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Time to divide Pakistan?
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The Problem
By Vijaykumar S Kasi

It is difficult to comprehend why some people resort to terrorism.

One of the main reasons put forward — economic failure — is no excuse to pursue the path of terror. There are many extremely poor nations and societies that struggle for a better future in a peaceful and non-violent way.

For decades, a significant section of Pakistanis have chosen the wrong path. Terrorism has become an institution in Pakistan, and has widespread support. Its army and intelligence services consider it a strategic weapon. After each terrorist strike, the Pakistani government cleverly dodges international pressure by temporarily clamping down on terrorism until the focus shifts away. It never completely eliminates this menace. As a consequence, this small region has now become the most dangerous place on the planet.

Pakistan was created by the British in 1947 as they hastily departed the Indian subcontinent. Its boundaries are incompletely defined and the state is largely unstable. The Durand line, Kashmir, Sir Creek and Siachen are examples of poorly demarcated borders.

From past experiences, it is clear that trusting the Pakistan Army or government to have a change of heart is simply naive. Believing that a resolution of the Palestinian or Kashmir problem will end terrorism is another utopian naiveté.

A long term solution has to be found to tackle the menace of terror, even if it means dividing Pakistan. Here is the reason why it may be our best and last option unless Pakistan rapidly dismantles the terror infrastructure. There is no other solution to this problem, irrespective of what pundits and experts may say.

Imagine how much more dangerous Pakistan would have been if it included Bangladesh. Terrorists would have complete control of entire South Asia. If India did not help in the creation of Bangladesh in 1971 it would have been really in a desperate position now — struggling for its very survival.

We have to ensure the security for our children in India and the world over. Implementing the plan for restructuring Pakistan will undoubtedly be painful and expensive in terms of precious lives lost and considerable economic damage. We should be prepared to pay this price for a better future for all our children. It will involve international cooperation and meticulous planning. Now is the time to rise to the call of duty and not vacillate.


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