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Naughty Jokes Post Your
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Teacher : What's the difference between boy and a girl?

Tina : they are naughty, we are beauty..they have muscles, we have nipples they have a pole and we have a hole..


Judge : you are fined Rs.11420/- for rape..

Accused : my lord, why exactly Rs.11,420/- Judge : Rs.10,000/- for rape,
10.2% entertainment tax and 4% VAT..


Girl : " What do you like in me? "

Boy : " those 2 big white balls having black dots in it.."

Girl : " what??? "

Boy : " yes, your eyes.."


A very sexy and attractive female employer meets her boss and says: " Sir
will you please remove something from my breast? "

Boss: " Vow!! what's that? "

She : " your eyes sir "


SEX : It is science with wife..

It is an art with a girlfriend..

It is commerce with a prostitute..

And It is just a social service with Auntie's..