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Celebrities' Malignant tears

Shakespear's Romeo shed tears and gave him depression for his
unacquainted lovewith Julliet. Here in my article celetreties shed
malignant tears. Please close eyes for a while and think who may be
such personalites.

Aamir khan is in the news and Robert Vadra was in the news. Aamir
and Robert Vadra bother gave advertisement in the magazines and the
newspapers to dissociate them from their fathers.

Who should be called and who should not be called mentally
disturbed? Who are the leaders and family members of Aamir and Vadra
victim of schizo-affected psychosis (a thought disorder which may
affect mood).

Both might give depression to their familiy members.

Aamir family has been disunited and all are disturbed. His brother
Faisal is medically disturbed.

Richard Vadra, estranged brother of Priyanka Gandhi's husband Robert
Vadra, reportedly committed suicide in Moradabad.

The tragedy comes two years after the Vadra family lost Michelle —
Robert and Richard's sister — in a road accident on the Delhi-Jaipur
highway in April, 2001. No details are available on what happened in
Moradabad. Robert Vadra refused to comment on his brother's death
when contacted by TNN.

Aamir gave ads to disassociate him from his father

This revolt is not the revolt of Salim against the Mugleazaam Akbar
for love `Pyaar kiya to darna kyaa'.

In July 2000, Aamir's lawyer had posted a notice in several trade
magazines severing all professional ties between the actor and his

Robert Vadra gave ads to disconnect him from his father

A BIT of family drama, which obviously was brewing for some time at
10 Janpath, the residence of Congress (I) president and leader of
the Opposition Sonia Gandhi, has spilled out in the open. A public
notice on behalf of Robert Vadra, the husband of Priyanka Gandhi,
was put out in two newspapers on January 2, 2002, announcing that he
was dissociating himself from his father and brother.

Interesting similarities in the ads of Aamir and Vadra

Vadra's ads

Interestingly, the advertisement went unnoticed in political and
media circles until the Congress president's office circulated a
brief press release about it.

Robert Vadra placed ads in newspapers, declaring that he had nothing
to do with his father, Rajinder, and brother, Richard, and that any
attempts by them to gain favours by pretending to act on his behalf
should be disregarded. The notice was issued on Robert's behalf by
advocate Arun Bhardwaj.

The Congress directed all its CMs, PCC bosses and CLP leaders to let
it be known to "one and all" that Robert Vadra had severed ties with
his father and brother, and "no favour sought by them in Robert's
name should be entertained."

Ads by Aamir of Bollywood

Aamir's ads of 2002 were come in notice widely after five years just
in the middle of Oct, 07. Besides the ad Aamir give notice to his
father also through his advocate.

The notice read: "Mr. Aamir Khan, a cine artiste, is not associated
with the business of production of cinematographic films of his
father Mr. Tahir Hussain Khan..." and that anyone who got involved
in Tahir's company "shall do so at his own risk and my client shall
not be liable for any such dealings".

Why did Aamir go against his father?

Industry insiders had speculated that the rift was a result of
Aamir's disapproval of his father's reported involvement with a
newcomer, a much younger actress whose work Tahir intended to
showcase through his production company.

A few had claimed that Aamir was reacting to news that his father
had been raising funds by trading on his son's name and reputation.

Christian Eric Vadra vs Chriastian Sonia Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi said that she should not be called with Gandhi
surname. She is Vadra. Perhaps she realized the non-importance of
confused surname `Gandhi' or she wants to come in future in politics
with her husband and her Italian mother in law. Robert Vadra's
mother is an Italian national married to an Indian, Eric Vadera.
Priyanka's husband Raobert Vadra had showed his distance from had
father Eric Vadra

What was Hidden reason of Vadra's revolt?

It is said that Sonia was unhappy with the father-in-law of her
daughter Priyanka because Eric Vadra handed over his school to the
Hindu organization. When objection was raised then he said, "But
everyone is entitled to their beliefs. I handed over the school to
the RSS because they are the only ones with the experience to run
schools professionally."
Italian Swiss in Q on Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

Story behind the depression of Aamir's brother Faisal

Few days back Faisal spoke to the media and publicly accused Aamir
of mentally torturing him and forcibly locking him up in a flat for
almost a year. He added that Aamir wanted to prove that he was
suffering from mental illness and Aamir's bodyguards had been
forcing him to take medicines.

Aamir had filed a petition with the police claiming Faisal had been
sending threatening letters to him and other family members.

Faisal's accusations came the same day Aamir presented his first
directorial venture "Taare Zameen Par" to cinema screens worldwide.
Aamir's mother has sided with him and is his pillar of support
against his father and brother. Earlier, there were reports that
Aamir parents had parted ways and were no longer staying together. -

Hussain has alleged that Faisal was being declared mentally unstable
under a pre-planned conspiracy. Tahir Hussain has also claimed that
his elder son and acclaimed actor Aamir Khan poses threat to
Faisal's life Tahir Hussain said, "Faisal is absolutely fine and is
not suffering from any mental illness. As a father I am ready to
take his responsibility.".

Did Aamir hold captive his brother?

I read the news "Indian dancers held captive in Dubai" and "Fatwa to
blacken Taslima's Face". Then the seen of `captive parrot in cage'
comes before my eyes and panic wave of Monotheism starts in my mind.
Should human beings live in cages to reach in heaven? These types of
mental image come to mind and for the last three days it just keeps
playing in my head. So bear with me as I try to get it out.
Crime who lives in cages: Dancers held captive, Fatwa on Taslima:

It is unfortunate that now I read about the capitivity in Bollywood

Faisal had informed the commissioner of Police, in writing, that he
had been mistreated by his family members, including his elder
brother actor Aamir Khan, who had also kept him captive in Cozy
Clinic and Nursing home, at Seven Bungalows in Versova where he was
medicated upon on the pretext of being mentally imbalanced.

"I am a farmer by birth." said Aamir Khan

You would hear about serial killers of 3, 6, 36 or 360 but not more
than this. But Politicians, industrialists and celebrities built
palaces and luxurious farm houses with tainted money. Industrial,
Political and filmy farmers are serial killers of 25 to 100 thousand
farmers and children of Noida Nithari. These farmhouses have become
the safe places for every type of crime murder to rave parties.
Instead of indoor table tennis these safe places are used for indoor
sexual terrorism. Aamir khan says "I am a farmer by birth." Now

Aamir told CNN-IBN. "I am a farmer by birth, my father was an
agriculturist, my grandfather was an agriculturist," Is he still a
farmer after the revolt against his father?
Filmy farming for Serial suicides of farmers

Aamir's dad gets Faisal Khan's custody

The metropolitan magistrate's court on Oct 31, 07 awarded the
custody of Faisal Khan, younger brother of actor Aamir Khan, to his
father Tahir Hussain.

Hussain has been granted the ailing actor's custody for one month.
The court also said that there was no need for mental examination of

By Premendra Agrawal


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