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Jism, Maqbool and Gangster - A review of current generation films ! Post Your


A nurse (Bipasha) is hired to take care of an ailing wife of a rich business tycoon – Gulshan Grover. The nurse probably belonged to some poor, slum area and thus wanted to make fast money – by hook or by crook!

She must have observed the horny , come hither looks of Gulshan and thought that somehow if she does away with the ailing female – his wife – she will become the heiress – and she was so correct. She manages to murder the wife and aged horny Gulshan is only to glad to marry the voluptuous Nurse!

Now Bips wanted a younger and more virile man for herself – instead of an old toad – so she ropes in her web 2 younger men – John and another X fellow. She instigates John to kill her husband and then asks her X fellow to kill John.

But John comes to know of her plan and kills her instead ! This is what the story all about. There are scenes where its shown how very easy it is to rope in dumb men – by showing ‘hardened teats’ and bikini waxed portion by wearing netty attires ! Then of course the final treat is to initiate young blokes into sex – that’s all is required to trap dumb, sex starved men ! Good for the decent, good women – this way the whorish females filter the dumb idiots and we get to marry good ,responsible men.
Thanks whores !!


About underworld dons,mafia, about police officers.

For a change its shown that police officers are not all that dumb as they are usually shown as ! Om Puri and Nassiruddin Shah are the 2 police officers – who put an end to the gangs of dons by playing it cool – by being one of them – by being Vibhishan to Ravanas !!

Pankaj Kapoor has a young beautiful wife – Tabu. Tabu in turn loves his assistant. A whole lot of confusion is created. In the end all of them die !

Its sad to see the ugly, short Pankaj performing on young and beautiful Tabu ! This is the case of most Indian women….reluctantly they are having to spread their legs to complete blokes ,ugly toads and give birth to nincompoops !Thus India has never seen any happiness till date – how can she – when the women are leading such deplorable life !


A young police officer plays the role of a lover to a don’s ‘kept’ – so that he can catch the don ! The Police officer also makes her pregnant in this chase !! I am amazed at the training given at Police training centers !! Is this any way of catching a don?! You lose your culture, ethics – everything - just to catch a don !? What are they teaching the IPS officers – filmy dialogues? And how to hump whores by making them falsely fall in love with them ?? Shit !! Bull shit !! No wonder why the IPS officers are not performing well – they must be getting busy in humping and forgetting the cause for which they are humping… to catch the goon !!


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