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[aryayouthgroup] Why Hindus are not powerful when compared with people beloning to other faiths ?

vasudeva rao Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 5:19 AM

Hinduism and Hindu Society would have been strong like granite and sweeping if the Hindus had only listened to the sane advise of Swami dayanand. What Bal Thackery wished would have been a reality. But alas, neither the Shivsena, nor RSS nor other Hindu organisations are in favour of that healthy development and no wonder Hinduism is one of the weakest religions in the world today. Only God could save the Hindus but God saves only those who help themselves.
--- On Sun, 6/6/10, sovani106 wrote:

From: sovani106
Subject: [aryayouthgroup] Why Hindus are not powerful when compared with people beloning to other faiths ?
Date: Sunday, 6 June, 2010, 9:31 PM

Hello & Namaskar to all of Arya Youth Group on Yahoo ! :

If some were to ask me which is the weakest religion in the world 'AS ON THE DATE', the answer would be undoubtedly 'Hindu' religion. Let us accept this reality !

We are part of the loosely knit group of people, which is 'aimless', 'directionless' and it has no leader, who can lead it from the front.

What we terribly lack is the 'aim' and 'objective', in short we are like a boat whithered in a storm and its sailor does not know which way to go. He has no control over it. He is at the mercy of both, sea, wind and Almighty, i.e. The God. !

Somebody said the other day, if India requires to be a prosperous nation, more than a good prime minister, it requires a 'spiritiual leader' who can lead to its countrymen a proper path.

How many of you are aware, that India is one of the most corrupt (and also inefficient) country, as per the report prepared Berlin based NGO, Transparancy Inetrnaitonal.

When a country is regarded as a corrupt, that means, its countrymen are corrupt and its only because of lack of 'Samskaras' (proper upbringing). When India is dubbed as (one of the) corrupt nations, it indirectly indicates that Hindus are corrupt and the reason behind is that is improper upbringing, without any aim and objective. We Indians are have no love for the country and we have no national spirit, but we have regional or linguistic spirit.

There is no point in hiding the truth, we are the most disorganized society, thanks to castes, creeds, religions, etc. The concept of 'Unitiy in diversity' is a fraud concept, propounded by Jawaharlal Nehru. We Indians never know or recognize ourselves as Hindus, but we go by our mother tongues, or by East, West, North & South concepts.

The kind of discipline which one sees in Christians and Muslims (no point in denying it for the sake of denial,let us accept some good facts of people belonging to other faiths too !), that is totally absent in our religion. See the way in which they line up for the prayers and kind of peace and serenity which they maintain while offering the prayers to the good.

On the other hand, see the cacophony of our Hindus. It is just difficult to pray in any Hindu temple, given he noise we create. One wonders, whether our Gods would be hear our prayers and agonies, before deciding to shower blessings on us !

The amount of seriousness, composure, firmness, sincerity, etc. which we see in the people belonging to other faiths, when they revere the God during the prayers and the manner in which we Hindus hackle, burst, make noisy sounds, etc. merely shows a very casual attitude on our part in enlightening the God. ! Even while seeking for ourselves, we are neither faithful with ourselves and nor with the God !

I am afraid, its the concepts of 'uniqueness of God' and a single 'Holy Book' makes Christanity and Islam, more united, powerful, organized than we Hindus. When would we take a lesson from this. ?? or Never ??

On the other hand, we have 33 crores creations (rupas) of Gods, which makes us lesser organized. There is not a single 'Holy Book', which can be ascribed as the 'only Hindu religious' scripture. We have a plenty of books and plenty of incarnations !

Some times, too much of freedom is bad ! It may not sound good, when the person to whim the freedom is conferred is not able to understand the significance of it and how best he has to use and utilize for his own end, progress and prosperity.

Just few months back, a Marathi daily 'Saamana' edited by Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray, had carried a front page photograph of Muslim brethren lined up in perfection while offering prayers on the eve of Ramzan. He himself had questioned, when Hindus are going to be so disciplined while performing the prayers.

We people are mad to take Darshan of the God. We beat the drums, mridunga, dholki, counch, etc. to awaken the God, because we presume that he is asleep. If we accept that he is awake, then such kind of awaking by sound, noise is not required.

Look at the Hindu devotees killed in the stampede in Hindu temples. Every year, we have two or three tragedies in the country in which hundreds of lives aer lost. Because of this mad rush to have a Darshan of the God. We are in so hurry to have it and pray to him, as if we were to be late, then God will vanish from the temple and we might loose his blessings.!!

We Hindus just buy the God by alluring him to offer gold, silver, laddos, pedhas, sweets, etc. We lack trust and faith on our abilities.

Having bought up in the cosmopolitan society, without giving up any tradition of our Hindu culture, traditions, rituals, etc. I can make this statement, with greater seriousness and sincerity.

If India were to have half a dozen spiritual leaders of the calibre of Swami Vivekananda, then we would have been different nation today.

Unless, we have a good aim and objective, we can't have a good thought and unless, we have a good thought, our actions and movements can't be good. All that we are behaving is without any proper thought, motive, intention and planning.

We Hindus abhor the idea of looking back at the history of the past few centuries, more so from 1000 AD onwards, which is full of intrusions on the Hindu soil, which is full of blood shed, defeat and every things.

Handful of Muslim invaders from the West and from the North could invade India due to their unity, aim, purpose and planning, this is what we terribly lacked and we lost territories after territories and thus we gave virtually Green (not red) carpet to Mogul invaders.

Our history is very bitter and I am afraid our future too is not going to be sweet, but in fact it would be testless, since we are unable to comprehend and sense the 'present'.

There are many Hindu organizations which have good aims and objectives, but these bodies resist and presumably avoid any discussion about our sordid past, more so after Mogul invasion and they are over proud of glories Hindu Dharma in the era of Ramayan and Mahabharat. At that time, it was the only religion in the world with no one to compete with.

Though I agree with the most of the thoughts posted by you great men, have a serious look and thinking, which I wish to propound ! Only thing, you must have an open mind, to accept that our past is a bitter truth, then only you can think of sweet future !

Your comments are most welcome.

Wishing you all the best for kicking up a very good discussion.

Ganesh Sovani
Mumbai, India.

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At 6:34 AM, Blogger abhigo86 said...

Hinduism will die fast in coming 100 years coz hindus arw weak and can be ruled easily

Anyone can conquer hindus , mughals, englishmen , portuguese are some examples, so weak religion is mirror of weaker hindus.

even we hindus are poor too, worlds most poor people are in our country

can you name any country which can call themselves as hindu
or a "hindu country":

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