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:Shree Hari:

9th April, 2008, Wednesday
Chaitra Shukla Chaturthi, Vikram Samvat 2064, Budhvar

Question: It has been said that there can be no salvation without a Guru. Therefore is it essential to formally accept a Guru (Spiritual Master) ?

Answer: One who has the knowledge of virtues (good) and vice (evil), how can he be without a Guru ? Knowledge of good and evil (power of discrimination) is in all. Recite God's name, contemplate on Him, do not cause pain and sorrow to any one etc. such things everyone knows. He from whom this knowledge was gained, he has become your Guru, whether you know that one or not, whether you believe that one or not.

He who makes someone a Guru, but does not listen to him or follow his instructions, he is considered without a Guru. He has committed an offense. But he who does not make someone a Guru, how can he have committed an offense ?

It is not a ruling that one will definitely attain salvation on adopting a Guru. Salvation is from our own inner and intense longing, not by making someone a Guru.

God is the Guru of this entire Universe - "Krishnam Vande Jagat Guru." You are not outside this Universe, then how can you call yourself without a Guru ? Therefore engage in satsang (assocation of Truth, of good company) with great Souls, listen to their words and put them into use (in practice). Engaging in Guru-Disciple relationship is not a good thing. In reality, those that have attained realization, (Knowledge of Self, Truth), those that are true devotees and lovers of God, such great Souls, will tell you how you can attain salvation (God or Self realization), but will not make you a disciple. Therefore, without making them your Guru, if you listen to them and follow as many things as you have heard from them, that much you will be definitely benefited, and if you do not listen to certain things that they say, then you will not incur any sin, it will not be an offense.

From "Kyaa Guru Bina Mukti Nahin?" in Hindi pg 41 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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