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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 19:55:20 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: UPA government is no less racist!
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UPA government is no less racist!
V SUNDARAM 22nd Jan07 Newstoday
If the British government can be viewed as racist in the light of the culturally cosmetic, socially trivial and politically insignificant Shilpa Shetty affair, I can assert that the UPA government in New Delhi today is no less 'racist' towards the Hindu majority in India. I was amused by the world-shaking statement of Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma to this effect: 'Government of India have taken note of the alleged racist attacks on Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on a popular UK reality TV show. We are seized of the matter. We are looking into all the aspects. We will take appropriate action as required. The world knows that India has throughout firmly rejected all forms of discrimination and racism.'
In retrospect, this so-called principled stand of the Minister of State for External Affairs, Anand Sharma, now looks infantile and stupid in the light of Shilpa Shetty's subsequent withdrawal of the original allegations of racism which she had made against her co-actors in the TV serial. Like a typical UPA Congress Minister, totally devoid of intellectual integrity or any sense of honour or public purpose, Shilpa Shetty has declared: 'You know, when I actually thought about it, I know it is not a racist thing. I thought about it for a long time. It is not racist. I take that back. You know people say things in a fit of anger. I stand corrected. I don't want people to think and feel that way. So, even if I said it, I would like you to please clarify and put this as a statement from my side if you can: That I don't feel there was any racial discrimination happening from Jade's end.'
I was looking into the internationally accepted definitions of 'Racism.' All of them uniformly point out that any form of discrimination against any particular religion within a country or a State is a definite form of condemnable and reprehensible 'Racism'. Even the United Nations has adopted this approach. In Turkey, the Kurds have been the victims of 'Racism'. In Iraq, the Shia Muslims have been the victims of social and political 'Racism.' In Bosnia, we have the disgraceful phenomenon of racial discrimination against the Muslims. Despite the fact of barbarous racism, the saving grace in Turkey and Iraq is that Kurds and Shia Muslims respectively are in minority.
In the light of this definition, I can adduce irrefutable documentary evidence to show that the surrogate UPA government in New Delhi (under the power without responsibility stranglehold of an Italian woman) is a government which actively practices undeclared, unstated, undefined but definitely politically promoted 'Racism' against the peace-loving HINDUS in majority in India. According to this nation-dividing and nation-destroying racist philosophy of the Congress party, every Hindu in India is a Landlord and every Muslim/Christian is a serf. Every Hindu is a Guild-Master and every Muslim/Christian is a Journeyman. Every Hindu is an oppressor and every Muslim/Christian is the oppressed. All this is done not for social justice for anyone but for the electoral gains of the Congress Party and the private fortunes of the Nehru clan. The degenerate Congress Party today - a private limited company inherited by the Nehru clan - often claims that it is promoting social justice and social engineering by announcing newer and newer programmes from time to time for the benefit of the so-called minorities, ignoring the fundamental rights of the poor, lowly, lowliest and lost amongst the Hindus in majority in India.
Nowhere in the world can we see the national disaster of a duly elected government officially announcing and promoting a pernicious policy of 'Racism,' particularly against the majority. Every Hindu in India knows today that Manmohan Singh's or Sonia Gandhi's heartless heart would be gladdened or quickened by the phenomenon of their coming to face to face with a devout Muslim or a devout Christian and totally disgusted by the tragedy of their having to face a devout Hindu, regardless of region or language or caste. Is this not political 'Racism'? Is this not religious 'Racism'? Is this not 'Racism' against the majority? I would be dismissed as rabidly 'Communal', 'Saffronized', 'Non-secular', 'Obscurantist', 'Superstitious', 'Half-savage Hindu' by the Congress Party and its spineless and supine leaders.
Let me give some concrete instances to substantiate my major charge of 'Racism against the majority' which I am raising against the UPA government.
1. In the dastardly name of 'Minorityism' on paper and petty vote bank politics in practice, that sworn enemy of Hinduism juvenile Jawaharlal Nehru surreptitiously slipped in Articles 29 and 30 of the Constitution in order to convert the Hindus in majority in India into serfs of the 'minority' in perpetuity.
2. After declaring India as a secular State, Pandit Nehru introduced Haj subsidies for the Muslims in 1959. We do not have Haj subsidies in any other Islamic or non-Islamic country in the world. Every self-respecting Muslim in those countries, would deem it as a loss of honour and dignity to accept any financial assistance from their governments for this kind of religious pilgrimage. For the Muslims of India, it is a matter of privilege and special favour or at any rate minority rights. What is more, there is no distinction between the rich and the poor among the Muslims, insofar as the grant of this subsidy is concerned. In this context, the poor Hindus of India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Rann of Kutch to the Bay of Bengal, would like to pose some simple and straight questions to the UPA government in general and Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi in particular: 'What crimes or sins we have committed as Hindus not to qualify for subsidies to visit places of pilgrimage like Kasi, Manasarover, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Dwaraka, Puri, Kancheepuram, Madurai, Srirangam, Rameswaram, Kanyakumari, etc.? Are we in minority in India? Are we not discriminated against on the ground of the religion of our forefathers from times immemorial? Are you suggesting that we would instantaneously qualify for these subsidies only by converting ourselves voluntarily and cheerfully to Islam? If your answer is yes, are you working for the Islamisation of India? Are you being guided by the Mullahs of Deoband or the Imam of Jumma Masjid? Or by Their Majesties and Graciousness, Their Serenities, Royal Highnesses and the like in the Middle East or like the displaced or deposed Nawabs and others of their ilk in different parts of India?'
3. Was it not an announcement of religious discrimination against the Hindus in majority - the recent policy pronouncement of Manmohan Singh that government of India will always follow the philosophy of 'Muslims First' in the matter of apportionment of development funds? As a responsible Prime Minister, is he not taking India on the treacherous path of fragmenting the country on communal lines just in order to corner some Muslim votes in different parts of India?
4. Is the Union Finance Minister, trying to introduce the new phenomenon of 'COMMUNAL LOANS' by asking the Banks to refashion and restructure their lending policy by earmarking 15 per cent of the priority sector loans exclusively for the minorities? Will it not throw open the gates of all the Banks in India to the Mullahs and the Moulvis to bring to bear their religious influence even on routine technical and financial matters relating to loans and advances in the banking sector?
5. Having declared India a 'secular' country under the Indian Constitution, will it not be illegal on the part of government of India to talk of religious minorities? Will it not amount to official acceptance of a policy of 'Racism' based on religious discrimination against the Hindus in India -like the kind of State-sponsored discrimination against the Kurds in Turkey and the Shias in Iraq?
6. Was not Sonia Gandhi practicing 'Racism' against the Hindus in majority in India when she described the RSS as a rightist organisation with a long track record of stoking the religious prejudices, inflaming the religious passions and polarizing the Indian society? Was she not aware of the Supreme Court verdict to the effect that the RSS is a purely socio-cultural organisation meant for the promotion of Hindu unity and Hindu solidarity? Does she not have contempt for this considered verdict of the Supreme Court?
7. Soon after the Mumbai train blasts, Sonia Gandhi visited Mumbai and declared that 'the feelings of the minority Muslims should not be hurt,' in spite of being fully aware of the fact that these acts of terror were perpetrated by the Muslims with the full backing of ISI in Pakistan. Has she ever spoken once about the hurt feelings of the Hindus in India? Was she ever worried about the innocent Hindu men, women and children who were burnt alive in a Railway Carriage at Godhra in Gujarat? Is not the UPA government treating the peaceful and law abiding Hindus of India as the Jews in Nazi Germany?
When Shilpa Shetty was subjected to imaginary racism in England recently, the government of India at least posed in such a manner as to show that they were concerned about it. When the silent Hindus of India are subjected to the State-sponsored tyranny of undeclared 'racism,' where are they to go for succour and relief? To the International Court of Justice? To the United Nations? Or to the nearest Church? Or to the nearest Mosque? These are the relevant questions for all the Hindus in India today.
(The writer is a retired IAS officer)
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