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What cost Gandhism?
From: "shiv ram"
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008 09:40:15 +0530
Local: Thurs, Jul 3 2008 9:10 pm
Subject: What cost Gandhism?
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What did we get by being peaceful, non-violent, Gandhian. Our parents and
their parents followed Gandhism and Nehruism. What have they left us with?
Today a particular community can come out on the streets and change the
course of law, politics. What are we getting? Who is bothered about us?
Intimidation, bullying, mini-Pakistan, no go areas for Hindus and police
this is all that we are being faced with. If we would have done in 1947 what
VHP - BJP are doing now this country would have been a much better, safer
and terror free place to live in.

Amarnath row: Bandh hits life

*New Delhi:* It was a day of protests across India as the bandh called by
the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to protest against the cancellation of land
transfer to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) in Jammu and Kashmir
crippled many parts of the country.

The Jammu and Kashmir government may have averted one crisis by revoking the
transfer of land to the SASB, but in the process of placating one group, it
has antagonised the other group.

In Madhya Pradesh, which turned into the epicenter instead of Jammu ,four
people were killed in police firing in Khajrana. Bajrang Dal activists led
violent protests in Indore and many were later detained.

As protests continued to heat up, the BJP leading the agitation remained
firm on their stand blaming the Congress for the mess.

"The Congress is refusing to give land to Amarnath Shrine Board merely for
vote bank politics," senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu said.

And the place where it all started a week ago - Jammu - was not far behind
in suffering casualties. Two people were killed and several others were
injured in clashes.

The police resorted to lathicharge when protesters tried to block the
railway line in Kathua district with government officials facing the brunt.

"It's unfortunate these protests have taken such a turn. It's been given a
communal colour, a casteist colour and a regional colour, merely for
political gains," Ghulam Nabi Azad, Chief Minister, Jammu and Kashmir, said.

The protests also affected normal life in the Punjab and Delhi. BJP and
Vishwa Hindu Parishad supporters forcibly closed down shops in Jalandhar and

In Delhi, there were traffic jams after the DND - the main link between the
city and Noida - was severed due to protests.

Transport took a hit in Mumbai as well as buses were ransacked and shops
were shut down in Navi Mumbai.

The Western Express Highway was also blocked by protesters near Santacruz.
The protests across the country are likely to continue as the BJP has
extended the Jammu bandh for another three days.

Four persons were killed and 20 seriously injured in Indore on Thursday as a
nationwide bandh on the Amarnath land transfer controversy called by the VHP
and BJP turned violent, even as at least 25 people were hurt in protests
across Jammu region. ( Watch

Indore turned into a battlefield as saffron activists shouting
'pro-Hindutva' slogans faced off with members of the minority Muslim
community while trying to force a shut down across the city. Four persons
were killed in the resultant clash, forcing the police to lob teargas shells
and lathicharge the mobs.

Curfew was imposed in Malharganj, Chhatripura, Pandharinath and Khajrana
areas as violence spread. Another 1,000 policemen were called in from
neighbouring districts to control the violence.

Shops across India shutdown as violent mobs led by VHP and BJP supporters
burnt effigies and buses in
Lucknow and other cities. Road and rail traffic came to a standstill, with
schools shutting down due to fears that violence would spread.

In Jammu, which is on the boil since Tuesday, protesters defied curfew to
burn vehicles and clash with police. At least 25 people were injured taking
the total number of injured in the region to 100.

Five Amarnath pilgrims returning from the cave shrine to Jammu were injured
when some unidentified people stoned their vehicle at Banihal. At least 15
protesters were injured in clashes with cops.

Life was also hit in parts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, UP, Karnataka, Kerala,
Maharashtra, Assam and Jharkand, where incidents of stone pelting and road
blockade were reported prompting police to

But the bandh had little or no response in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and
Tripura. In Delhi, no untoward incident was reported but several arterial
roads were blocked. Shops and business establishments remained closed in
some areas. Incidents of stone-pelting and road blockades were reported in
parts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai and Thane and protesters damaged five
BEST buses, cops said.

Bhopal turned tense after saffron protesters tried to force their way into
the Muslim-dominated old quarters. During the clash that followed, a local
VHP leader was hit, worsening the situation. Two persons, including an RAF
jawan, were injured as the groups clashed in several locations.

In Amritsar, the bandh was complete with unruly mobs forcing the shutdown of
banks, chemist shops, petrol pumps, LPG cooking gas offices and roadside
kiosks. Meanwhile, in West
from disruption of train services in some areas and closure of market
at Burrabazar, life was was normal during the bandh. Buses, taxis and trams
were plying normally in Kolkata, police sources said.

In Bihar, the bandh evoked a mixed response, with rail traffic disrupted in
five towns — Bhagalpur, Muzaffarnagar, Darbhanga, Samastipur and Sasaram.
Patna was spared by the protesters, even as state police rounded up about
300 protesters who were released later in the day. Hyderabad reported stray
incidents of stone pelting on buses and clashes with the police. While 13
people were arrested for stone pelting, 31 BJP activists were arrested for
trying to force shops to close. In most parts of the city, schools and shops
remained shut.

In Doon Valley, all schools, colleges, markets and offices remained closed,
though essential services were exempted from the bandh. No incident of
violence was reported in Doon. In Karnataka, the bandh was near total and
peaceful in districts of Kolar, Mysore, Hubli and Mangalore, but made no
impact in Bangalore.
Business establishments were closed in these districts.

The bandh also evoked a mixed response in UP. Apart from a bus burnt in the
old quarters of Lucknow, the city remained peaceful with shops shut in the


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