Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How you like this fellow, writing all sorts of letters on PM's web site.


Chief Justice of India has taken nice initiative to bring Supreme Court within easy reach of commoners by publishing an economically priced booklet on practice and procedure in the Apex Court. However booklet can and should be improved by including additional information.

1 The Booklet should include e-mail IDs, fax and telephone-numbers of Chief Justice and other judges of the Apex Court together with other officers in registry of Supreme Court including Public Information Officer appointed under ‘Right-To-Information Act 2005’. Booklet should also include such information about concerned legal officers/ministers of the Union Government.

2 Procedure to complain against corruption and misconduct amongst judges of higher courts should be outlined mentioning 16-point code of conduct to be followed by these judges.

3 Websites of Supreme Court should incorporate message-box where members of public may post their comments requiring attention of the Apex Court with registration-number provided for each e-mailed message registered on the website.

4 It is regretting that even after 58 years of independence, Supreme Court does not except writs in national language Hindi unless accompanied by English translation as per information in para (iii) of Chapter IV of the booklet. Arrangements should be made so that writs in Hindi may be accepted, and if required English translation may be arranged by Supreme Court registry at its own cost. Also this booklet should be published in Hindi also.

5 Information provided in the booklet can be made part of Diary of Supreme Court Bar Association published annually. Reversely, information provided in SCBA Diary should also be part of the mentioned Information-Booklet.

SUBHASH C. AGRAWAL (I do not know him; he is also no relative of mine)

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