Saturday, April 07, 2007

ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT: moslems no longer minority in UP

Allahabad High Court–Muslims ‘No More Minority’ in UP-By Eng Suraj Singh PE

The Judgment dated 5.4.2007 classifying Muslims no more a Minority Community shocked all political spectrum as if whole India has been blown away. All parties expressed as if they have lost their vote banks while Chief Minister Mr. Yadav demonstrated his exclusive efficiency by appealing to a two judge bench.

Mr. Kapil Sibbal of Congress himself decided the invalidity of the decision within minutes. All explained the terrible state of Muslims in the state as if all other communities have been enjoying their lives very comfortably. Indeed, the decision appeared at the head of state elections that caused the whole crying & plugging in by two judge bench review petition. PM Dr Singh restrained from commenting for the decision is to be studied. Muslims expressed their views as if everything has been snatched from them. It is astonishing that state funds Madarsas.

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