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Bhavesh Merja

'Nothing comes out of nothing' - means without pre-existence of material cause, nothing can be produced or created. This is a very simple truth to apprehend.

You have asked: "'what was there before the Big Bang?". Scientists have been doing research on this, but I would say here that whatever may be the scientists settled view on this, one thing is sure that the basic material cause of the universe (primordial matter = mool prakriti) was pre-existent. Because from absence nothing can be created. God acted on that material-cause and created this most-scientific and wonderful universe.

To your question - "What is God and who created God?" - I would like to state that: God is a universal spirit Who permeates the whole universe, Who is a true personification of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss; Whose nature, attributes and characteristics are Holy; Who is Omniscient, Formless, All-pervading, Unborn, Infinite, Almighty, Just and Merciful; Who is the author of the universe and sustains and dissolves it: Who awards all souls the fruits of their deeds in strict accordance with the requirements of absolute justice and possessed of the like attributes.

God is eternal, He is not created or made out of something at some point of time. He is eternally existing and will continue to exist for ever. There has been no cause of Him.

God is not a creation of human mind, but all creatures (only bodies - not souls) and entire universe have been created by Him.

I find Swami Dayananda's theory (originally Vedic teachings - Vedas are revealed knowledge of God) most rational and convincing. That is why I quote his name wherever I find it necessary. He was a person who restated the eternal Vedic truths in modern times.

For better understanding I request you to read Dayananda's Satyarth-Prakash.

= Bhavesh Merja
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Aadarniy Bhaveshji,

Namaskar and Jai Hind.

In order for me to understand better God, souls and the material world, I would like to make the following comments for your kind clarification:-

1. It appears that God, all souls and the material world all pre-existed;in Gita also Bhagwan Krishn has said to Arjun that there was no time when I was not there or you were not there......; and therefore all these are eternal;

2. It would also appear that it is not God who rewards or punishes one but the system is so made of the universe that automatically rewards or punishes each soul according to its karma;

3. All this what is stated in most of the shastras and seers, excepting the Vedas, is it on ATKAL PACHCHU,or repetition of what has already been stated; and not by self-realized souls in most of cases;

4. If I may ask you sir if your statements are also mere repetition of what you have read or is it based on your own personal self-realization;

5. Since our mind is very limited, is there an easier way to realize or feel the reality of our existence, consciousness and bliss other than going through the penances and the paths recommended by our shastras and seers;

6. Until this happens, I suppose, one must keep going through life YEN KEN PRAKREN>



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