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[prohindu] FW: [StephenKnappNewsList] Who Will Defend the Vedic Tradition??

deen chandora Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 10:26 AM
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Please pass this email to all the groups you or any one you belong. Please give wide publicity.
Deen b Chandora


Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 11:30:33 -0400
Subject: [StephenKnappNewsList] Who Will Defend the Vedic Tradition??

What follows is a prime example of how Hindus need to stick together and help one another in defending the cause of protecting and preserving Sanatana-Dharma, and how a tendency to limit freedom of speech is growing wherever there are fanatic Muslims who are easily offended by any criticism, even when such criticism is truthful.
As followers of the Vedic tradition, we must become stronger than this, or else we are permitting the prescription for a slow extinction of the Vedic way of life. This is how Vedic culture will be destroyed, when no one any longer stands up to defend it.
Hari Om and Hari bol,
Stephen Knapp

Dear Hindu Brothers,
Mr. R.V. Bhasin, a Supreme Court Lawyer, residing in Mumbai, had written a Book "Islam - A Concept of Political World Invasion by Muslims". A group of about 20 Muslims made a representation to the CM of Maharashtra, in March 2007, and the book was banned. The police raided his office and confiscated about 1000 copies of the book. At that time, I sent this msg to many newspapers, but no one bothered to publish it or follow it up. May be because a Hindu was the victim.
Mr. Bhasin subsequently filed a PIL in the Mumbai High Court challenging the legality of the ban order and confiscation of the book. The case is being heard in the Mumbai High Court.
Three Muslims organisations - Jamait-a-Hind, Muslims Lawyers Forum and (another one whose name I do not remember) have got implicated in the case against Mr. Bhasin. Mr. Bhasin was himself arguing his case. When he read verses from the Quran to prove his point, the Court was taken aback. The Judge and the Lawyers assembled were surprised at the revelation. This has infuriated the Muslims. Every day during arguments, about 20-25 Muslim Lawyers used to gather at the Court Room, to bring moral and metal pressure both on Mr. Bhasin and the Court. Unfortunately, Mr. Bhasin is assisted by only one lawyer and therefore they are weak in numerical strength and feel isolated. This has demoralised Mr. Bhasin, as the menacing Muslims may snatch victory by their numerical strength.
When I heared of this case coming up for hearing, I talked to Mr. Bhasin on phone. He was a bit demoralised as he feels as though he is fighting alone for a Hindu cause. He feels let down by the Hindu society.
Mr. Bhasin needs the help of Hindus and Hindu Lawyers to be with him at the time of arguments, so that it acts as a moral booster for Mr. Bhasin. He needs the moral support of Hindus. Interested Hindus, especially Hindu lawyers, may get in touch with him at his tel. no. 022-22045054, 22845004. He resides in Colaba, Mumbai. I appeal to Hindus all over the world who know some Hindu lawyers in Mumbai to kindly inform him/them, so that they lend moral support to Mr. Bhasin.
P. Deivamuthu
Editor, Hindu Voice


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