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[OurExtendedUNFamily] *EmpoweringYourSoulThroughMeditation* Flowering of Grace - 23: Tom Andryuk

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Subject: *EmpoweringYourSoulThroughMeditation* Flowering of Grace - 23: Tom Andryuk

*Flowering of Grace*

Tom Andryuk

Some years ago, my wife and I learned that Sant Rajinder Singh Ji was going to establish a center for Science of Spirituality in Chicago. We were working and living in Los Angeles and had always dreamed of being part of a spiritual community. Though relocating didn't seem practical, I wrote to Maharaj Ji and asked if it might be possible to move there.

Meanwhile, I received a call from an associate and learned he was recommending me for a new position in his department. I immediately thought of Master Darshan's advice to me years before, when my employment had been erratic. He instructed me to accept any work that came my way unasked for, as therein lay my spiritual benefit. For this reason only, I agreed to an interview. Yet when offered the job, I accepted it, based on Master's advice.

A few weeks later Maharaj Ji's reply to my letter arrived.He stated that if I wished to come to Chicago, I should "make all sincere efforts," and the Master Power overhead would do the rest. About a week later I was summoned to San Francisco for training for my new job. While there someone mentioned a position in the Chicago area they needed to fill.

When I returned home, I told my wife, whose enthusiasm and joy percolated throughout the weekend. The next day I made a phone call from work to express interest in the job. Two hours later the plant manager came to my office and asked me what I was doing. "What do you mean?" I asked. He said, "How can you take a job in this location when you're going to Chicago?" It's probably a good thing I was sitting down, as I got weak in the knees. Later, when I inquired as to where in Chicago the offices were located, I was told they were in the town of Lisle. I took out a map and found that we would be three miles from Science of Spirituality Center.

My job there lasted one and a half years. There is no way to describe the time spent with Maharaj Ji. To say it was one of the greatest experiences of our lives would be a gross understatement. If I could offer one message from this situation, it is this, in Master's own words: If you but take one step toward the Master, he will take a million steps toward you.

Flowering of Grace, SK Publications, ISBN 0-918224-41-1


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