Friday, November 02, 2007


"Cultures Across Borders" blazes new trail.....
Increasing globalization has not only shrunk the world but has also added vibrant dimension to closer interaction with varied cultures, thus fostering better understanding. This has perhaps gone a long way in creating as well as sustaining peace world over. Could there be a more worthy need of the hour?

Cultures Across Borders is a unique non profit organization serving to propagate social harmony through cultural blending. Forthcoming Indian Festival of Lights being organized in conjunction with Mayor of Duluth Shirley Lasseter is an enterprising effort in this direction as a pre-cursor to a series of bold initiatives and several scintillating events bringing synergy with other cultures.

The Festival's underlying theme is victory of good over evil. The Festival of lights is celebrated in India to commemorate the return of Lord Shri Ram after his 14 years in exile. This exile was connived by his stepmother KeiKei who wanted her son Bharat to Rule the Kingdom. To her woe, Bharat put the shoes of his brother Shri Ram on the throne and ruled on his behalf, while awaiting his return from exile. Upon his return, Bharat welcomed his brother with bright lights, pomp and festivities.

This is the story of the Festival of lights. It has strong message of brotherhood and righteousness. It brings in excess of 1 billion people worldwide together in the spirit of festivity, love, devotion and empathy.

Cultures Across Borders estimates an attendance of tens of thousand visitors to this eight hours of festivities which would be a kaleidoscope of color, pageantry, traditional costumes, cultural feast, festive procession, folk lore, fun, international cuisine and frolic with unprecedented intensity. It promises to be a roller-coaster of warmth and joy.

Again, the festival would kick off at 3 pm on Nov 10 and wind down by 11 pm. Wide array of exciting activities appealing to all age groups, mainstream and ethnic mix have been planned such that everyone has fun and longs for more.



The 1st ever, one-of-its-kind, captivating fair

Duluth Festival Arena

Taylor Memorial Park (Duluth Town Green)

3578 West Lawrenceville Street, Duluth GA 30096 (Ph: 770- 476-0240)

3 pm thru 11 pm

Saturday Nov 10, 2007

Fun, Food, Culture

a ‘unique’ mix like never before

Rides, games, fireworks, music, dance, arts, crafts, pottery, henna tattoos, traditional painting, exhibition, ceremonial parade, open air dandia,

international cuisine, shopping ...the works

An unforgettable experience of a lifetime

Fusion of Cultures- Everyone welcome


Presented by


(non profit endeavor for community welfare)

Details and directions:

678-467-0837, 404-434-7480, 770-331-3819


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