Wednesday, February 01, 2006

jANUAnuary HINDU Festivals - Makar Sankranti and Lohri

3. Makar Sankranti Popular Across India


KAUAI, HAWAII, January 27, 2006: HPI reader Sher Agrawal points out, "I read the news item as quoted in your January 27th HPI which states that Pongal is celebrated in South and Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra. Please note that Makar Sankranti is a very important and most religious and auspicious January festival and is celebrated with lots of fan fare in the whole of North and other parts of India. It is a very auspicious occasion when the sun moves in a certain sphere and people also go to Haridwar to bathe in the Ganges and to participate in certain ceremonies to earn some religious merit. On Makar Sankranti til laddoos and other goodies are made in each house and distributed to friends and relatives. Moreover, you have not mentioned Lohri which is also celebrated in Northern India in the month of January, particularly in Punjab. In the evening a fire is lit in the streets and people go around it."


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