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[IndianVoice] Denunciation of Indian Citizenship

Srinivasan Sashti Wed, May 19, 2010 at 8:52 PM
Reply-To: "H.S.A.Narayana"

Subject: Denunciation of Indian Citizenship
Date: May 19, 2010 11:44 PM
Dear Friends,

I was in for a rude shock when I applied for 10-yer multiple entry visitor visa for my wife to the Indan Consulate in Houston, Texas, under whose jurisdiction we live. We are U.S. citizens having become one, like hundreds fo thousands of many in the U.S., U.K. and other countries of the World. People of Indian Origin! Many,many, many years ago!

My wife was asked to File an Application renouncing her Indian citizenship, pay an application fee for renunciation of US$175.00, in addition to the Visa Application Fee that we already made with our application; we were told that the previous procedure of obtaining a Tourist Visa has been changed as of 18 May 2010, in that all NRIs wishing to travel to India, must seek an Entry Visa (rather than a Tourist Visa), which now has been restricted to:

(a) one time entry - Single Entry Visa
(b) one year multiple entry - Entry Visa
(c) five year multiple entry - Entry Visa
(d) 10-yer Multiple Entry has been dropped!

The fee for Multiple Entry Visa for five years has been increased to US$223.00. Up until that time, it used to be $175.00 for a 10-year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa! The fees has actually been doubled

We were also required to furnish with the Application the last issued and used Indian Passports! In most cases, people are required to surrender the Indian Passports to the U.S. Immigration at the time of one's Naturalization as a U.S. citizen. Some people have discarded their old Indian passports, 10-15-20 years ago, since they thought the old passports would never be required. Fortunately, in our case,we had saved it!

In case you have not discarded your old Indian Passports or relinquished it to the U.S. Immigration at the time of "Swearing-in" for Naturalization process, please save them, because the next time you go to renew your entry visa to India, you will be asked to file the Renunciation Application of your Indian Citizenship, pay a $175 filing fee for such renunciation and then send them the old Indian Passport to prove that you were formerly an Indian citizen!

We felt like we were being held "over the barrel" by the Indian Government by fleecing the NRI's from banishing them from entering into India! (by making them pay $175 towards renunciation fee!

Where does this leave all the NRI's (citizens of U.S.A., U.K., European Countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada), of Indian origin?. I thought the Expats were being lured to become Non-Resident Indian citizens with a Card that permitted them to stay longer (beyond six months) in India, enter into India freely without a visa, to bring in foreign investment climate and all that?

If persons of Indian origin, holding foreign citizenship are now required to renounce their Indian citizenship, where does it leave US, and other Expatriate Indians, the World over?!

I would welcome some G.O., that the Ministry of External Affairs may have issued in this regard for the enlightenment of all Expats the World over!

Welcome back to India, renouncing your Indian citizenship! ExPats! You'll soon be issued a New Card called terming all of us as "Renounced Indian Citizens" (RIC's)! for which you will be charged an application fee of $500.

V. Srinivasan
3614 Columbia Boulevard
Garland, Texas 75043
tel: 1-972 840 3495

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