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7th April is the “World Health Day”. This article gives you some information and tips for a Healthy, Energetic and Long life.

Chronic diseases were the reason for 53% of all the deaths in 2006. Of these 29% were due to cardiovascular diseases; Cardiovascular diseases includes heart attacks, coronary artery disease and strokes. It is estimated that, by 2020, cardiovascular disease will be the largest cause of disability and death.
India is the diabetes capital of the world. The occurrence of diabetes in urban Indians is 2nd highest in the world; approximately 14% of the adults develop diabetes! Not only this, Indians succumb to diabetes and heart attacks 5-10 years earlier than their western counterparts do. This means that most Indians succumb to heart attacks, strokes and diabetes in their most productive years, when they are 40-50 years, when they are rising in their jobs, when they are peaking in their careers, when much of the family responsibility is on them, rather than their western counterparts who develop it at retirement, at 60-65 years. This will lead to huge economic burdens on the country. All this is because Indians consume less of fresh fruits and vegetables, consume more tobacco, consume more unhealthy diets containing excessive oil, sugar and salt. And are more sedentary without regular exercise. Which lead to high concentration of cholesterol in the blood, high blood sugar, overweight / obesity etc, that results in heart attacks, diabetes, strokes and many other diseases. In 2006 alone, in India, there were approximately 80 million people suffering from chronic heart disease and diabetes.

Unhealthy diets and physical inactivity: Unhealthy diets and physical inactivity can cause major diseases like coronary heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis. One third of all cancers too can be prevented by embracing a healthy diet, decreasing saturated fats in the diet, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and increasing physical activity levels etc.

Tobacco kills more people than all accidents and AIDS put together: Tobacco contributes to 56.4% and 44.9% of cancers in men and women. India has the largest number of oral cancer cases in the world! It is estimated that India as compared to any other country will have the fastest rise in tobacco related deaths each year! More than one third of the population with risk factors like diabetes and high blood pressure are not even aware of it!

Areas to concentrate for a better and healthy life:

(1) Physical exercise: The major areas of exercise are (a) Aerobic exercise like brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming etc. (b) Stretching exercise like light gymnastics, Yoga etc. (c) Weight exercise like dumbbells, weight lifting, Isometric exercise etc. Try to fit in each of the above alternatively in a week, preferably under guidance, if you are a beginner, handicapped, old or suffering from certain diseases. Take the help of an expert.

(2) Healthy diet: Avoid excessive oils, sugar and salt in your diet. Eat many fresh and semi-cooked vegetables, salads, fruits, greens etc. If you can, avoid non-vegetarian food and become a vegetarian. Drink lots of water and avoid all aerated drinks, fast food and preserved food.

(3) Bad habits: Quit smoking, chewing tobacco, drugs etc. Quit drinking alcohol. Watch less of TV, especially those damned serials (My actor friends kindly excuse) and avoid long gossip & conversation on your mobile phones!! Keep your conversations small and to important issues. (I hope I don’t lose my job!)

(4) Mental / Spiritual health: Avoid getting anxious, worrying, being restless, getting angry and so on. Future may be uncertain but worrying is optional. Everyday you must meditate, read scriptures (doesn’t matter which), pray and practice gratitude, listen to good soothing classical music and work on an action that is close to your heart (singing, dancing, painting or any other art) or learn a new skill etc.

(5) Break that inhibiting shell that you have built around you (Me, Myself and I). Come out of it and spend time with nature and our beautiful earth. Make more friends & forgive your enemies.

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