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We go to various planes of existence after physical death depending on our deeds and extent of spiritual practice. We remain there for periods varying from decades to centuries before we get the opportunity to be born again on Earth.

Spiritual Research into the root causes of difficulties

Did you know that upto 80% of difficulties in life are due to spiritual reasons?

Case study:
Mr. Thakkar overcame severe destiny of possible death at a very young age by virtue of his spiritual practice and the grace of his evolved spiritual guide.

Spiritual Research for lasting Happiness

The quest for happiness is uppermost in everybody's minds. Only the science of Spirituality teaches us how to attain supreme and lasting happiness.

Spiritual Research in Physical Health

Learn about the spiritual research in the causes and remedies in Sleep paralysis

Jenny experienced repeated attacks of Sleep paralysis over the last four years. She has been able to overcome them only with increased spiritual practice along with consistent spiritual remedies.

Spiritual Facts

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Spiritual Research in Mental Health

Learn about how young Kedar Marathe overcame hyperactivity, spurts of anger, bedwetting etc. by regular application of spiritual remedies.

Have you experienced this?

Have you ever experienced an unexplained fragrance? Learn about the spiritual research behind this phenomenon. Read about Vamsi Krishna’s experience of subtle fragrance of holy ash when programming on the computer.

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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual remedies to alleviate difficulties in our life.

Test your subtle perception ability

Participate in this subtle experiment and check your sixth sense or subtle perception ability.

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