a Constitutional Republic, where no one is above the law. America is a land where these inalienable Rights are universal to all humans. Forget what happened to the Blacks and American Indians for a minute.

The Constitutional Rights after 1880, removed any requirement to be a White Christian in order to be a U.S. Citizen. This by the 14th and 15th Amendments. Now those Right apply to ALL U.S. Citizens.

Being a U.S. Citizen happens automatically if you are born in America. Or if you Naturalize from immigrant to citizen status.

If most Indians are that ignorant about how things work in America and support that Nazi Fascist Gun Control crap, then it seems like most Indians sure as hell like being enslaved.

India could have never been taken over by the British, if everyone has the Right to Bear Arms to maintain the freedom of the land.

The Caste Racism and mass murder of Indian Natives could have never happened if everyone in the land was able to defend themselves from the tyrants in power.

Do not play the victim, you whoever you are have every right to defend yourself from tyranny, crime and violence as anyone else does.

Most Indians are politically irresponsible and let themselves become victimized.

This means they can't complain about anything that happened to them, has happened to them or will happen to them.

People only allow themselves to become victimized by not defending themselves.

The origin of the Charter Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution goes back to the ancient Persians. During the time Cyrus The Great ruled and kicked out the Fascist Babylonian Dictators, bringing freedom and equality to all in the Medio-Persian Empire's takeover of Fascist Babylon, liberating millions.

The only so-called "Indians" who abide by the U.S. Constitution here in America are the ones of Persian origin. Such as Sikhs, Rajputs, Pathans, Pashtuns and Jatts. Most of those groups in America are vocationally-skilled, technically-skilled, most own guns and are law-abiding citizens who stay safe and use good judgment to protect themselves and their families. A lot of them are construction workers, mechanics, police officers and military people here in America. They're not really Indians as they are by blood Persians, Turks, Mongols, Greeks and Huns/Scythians. More of these people live in Pakistan than in India though. Most if not all of them know and follow U.S. Constitutional Law, and are among the most real of Americans. Politicians and scumbag Socialists can’t fool skilled workers who live by applied science and knowing the facts, both in theory and in practice.

But the regular Indians only think their job is important. They are horrible at protecting themselves. So they complain like little children whenever something bad happens to them, instead of being decent Americans and defending themselves.

If you want to promote all that Hindu caste corruption, then go back to India, no need for all that here.

India's major problem is the Hindu False Doctrines. They were written by criminals to enslave the masses.

Rajputs, Jatts, Sikhs, Pathans and Pashtuns are not from Hindu origins, as they are of Central Asian origin, just as many Muslims are too, they never tolerated any oppression from anyone. Instead they always destroyed their enemies and lived within freedom.

The rest of the Indians aren't like them and seem to like to be enslaved and be slaves for their evil Government. That is the problem with India and most Indians (South Asians), except for the Central Asian ones.

It would be nice if Indians learned the U.S. Constitution as a whole and did their part to maintain the freedom of the land here in America.

Not just Indians, but the White American Mainstream is even more lost than any Indians. Most of them have no skills, have no clue the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights was established so the Common Citizen can overpower the Government if they get out of order. Most people in America today are so lost and are getting ready to lose their freedoms.

They need to stop being cowards and get some real skills. Then they'll know how to defend the freedom of the land.

Gun Control is as Anti-American as Terrorism is. Anyone who supports Gun Control is either ignorant, stupid or plain out evil.

You might want to go to the site: American Jews For Gun Rights. Jews know that Gun Control was meant to murder off minorities.

In America, all Jews as well as all Sikhs and Rajputs own guns. Most of them hunt and all of them make damn sure they and their families are protected. They all exercise their Second Amendment Right To Keep and Bear Arms. They're nothing like the typical Indians. But they're only 5% of the Indian population, who really descend from Persia. So maybe they think on a different level from the real Indians.

AS for Bobby Jindal, I couldn't give a crap if he's White guy Bob Smith or Black guy Bob Smith or East Indian guy Bobby Jindal, or Chinese guy Mikey Wong. That doesn't matter at all. Jindal was born and raised in America, he is an American, not an Indian.

As long as Jindal supports and defends the Rights in the U.S. Constitution from domestic and foreign enemies of freedom (Constitutional Rights) then he's ok in my book.

"Democrat" and "Republican" don't mean anything anymore. The same money lenders, movers and shakers control both parties. All of our "leaders" today are really misleaders. They're loyal to the Illuminati not to the people.

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


But who cares? All that matters is the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Use that to determine who is good and who is not. If they all want to do away with the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights, then none of them are our friends. We don't need to vote for any of them, we don't need to obey any of them.

If they want to come and take away our Rights, let them. There will be a few hundred million guns being pointed at them, they'll go away and behave.

Any law which goes against the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights can be disregarded by the Public.

That is how America is supposed to work. The Common People need to take about 30 minutes of their time and look up the U.S. Constitutional Rights. They're written in plain English any common person can understand. Those are your RIGHTS! Anyone in Government who tries to pass anything against those Rights, is a traitor and needs to be impeached!

You as Common Citizens don't need to listen to anything which is against the U.S. Constitutional Rights for all U.S. Citizens.

Use the U.S. Constitution as your guide, not any politicians! Most of the politicians in power now, are all traitors against the American People. Instead they work for the Communists, Nazis and Socialists in the U.N. This is how bad our politics have become.

But still no worries, just everyone in America get out your U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights and read them. Go by that. If everyone did, then there is no way this new Fascist Socialist Government which is rising up via the U.N. over the U.S. can gain any power over the Common People.

Just to let you know, there are two (2) Governments in America: The U.S. Government and the American Government. The U.S. Government has NOTHING to do with the Common People. They are all about taking orders from their International Banking Families, who look at everyone as products, assets and commodities, not living breathing human beings. The other Government is the American Government, which has Constitutional Rights and is run by the States or the People Government, which is differen from the Federal Government (U.S. Government). The two are to stay separated from each other, unless States have issues which are deemed a threat to the unity of the nation. The Civil Rights movement was one exception for the Federal Gov't getting involved into the States to protect Blacks from discrimination.

Now the Federal Gov't is going over their bounds like mad-dogs. The Common People were supposed to unite and stamp out Federal Gov't Tyranny, if that kept going on. But so far, no revolt by the Common People (not yet at least).

Lastly, Democracy has never worked very long. America is not a Democracy it is a Republic. Republics are run by the Rule of Law. As in a fixed set of inalienable Rights amended for all U.S. Citizens. No politician can ever do away with those Rights. That is a true Constitutional Republic.

Democracies however, are all about dumb-downing the population, then having all of them "vote" on some new laws which go against the Rights of the Constitution. Democracies are Dictatorships of the Majority.

Hitler came into power when the Weimar Republic was done away with, then a smear campaign against non-White Germans came into workings for 15 years up until 1929 from 1915. Then a "vote" was taken by the common Germans if Nazism should be the law, and most voted yes to it, and Hitler came into power legally.

Democracies always lead to Totalitarian Fascist States. Not one Democracy in history has ever remained free and not turned Fascist.

Democracy is when a vote is taken to kill all Blacks in America. The majority says, yes, and then all Blacks are killed. That can't ever happen in a Republic, where the Rule of Law and Human Rights are universal for all human beings. Provided the People never give up their Rights.

Be careful about this Democracy monster, it will lead to another Holocaust eventually. Law-abiding citizens who are armed is the only thing that can prevent another Holocaust from coming about. The Holocaust overseas has already begun for the coming World Government Fascist Socialist State. Eventually the powers that be will being that garbage over here to America.

We have already lost the power of a few Rights in America. By not supporting and defending the U.S. Constitution, that is by knowing it, all citizens knowing it, we are setting ourselves up to fall into another Fascist Takeover and elimination of all Rights for U.S. Citizens.

So I don't care if you are White, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Orange, Olive or Tan. That has NO VALUE on maintaining freedom! Only understanding of the U.S. Constitution and how things really work and doing your part as an individual citizen, knowing, supporting, and defending the U.S. Constitution can maintain freedom and personal Rights across the U.S.

Rule of thumb, if any Politician tries to push anything which goes against the Rights in the U.S. Constitution, you don't have to follow it. Too many people are following un-Constitutional Laws which will bring the U.S. down into a Fascist Socialist State, ending the Rights and Freedom people here take for granted.

The Government is not your master. No one is. If you want to judge on who to vote for, look at their voting record. It is public information. If anything any politician does violates the U.S. Constitution, DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM, DO NOT OBEY THEM. Then you are doing your part to maintain freedom. This goes for all U.S. Citizens. Their Race is irrelevent.

If Bobby Jindal supports the Rights in the U.S. Constitution, then I support him. If he does not, then I do not support him. I couldn't care less if he's Indian or White or Jewish, or Hindu or Catholic or Christian or Muslim. To me that is his business.

Only support the politicians who support the U.S. Constitution. That is the rule of thumb. If all of them go against the Rights in the U.S. Constitution, then NONE of them deserve your vote. Just use your Constitution as the guide to what is right.

If people do not do this, we will lose our freedom to the Fascists running the world and all banks/monies on Earth.

People in any nation deserve the Government they tolerate.

At 8:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and without a doubt, you've hit the nail on the head. The problem is something that too few people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my hunt for something concerning this.


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