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saboodana - how vegetarian it is?


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Padmakant M Khambhati Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 8:09 AM
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In Tamil Nadu, in Salem area on the road from Salem to Coimbatore there
are many saboodana factories. We start getting terribly bad smell
when we are about 2 kms away from the factories.

Saboodana is made by root like sweet potato. Kerala has this root each
weighing about 6kgs. Factory owners buy these roots in bulk during
season, make it to pulp and put it in pits of about 40ft x 25ft. Pits
are in open ground and the pulp is allowed to rot for several months.
Thousands of tons of roots rot in pits. There are huge electric
bulbs throughout the night where millions of insects fall in the pits.

While pulp is rotting, water is added everyday due to which 2” long
white colour eel is automatically born like pests are born
automatically in gutter. The walls of pits are covered by millions of
eels and factory owners with the help of machine crush the pulp with
the eels which also become paste. This action is repeated many times
during 5-6 months.

The pulp is thus ready as roots and millions & millions of pests and
insects crushed and pasted together. This paste is then passed through

round mesh and made into small balls and then polished. This is saboodana.

Now I know whey many people don’t eat Saboodana treating this as

If you find it appropriate and if you think after reading this one
cannot relish Saboodana, pass on to those whom you want to save from this tasty food.




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