Wednesday, June 28, 2006


4. Temple Demolished in South India by Miscreants

TAMIL NADU, INDIA, June 25, 2006: A Hindu temple at Lower Omananallur village in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu was demolished on the night of June 11-12. The police has not apprehended anyone though it seems to know the possible culprits. There had been communal tension in the area for quite some time now. The Uikattu Sudalaikoil (a local Deity, considered a form of Siva) temple was demolished thoroughly by the miscreants. While the Deity was thrown on the road, the bricks and stones offered at the temple were used to break the walls of the temple. The tree Poovarasu, considered auspicious in Tamil Nadu, under which the temple was situated was cut and the branches were strewn on the temple, breaking it down.



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