Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A cat who risked one of her nine lives to save her mistress

Woman Says Cat Saved Her From Fire

NORA SPRINGS, Iowa (AP) - Linda Froning's cat may have shared one of its nine lives. Froning said she was asleep on a couch last Thursday morning when her cat jumped on her, waking her up to a house full of smoke.

Froning said she called her son, Jamie, a Nora Springs volunteer firefighter who works for Mason City.

Jamie Froning said he told his mom to get out of the house and then called the fire department.

The house was full of smoke when he showed up, he said.

``I was standing on the deck, taking care of my mom, when the couch burst into flames,'' he said.

He said he went into the house and pulled the couch outside.

Assistant Fire Chief Dean Kock said there was a little damage to the family room.

``There is mostly smoke damage,'' he said.

Linda Froning was treated at a Mason City hospital for smoke inhalation and released, her son said.


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