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[aryayouthgroup] Appeal for Regime Change in India

nkk1113 Sat, Feb 7, 2009 at 9:22 PM
To: Rana Kumar

Appeal for Regime Change in India
01/02/2009 11:16:34

An Appeal to Hindu Voters, Leaders and Activists

Subject: For India 's Sake do not forget 26/11 and Holocaust of Hindus -- defeat forces Leading India toward Mughalistan; defeat Sonia- Singh regime and elect a new nationalist and dynamic Leadership.

Respected Hindu voters, Public and Activists,Aadarniya Hindu Leaders;

The well planned and well executed Pak-commando attack on Mumbai's land marks on 26/11 by a dozen terrorists while keeping the city paralyzed and holding it at ransom for three days, killing and injuring hundreds, supported by hundreds of fanatic Trojan local Muslims, has exposed the pathetic vulnerability and imminent threat to India's security. For terror masters it is a continuation of the thousand year old ongoing crusade for holocaust and genocide against Hindus and campaign for converting Hindustan into an Islamistan. The policies of the Sonia- Singh regime turning India into a soft state and granting special privileges to Muslims as a reward for their tacit loyalty to congress has made them even more daring and aggressive. The lack of response for punishing the enemy involved in the crimes of 26/11 is also a stark reminder of the regime's ill conceived and virtual pursuit of " Hindi- Paki bhai bhai" policy, like Nehru- Krishnan Menon facade of "Hindi- Chini bhai bhai" culminating into the disastrous Chinese invasion of 1962.

The Hindu majority of India must realize that it is a civilizational war against their way of life and liberty and they must assume charge and play a leadership role by uniting and defeating this Islamists proxy regime in the upcoming elections. If the current regime continues to be in the saddle, the probability of India 's weakening structure and disintegration will enlarge.

This dire situation must serve as a call to thousands of patriotic Hindus for plunging into the political arena and stake their lives and careers like 'Unnikrishnan' for ousting the ineffective, confused and selfish politicians. Such characters must be replaced by effective leadership believing in "country before every thing" and state support for "need not creed". Such an initiative will eventually eliminate the vote bank politics and the reservation mania and give rise to a truly democratic system. The armed forces by themselves cannot effectively defend the nation when unscrupulous politicians make illogical and anti national decisions of far reaching consequences.

1) Pakistan's diabolical plan against India goes well beyond the 26/11 terrorist strikes in Mumbai: The most reliable reports from Pakistan reveal that the ISI has circulated two secret maps in the army to boost their morale giving them 2020 as the target year for achieving the destabilization of India. In one map it indicates a drastic change of the topography of Mumbai, turning the metropolis into 'Muslimabad' by 2012. Another map of India targets the entire North India, converting it into 'Islamic Republic of Pakistan' by 2020, leaving South India as disputed territory and treating Bangladesh , Sri Lanka and Nepal as its neighboring countries (attachment A). Such a glaring plan of subversion could not be ignored as ideas of some fringe fanatics, after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

2) Hindus must not forget their Holocaust and be proactive to protect their turf: "Islam's jihad against Hindustan is a gory record of millions killed, of burnt temples, libraries and entire cities. In his Growth of Muslim Population in India, Prof KS Lal estimates that the Hindu population decreased by 80 million between 1000 AD and 1525 AD, an extermination unparalleled in world history. This number is overwhelming but then the Hindu genocide, unlike the Jewish Holocaust, happened in painfully-regular installments.

'Hindu Kush' is a good example of one such installment. The conquest of Afghanistan in 1000 AD saw the annihilation of its entire Hindu population. Even today, this region is known as the 'Hindu Kush', which literally means 'Hindu slaughter', proudly named by radical Islamists after that massacre. In 1399, Taimur killed 1, 00,000 Hindus in a single day,and the Bahamani Sultans made it a sacred religious duty to kill 1, 00,000 Hindus every year.

"It is tragic that thousands of educated and intelligent Indians seek to negate the Hindu Holocaust โ€”โ€” mostly unwittingly. That is partly the result of reading fabricated history right from childhood, and partly in an attempt to remaining politically correct. The unremitting flood of terror attacks against India ever since the UPA took over is thus a protraction of that centuries-old jihad. Only, in changed times, the intent of cultural genocide is manufactured in the offices of the ISI and Pakistani terror camps remain intact. Its perpetrators know how to express that intent with alarming regularity (Sandeep , attachment B).

3) India 's painful history and experience with inhumanities inflicted by Islamists can not be dismissed summarily. It is worth restating that the jihad against India is neither new nor does it show signs of stopping any time soon. Some of the treacherous examples of this genocidal history that should be pointed out to Islamists, media and the so called secularists who incessantly harp about Hindu fundamentalism - of Babri demolition and Gujarat riots - include:

a ) killing of 50-100 million Hindus during the 700 years of Islamists rule by terror, plunder, arson and building 98% of the Islamic population by committing criminal acts towards promoting forcible conversions;

b ) Wiping out more than 20,000 people in Calcutta by Islamists in 1946 to force partition on Congress;

c ) Elimination of millions of Sikhs & Hindus during the partition in 1947;

d ) Putting to death over three million Hindus in East Pakistan; driving out some 9 million Bangladeshi Hindus into India; and the illegal infiltration by an additional 30 million Bangladeshi Muslims;

e ) Expulsion of the entire Hindu-Sikh population from Kashmir and PoK;

f ) Ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan where they are now less than 1% reduced from over 25% in 1947. In Bangladesh where the non-Muslims were more than 30% in 1947 they have been reduced to less than 8%.

These one sided anti-Hindu crimes committed by Islamists do not justify India 's unconditional change of policy towards the Islamic state of Pakistan โ€“ the epicenter of Islamic terrorism, unless India too has a contempt for its population of which 85% is Hindu.

4) The Leaders and the public must beware of the Islamists subtle moves through the Sonia- Singh regime to have Aurangzeb like largesse :

a) That Muslims have the first claim on national resources;

b) Appointment of Sachar Commission for legitimizing the inadmissible treatment for Muslims;

c) Giving away Rupees 400 crores of mostly Hindu tax payers money for Hajj pilgrimage every year;

d) Making unjustifiable reservations in jobs, education and even in higher institutions of learning like IITs and IIMs;

e) Award for Muslim and Christian minority students of much higher rate of scholarships as compared with the SC and ST students (attachment C); and

f) According to news reports, the Union Human Resources Ministry is all set to grant madrassa certificates equal status with the CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education (attachment C), etc .

5) Yes, Sonia-Singh regime is the same anti- Hindu regime which is:

a) violating the faith of 100 crores Hindus by questioning the existence of Lord Ram and calling him a mythical being and by demolishing Ram Sethu to further inflict injury upon the majority community's faith and religious practices;

b) Letting states usurp temples and Hindu religious properties in an attempt to demolish the Hindu religious infrastructure;

c) remaining indifferent on the arrest of the most revered H.H. Kanchi Shankaracharya in Tamil Nadu;

d) Appeasing terrorists rather than dealing firmly with them. Such deliberate and lenient policy encouraged commando raid on Mumbai;

e) Concocting the phony idea of Hindu terrorism and arresting Sadhvi Pragya;

f) Enforcing religion based reservations and Hajj subsidies for Muslims in violation of secular constitution thus re-imposing Jazia tax on Hindus;

g) uncaring for masses as seen by large scale farmers suicides;

H) Unable to deal with China 's nibbling on Arunachal Pradesh;

I) remaining indifferent, inactive and silent on cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir ;

j) Entering far- reaching international treaties without Parliamentary and public consensus; and so on.

For the good of India, her civilization, her immense spirituality and culture, Sonia- Singh regime has to go and a government that thinks Indian, breathes nationalism and will protect its citizens must be voted to power. If we want to avoid another partition or Kurukshetra, we must recognize the dangers that engulf us and take proactive measures to avert them. If the current regime continues to be in power the probability of the collapse of the Indian state would greatly enhance.

6) Hindus must realize that it is a "civilizational war" against their way of life and their liberty by Islamists and therefore, they must assume charge, unite and defeat the Islamist's proxy regime in the upcoming elections. In view of what is going on, one fears if history is going to be repeated and if India may once again slip into the hands of forces inimical to democracy and secularism, who may rule as dictators enforcing their religious dogmas on Hindus. Failure to achieve a regime change could lead to dismemberment of the state and the repetition of the story of genocide, cleansing as in Kashmir and Pakistan . As always the Hindu women could become a target for Muslim lust and harems. For SCs, STs and OBC's and for non- Muslim minorities, their special protection and aid might end and they may face annihilation as in Pakistan , Bangladesh and other Islamic states.

Given the fact that Islamists in India have set up more than 800 active cells (4,000 by some estimates), as admitted by the former Home Minister, the Jihadists have capacity to strike at India at will and with ever ready collaboration of Pakistan the Jihadist can fragmentize and dismember India with a relative ease. Under this scenario the Islamists and Pakistan jointly could choke India forcing her in agreeing to additional partitions.

7) India could disintegrate if Sonia-Singh regime is re-elected; the need of the hour is "regime change" and new Leadership: From this briefing it is evident that the Sonia- Singh regime cannot lead the country in the current challenging environment. The lack of understanding, lack of a national vision, lack of guts and use of the "divide and rule" policy for staying in power may be some of the grounds for entertaining this conclusion. The principal actors in this regime indulge in frequent violation of constitution and political bribery as seen by: a) special, unconstitutional privileges to Muslims and Christian for their votes; and b) the despicable spectacle of Sonia- Singh resorting to bribing some MPs with crores of Rupees or promise of giving them important positions on July 22, 2008 to win the confidence vote in Parliament. Such acts only encourage all round corruption and unethical conduct. The increasing demands and riots by Muslims and government readily acceding to the grant of uncalled for special privileges to them reminds of the pre 1947 situation that led to partition.

For survival and country's political integrity, Hindus as the majority community have a sacred duty and "dharma" to elect bold and visionary leaders in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections, who posses strength and determination to face the challenge and implement the fundamental secularist principles including of "one Law one Nation" and "Need not Creed" based state support.

8) The struggle for a change could be formidable and hard - One of the reasons for that being the politically corrupt alliance between the current administration and the vested interests of Muslims, Christians and Communists, who at this point in time enjoy a bumper harvest at the cost of the majority community. If Congress/UPA is allowed to remain in power for another five years, India could be weakened and could become a loosely interlinked group of independent states ruled by Muslims, Christians, Communists and their regional lords. The Indian media owned by foreigners will be too pleased to extend a helping hand in this process - tacit but undeclared dismemberment of India .

Under these circumstances, the transformed BJP/NDA could be a pragmatic and alternative governing force. This could be the last chance for the BJP and allies to assume the responsibility of national governance but before so doing it must commit itself seriously for among other things serving the interest of the majority. In view of its unfulfilled hopes and expectations during the past round of BJP led administration, there may be some reservations lingering on for its return but let us hope the party and its partners have learnt their lesson. If the Congress was afforded by the electorate so many chances despite its oft repeated failures to deliver the promises made to the general public, including the miserable performance by the current UPA administration led by it, endangering the very security and welfare of the Indian people, the BJP and its partners certainly deserve yet another chance

9) This formidable challenge can and must be met: When tens of thousands of concerned citizens engage and take up active roles, for electing a new Parliament and dynamic leaders for the country, this challenge can be met successfully. It may be necessary to leave everything aside for the next few months and invest time in this Electoral "Yajna", and find the suitable leaders to replace a failed government. They should select and elect leaders who could also be supported by the global Hindu community. If a black American could be elected the US President, there is no reason why a responsive and accountable Govt. representing the Hindu majority could not be elected in India . That would be best way of fulfilling the promise of the partition and establish the real "majority rule" in India .

The volunteers and their organizations who engage in the change process must be in it to win. Since Hindu votes are sacred and cannot be wasted therefore, the Hindu leaders particularly the Hindu religious leaders must not remain neutral or indifferent towards this process. They must understand that their silence and isolation helps only those who are engaged in depriving and denying Hindus their rightful role in governing India democratically, and who find their strength in keeping Hindus divided and disloyal minorities unjustifiably patronized.

In view of the new leadership of America and the continued belligerence of Pakistan , victory of nationalists at this critical juncture could be extremely constructive in reshaping the national and international policies of India . The unity exhibited by the citizens of India in the wake of the Amarnath Yatra agitation could be a guiding force for a massive movement involving men and women, young and old - all driven by a passion, dedication and vision of a new and United India with a powerful, effective and accountable government. Let the people unify for the rebirth of democratic India and thereby reject the counterfeit "Desh Netas".

Thanks for your time and appealing for your participation in this "Dharma Yudh" for achieving a regime change in India .

Dr. Jagan Kaul

Krishan Bhatnagar

Hindu Jagran Forum ( USA )

January 31 , 2009


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Attachment A

ISI plans 'Islamic Republic of Pakistan ' by 2020 in India
ANI; Tue, Jan 6 01:40 PM

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Attachment B

Remember the Hindu Holocaust
Sandeep B; Pioneer, Jan 05, 2009



Attachment C

Join madrasa, why sit for tough CBSE board exam ?

Manu V.

06/02/2009 03:23:47 Sonia the leader of Dhimmi's

Its no wonder that we see the current regime being soft on terror. Sonia is married to the son of a Muslim and of course and her children follow different religions though in the same family. No wonder the policy is against Hindu's.


02/02/2009 15:32:06 Discuss with Hindus

Discuss with Hindus and make them understand the reality. Let them understand the dangers they are getting into by Voting UPA and other convenience parties like CPM

Suresh Iyer

02/02/2009 04:43:35 lead by example

The hindus must work towards polarisation of votes as has happened in Gujarat.This is a slow process and the turn around cannot happen in a matter of days. One way of starting this process is for BJP to set an example in the states that it is in power.Although BJP ruled states are better administered as compared to the Islamic proxies,more needs to be done. Declare special privileges for Hindu majority and release all temple funds immediately for the welfare of Hindus.This will send the right message to the Hindus all over the country and the polarisation process can begin.It is of no use crying hoarse at the national level while we do not set an example at the state level and even village level. Only Halwa will buy the votes as they do with the jihadi votes.


02/02/2009 04:27:44 End the slumber

The grave situation in the country today is easy for any average hindu(non pseudo secular) to understand. What is lacking is a honest media to awaken them.The biggest hole in the campaign is the absence of a media to fight for the Hindu cause. All Hindu relegious leaders are showing the holier than thou attitude towards the rulers.The BJP on its part has no guts to declare that it is for the majority community.At present it has its feet in two boats. For eg;The party is not taking up issues like the madarasa education to the public.The pseudo secular media are managing the hindus by deceit.It is only thro'HK like portals that the message spreads. But these are just drops in the ocean.Pls appeal to all Hindus to atleast go out and vote as a first step.

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