Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Dear Shri Katariaji,

Thank you for arranging a conference call with honourable Dr. Swamyji on July 2nd and I hope to attend it. I also wish to pose the following question to him and if he would be kind enough to answer it to dispel my pessimistic view for the future of Hinduism, especially in India:-

1. If we look at the history of India for the past one thousand years or more, we find that Moslems initially invaded India with the active help of our Hindu kings, who were divided and fighting against each other and then the Moslems started to make their hold on India

2. Hindu religion is a religion of peace, non-violence and forgiveness. Mostly it is an other- worldly religion and this world is just a dream world, fleeting and not a real one. This basic philosophy of Hindus makes them a coward. Moreover, they are very much divided as always and in spite of our religious teachings they only want to make their life comfortable here and making money by being servile rather than make sacrifices for the religion.

3. Hindus think and believe that some day a Kalki avtar like Bhagwan Krishna will come and will destroy all the evil ones and save good ones, i.e. Hindus from their slavery of invaders.

4. With the present government, which is only interested in continuing its rule by hook and crook, and acting against the laws and constitution, is very well entrenched and is unlikely to go away for hundreds of years unless a miracle happens! The govenrment sees its continuation by supporting minorities and converting to Islam and to Christianity and doing as much harm to Hindus as possible.

5. Just because Hindu religion is very good and ethical one, the world will not leave it alone and all the vultures of the world will, destroy your religion and eat the country and this is what happened to Afghanistan, etc. and the same is going to happen to India.

6 The cancer of Islam/christianity has already taken over more than half the world and it will not be before long that the rest of the world will be swallowed by these two religions.

7. Kindly advise what and how Hindus have hope of saving their religion and saving India from the clutches of Islam and Christianity, particularly from the former one.

8. It is requested that a write-up of the talk given by Swamyji and of questions and answers is circulated after the event. Thank you.

Thank you and Bhagwan aapki raksha karein.



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