Friday, May 29, 2009


Bharat J. Gajjar

May 29, 2009

Dear Editor,

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Bharat J. Gajjar

It Is Difficult To Defeat Congress

It is difficult to defeat congress if Hindus refuse to vote. The statistics say 84% of the Indian population is Hindu and only 20% of them voted in the last election. In India there is a 13% Muslim population and 90% of them voted in the election. Out of the 3% Christian population, 90% voted. The Dalit Hindus also voted for congress but I do not have the statistics on them. In any case, if Hindus don’t go out and vote for BJP, it is difficult for BJP to win.

If BJP wants to win in the next election in 2014, they have to have a creative solution to this problem. The following are some ideas that I have:

1. In the USA the parties have a “Get out and vote campaign.” This will help a great deal. BJP should do this utilizing different modalities of media.
2. BJP should start a voting club where members promise to vote in the next election.
3. BJP lost because Rajasthan, Delhi, Andra Pradesh, Kerla and West Bengal voted for the Congress Party. Now BJP has to make themselves stronger in those states.
4. BJP should not worry about Muslims and Christians but make Hindus into a stronger party. Muslims and Christians are not going to vote for them, so it is useless to believe that they will. They should focus on Hindus and strengthen their own party if they want to win.
5. India should have only a two party system if they want to have a good strong government. People should stop voting for the small independent parties.
6. 80% of the news media is in the hands of foreigners and Christians. BJP needs to start a Hindu TV channel or news media to have their voice heard.

Hindus are seeing democracy as their birthright and for taking it for granted. They do not value their freedom; this is the reason they do not bother to vote. They do not understand that Congress is Anti-Hindu and is promoting Islam and Christianity. This will do great damage to India. Hindus need to wake up from their laziness and delusions that everything will be just fine.

In Pakistan there was a 20% Hindu population, which were kicked out, now there is a 1% Hindu population left. In Bangladesh the 40% Hindu population has been reduced to 10%. The statistics say that in fifty years Muslims will be the majority in India. They do not believe in living with anybody else. When they become the majority and kick out all the Hindus, where are they going to go? Nobody wants Hindus in their country. Please understand that in this world there is no place for the weak, only the strong survive. The weak and stupid must die. I hope Hindus wake up and take charge of their lives and destiny. I hope they don’t continue to depend on a foreign, white, catholic woman to take care of them.

Bharat J. Gajjar


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