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The concept of destiny in Vedas is completely different. The same is echoed in other philosophies of East also with minor differences. The salient points are as follows:

a. Soul is not created by Ishwar. It is eternal, unborn and undying.

b. Thus, Soul, Ishwar and Nature have always existed together and are all unborn and undying.

c. Soul keeps taking birth till they do not get rid of all ignorance and achieve Moksha or ultimate bliss.

d. Soul is somewhat free to do its actions and bound by laws of Ishwar to face the consequences.

e. The type of acts that a soul does (karma)- thoughts, words and acts – develop tendencies of mind (Sanskaars). As per these Sanskaars, they face the fruits of their karma.

f. Thus if a soul strives to purify its karma, it gradually creates a more favorable environment for its progress and prosperity.

g. The key to this process of purification is to listen to what is commonly called ‘voice of soul’ which protests when we do something wrong through feelings of fear, shame or doubt; and encourages us when we do something good through feelings of satisfaction, enthusiasm and peace. (This is not to be confused with mindless urges for material satisfaction)

h. Hence the discrepancies and anomalies in the world, and whatever that happens in the world with us are not due to whims of Ishwar. They are merely fruits of our own actions or karma as per unchangeable and completely uniform laws of Ishwar devoid of any favoritism. Hence all souls are exactly equal in all respect in terms of their competence and mentoring by Ishwar.

i. Ishwar is unchangeable and never deviates from his laws. So if a crooked is on wrong path, it is due to his own karma and not due to Ishwar’s whim. Further, each soul has the potential to reach Moksha regardless of its current state of ignorance.

j. The only way to achieve Moksha or bliss is through removal of ignorance. The only way to remove ignorance is through efforts. The only way to put these efforts is to perform actions. Thus soul needs mind, intellect, body and world to perform these actions. That is the purpose of this creation.

k. Just as soul, Ishwar and nature are eternal, similarly creation and destruction are also eternal processes. It is not that Allah decided one moment that he should create and then said “Fay Kun”!

l. There is no permanent Hell or Heaven. Deviating from path of good is Hell and striving on path of knowledge is Heaven. Thus everything is a continuous process. There is neither a permanent Paradise full of virgin girls, nor their is a permanent oven called Hell.

In fact beliefs in such superstitions and desires for such material pleasures are cause of miseries and grief, as per Vedas.

Muslim brothers and sisters should objectively evaluate the dogmas of false Quran that they have got trapped into, free their minds, and return to the path of Vedas, which is their original and only reliable passport to the true Heaven.

That is the only way to free their destiny from clutches of Lohe-Mahfooz and its author, and shape their own future of bliss!

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0 Vote up Vote down Jilani · 3 days ago
Agniveer bhai,

right in the starting you mentioned that
"The Islamic belief is that whatever happens in world, good or bad, is due to will of Allah"

Well...Not a single bad will be with Allah's will. Allah never wills us to do bad. If we will to do good He will help, if we wish to do bad He never wills it rather He'll let you do it. Since this world is a test.
If we intended to do a good thing, or righteous deed He'll guide us and He'll show us the path.

May be you are taking the Islamic belief in other way. The above statement you quoted (which I quoted above), should be like this

"Whatever happens tomorrow, or day after tomorrow, or a year later ...Allah knows it ahead of the time irrespective of it is bad or good".
"He knows what we do (Good or Bad) with every single creation".
It is simply like "You know what your close friend or dad or mother or brother or wife will do if they get 1 Lakh rupees" don't you?

Allah knows every one's destiny ahead of the time. But yes He'll change it if we really want to change our destiny.
Small thing we have to understand here.
He'll change it if we really wants to change, but He knows whether we really wish for it or not. Based on this everything is written in LOHE MAHFOOZ.

But Yes, we still can change our destiny.

I'll tell you one incident happen in Prophet Mossa's Time

"There was a lady during the time of Prophet Musa. She was married but she didn't have a child. When She asks Prophet Musa to pray to Allah for her. Prophet Musa requests Allah to give children to that lady.
Allah Says to Prophet Musa that in her destiny she won't have children. but after couple of months or so, Prophet Musa see's that lady and he wonders that that lady got a child. Prophet Musa asks Allah, How it is possible. Allah Sayst to Prophet Musa that She prayed in such a way I should have to change here destiny."

You know if we really wants, we can change our destiny (If Allah wills). But Allah knows the fact that that lady will ask for the baby and He'll change her destiny ahead of the time.

" Muslim brothers and sisters should objectively evaluate the dogmas of false Quran that they have got trapped into, free their minds, and return to the path of Vedas, which is their original and only reliable passport to the true Heaven. "

Thank You very much for your invitation.

I follow my belief you follow yours. I believe in Qoran and you believe in Vedas. I never rejected or claimed Vedas are fake or completely fiction. And let us wait for some time, one day we all have to go to see the God, He'll judge who was on right track who are not..
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1 reply · active 3 days ago 0 Vote up Vote down Vik · 3 days ago

Brother, how can you say life is a test? Suppose a woman gets raped, who is GOD testing? the woman being raped OR the man raping her? If the man, why would GOD put that man such a disgusting TEST? if a woman, then why would he throw that woman in such a position where she is helpless and will further refuse to live life happily?

brother, in your religion, i have even heard if a kafir embraces islam, all his her sins prior to conversion will be automatically forgiven since this person is now a muslim and he she as an empty account balance starting from zero since he she is now muslim.

Brother, suppose this kafir has commited so many sins including murder, rape, and robbery, how can Allah just forgive all that just because she he has become muslim?

If this is true, then its funny. We can commit all the enjoying sins we want and then embrace islam so GOD can forgive us, brother please think logically, just like how a customer is lured to join a new company when they lure him with countless benefits similarly, the arab authors of quran want to expand this religion by telling you all your sins will be forgiven. On contrary, if you leave islam, you will be killed. Brother, islam is like a GANG, ur free to join, but if u think of leaving, it will cost you ur life.

Brother please grow up, islam is nothing but a joke in the name of religion.
Report Reply 0 Vote up Vote down Arya Musafir · 3 days ago
Brother, everything has already been written in LOHE MEHFOOZ. Can anybody act against it? If not, then there is no freewill for souls, and if yes then knowledge and writing of Allah will get changed. But Quran states that there can not be any change in lohe mehfooz, hence we are bound to think and act the way lohe mehfooz contains. Allah says that He could have made everyone noble but He did not do so because He has to fill the hell. What is the freewill do we have in this case when we are meant to fill hell?

Brother, think about the questions asked in the article. Dont try to answer anything which you have no answer for. Read the article carefully before writing here because all your points have already been refuted in the article.