Thursday, May 28, 2009


Police Body Language..!
In a daring daylight robbery this week, four burglars struck at the Air India cargo complex adjacent to the Mumbai domestic airport and escaped with 145 kg of gold and silver coins totally worth about Rs 56 lakhs!

Below the news item is a picture of the police leaving for the scene of the crime. Just look at the picture; at their body language, there isn’t the slightest urgency in their movements; you’d think after a crime of this magnitude right there inside the airport, you’d have cops running, guns blazing, jeep engines roaring, a chase and a shootout, with men rushing to intercept the robbers.

Nothing of that sort; what is rather interesting however is what the police inspector is carrying in his hand as he leaves the police station; not a gun, nor a lathi, but a file, a note pad and his ready pen; no guns to attack but hands ready to make a report.

His movements are like that of any other government employee on his way for an outdoor assignment, not too happy to leaves the confines of a cool office, but moving out nevertheless with the thought of making a quick buck then heading straight home for a snooze.

But hush, this is no ordinary government employee; this is a policeman, someone who’s been trained to guard the citizens of his country and their possessions.

His body language speaks otherwise.

Just imagine the scene at that police station when someone rang them up to say the airport is being burgled: “Police! Police! Is that the police?”
“Arrey jhor say bath karo!”

“Police! Police the airport is being robbed!”

“Louder speak you!”

“The airport is being robbed!”

“Why you are shouting, say once again I am writing it down, which airport?”

“How many airports are there Mumbai?”

“You are fighting with me? I am putting down the phone!”

“Police armed robbers are robbing the airport!”


“Yes armed!”

“Have they gone?”

“Not yet, but if you will come quickly…”
“Have they gone?”

“Not yet, but they have started their car, come quickly!”

“Have they gone?”

“Yes they are getting away! Will you come now?”

“Now I will inform my superior and we will come and make a report, do not go away, we need to question you and will also have to take you into police custody!”

“Police custody? Me?”

“Don’t shout, otherwise we will use third degree on you, now put your hands up on the telephone and wait for us! We will be there in half an hour after we eat our khanna..!”

Don’t blame me for writing this; anybody looking at the picture of that cop strolling out to catch the Mumbai Airport robbers would have imagined the scene I’ve just portrayed.!

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