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CHAKRAVYUH by Premendra Agrawal

Is Sting operation 'lkalank' not kalank of fake seular media on fourth pillar of democracy media?

On Oct 27, 07 NDTV reported: 'The Election Commission has questioned the ban ordered by the Gujarat state collector on TV channels which aired the Tehelka sting.

On Oct 29, 07 '' reported: Election Commissioners Navin Chawla and Qureshi have threatened to postpone the Gujarat election process and bring President's Rule in the state if the Bharatiya Janata Party fans communal violence in Gujarat through its new CD, which is to be released in the birth place of Sardar Patel. Both have spoken to the director general of police and the chief secretary to be on alert against a communal CD in which Vishwa Hindu Parishad men being burnt in a train is shown.

I request to viewers of my article please read seriously the above two news reports those show that Election Commission wants to allow the channels to telecast controversial seen of Gujarat riots to spread hate against the whole Gujarat and all Hindus of Hindustan.

But Election Commission will postpone the election and take action agaist the Modi if the CD related to burning train and burning of Rambhakts in that train in Godhra.


There was a chkravyuh five thousand years ago. That was fought between the forces of evil and the righteous. Abhimanyu was killed in Chkravyuh. There was a chakravyuh in the previous state assembly election in Gujarat. In that Abhimany-BJP Govt could not be killed by evil forces. Now again the same chakravyuh is created in the direction of the leader of Chiristian Jihad.

So called fake seculars had created situation for Gujarat Riots to evoke Mulsims and kept silence on burning of Karsevaks at Godhra in train and after that giving the families of Gujarat Riots victims Rs seven lakh each?
Big B invited Lord Tirupati & Sonia wrote to 15000 Muslims

Burning train and burning of Karsevak-Rambhakts

Burning train and burning of Rasmbhakts at Godhra is true incident. It can't be telecast.
Opposite to this sting operation 'kalank' of Tehelka should be teleaste in Gujarat according to the Election Commissioner Chawala and Quareshi, though no sting operation is most proably edited and manipulated.

So called fake seculars created situation for Gujarat Riots to evoke Mulsims and kept silence on burning of Karsevaks at Godhra in train?

Cooking political bread in Sanjha chulha (Common oven)?

Who wants communal riot to cook its bread in the riot-fire of Sanjha Chulha (Common oven)?
Sanjha chulha to burn 'He ram' in Gujarat

Who get daily bread to evoke the minority?

After 2002 there is not a single incident of communal violence ocured in Gujarat. Is this failure of BJP government in Gujarat? This is the problem before the vote bank politicians and their puppet Election Commission. They get their daily bread to evoke the minority.

Gujarat is safe for livelihood and economic activities
"The number of murders in Gujarat is 30 per cent lower than the national average and rapes 70 per cent lower. Compared to New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, the crime rate in the state is negligible," the CM Modi said in New Delhi.

UPA invented legal bribery for Muslim victims in Gujarat riots. It wants voters for few hours every five years. Caste religion based Reservation is secularism. Divide and rule-British policy is now Congress vote bank politics in independent India.
Legal Bribery

Secularism is a mask for theocratic Govt. of UPA & Leftist

"In Hindu ethos there is no concept of a theocratic state"

Congreess led leftist supported UPA Govt. is a form of government in which a Non-Hinduism plays the dominant role. There are various types of secular terrorism such as Terrorism of Religious freedom, Terrorism through Freedom of Expression, Terrorism of scandal, Quota Terrorismls, Terrorism against Nationalism, Terrorism of Minoritism, and Constitutional Terrorism.

Appointment of appointment, loyalist of 10 Janpath as an Election Commissioner is also a non-violent terrorism.
Rain comes to earth
Everything comes to life
Cruel Rulers be down
When people awake
After long nights sleep
flowers of colors awake
Greet democratic love
I you all people awake
27 May 2006. Secular Terrorism

Is it rehersal of next general election of Lok Sabha

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By Premendra Agrawal
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