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Direct interference of Turkey in Israel’s internal affairs proves once again that ISLAM IS A GLOBAL THREAT. It is a far more dangerous threat to FREE WORLD than the NAZIS.

With regard to the Palestinian refugees one ought to ask, “Since the Muslim acts of aggression, attacks, invasions and massacres, a constant feature of the world history since the birth of Mohammed in Mecca, have displaced a million times MORE people from their homes where do we find these refugees? The Muslim attack on India in 1947 alone created over FIFTEEN MILLION refugees. Where are they?

Palestinian refugees have been deliberately and maliciously perpetuated in that state over generations due to ISLAMIC hostility against any State that is non Muslim, as in the case of belligerent Pakistan and peace loving India that wants to be left alone. Now it is the tiny State of Israel that is attracting the “swarm of Islamic and Arab Islamic wasps”. All she wants is to be left alone. Not one Islamic State, including Iran and Pakistan, is prepared to take even one Palestinian refugee from there.

There are two reasons: Firstly the rock like inertia of the Muslims who can only produce more children and live on plunder & loot or international dole and food supplies. Secondly the uncontrollable expansionist drive of Islam fuelled by the violent & separatist teachings of KORAN.

Bulging and overflowing surplus Muslim populations everywhere are fighting for “LEBENSRAUM” (territory). Hence they are a threat to world peace no less severe than posed by Hitler.

The propensity of TURKS for invasion, aggression, murder, mayhem and expansion is UNLIMITED. Aggression has always been in Turks’ blood. They are the "Rottweilers" of the world.

Soon after Mohammed’s death his followers lashed out madly in all directions. The only book they were allowed to read was KORAN that put JIHAD deep in their heads.

The followers of Mohammed overpowered the Turks, forcibly converting them to Islam. With their new zeal and fanaticism the Turks advanced eastwards, overrunning Iran and India. They sacked Delhi, massacred every Hindu in sight and demolished every temple in 1192 when the world had not even heard of America.

In Europe they invaded country after country and subjugated the Christians in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania. The Muslims overran Spain and came up to the middle of France. They laid siege to VIENNA in 1683.

The Byzantine Empire fell to the Turks in 1453 and the Greeks remained under the Ottoman Turkish rule for nearly 400 years. Christians then united against Islam, gathered guts and courage, and pushed the Turks back to where they belong.

One billion Hindus under the “foot of Italy & the terror of Islam” in Bharat have not reached that stage yet even in dream.

Now sensing weakness in America under a Muslim President the Turks are in resurgence again. So far America has managed to keep Turkey in check by pumping millions of dollars into her every year.

Turkish turnabout is exactly like that of the Taliban in Afghanistan who were initially funded, armed, fed and wooed by America to fight the Russians.

Older readers will recall that during their rule over India the British, too, used to "buy" the savage frontier tribes of Pathans in Waziristan and NWFP in the same way. Now the Pakistani army is getting a "bloody nose" in the same area.

Turkey is resurgent again due to another reason: Belligerent ISLAM, long held under check by her American equipped & funded armed forces, has re-discovered its old ambitions.

By directly stepping into Palestinian-Israeli conflict the Turks have a long range strategic view. They are trying to lay claim to Israel should the State collapse under onslaught by Iran and Syria, with some help from Mr. Obama whose core sympathy lies with Islam.

Given so much media hype and hoo ha over the casualties on one of the aid ships one may ask, "How is it that TURKEY is not being asked to vacate her AGGRESSION in Cypress?" Is the world collaborating before Islam? Turkey has shown NO respect to the UN Resolution on vacating her aggression in Cyprus but expects the same UNO to condemn Israel!

The occupation of Greek island of Cyprus, and the loss of life and property during that brutal invasion, defying all international laws, far exceeds the death of nine provocateurs who died at the hands of Israeli army while approaching the ONLY Jewish State on earth despite warnings not to do so.

There is ALSO not much uproar in our British Parliament over the murder of HUMAN RIGHTS of the KURDS in Turkey itself nor over the ongoing persecution of non Muslim minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh that are members of Commonwealth. Why? Is a Hindu's life in South Asia so dirt cheap and a Sikh's life EVEN CHEAPER?

Who is talking about bringing Lahore and Nankana Sahib back to India? These towns were unconditionally surrendered to Islam in 1947 by India's very own "Traitor of Millennium" Pandit JL Nehru. He was lucky to escape public lynching while his mentor MK Gandhi paid with his life (30th. January 1948)

With regard to Palestinian refugees one ought to mention the two million Hindus and SIKHS murdered and the 15 MILLION REFUGEES forced out of their homes by the PAKISTANIS in 1947. The world ought to take up THEIR CASE, TOO, to enable them to get back to their homes and lands in Pakistan.

The reason for not many Hindus and Sikhs to press their claim like the Palestinians is the beastly savage nature of the Muslim State of Pakistan where a non Muslim returning to claim his ancestral house will be HACKED TO DEATH immediately.

Furthermore, no ISLAMIC constitution anywhere on earth is in accordance with the UN HUMAN RIGHTS CHARTER, a Charter that enjoins EQUALITY of all religions and both sexes?

The persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh also goes UNNOTICED by the world. There are no "peace" convoys seen sailing to Chittagong and no arms being smuggled to the Hindus in Karachi and Kashmir.

Britain, instead of condemning the flotilla sailing towards Israel, should ask the 52 ISLAMIC REPUBLICS on earth to accept these Palestinians so that Israel could live in peace.

The proposed Palestinian State, as we ought to know, will NEVER rest in peace or be a good neighbour of Israel like the Czech Republic and Slovakia or Canada and the United States. What peace has cowardly appeasing INDIA got from her INDIGENOUS Muslims after surrendering FIVE provinces unconditionally to them in 1947? Now encouraged by India's weakness and collapse they want even DELHI.

Being MUSLIM the Turks will always have the "chip" of JIHAD in their heads to guide their brains towards INSANITY and AGGRESSION.

Special appeal to "BROKEN" Bharat (India): "Do not let GLOBAL ISLAM intimidate, terrorise or threaten ISRAEL. Support Israel and BE SEEN doing so because YOU ARE THE NEXT."

If Israel falls all the Hindus in PARTITIONED INDIA, already feeling INSECURE & sitting like an orphan in the lap of the Italian born "Mother of Nation" Sonia, will perish within days.


3 June 10.



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