Friday, June 20, 2008

INTERESTING, for a change:


It refers to Star-News one-sided TV story on a TV artist’s forced evacuation from her house together with her husband and their only grown-up son in teens when in-laws of the TV artist Leena Prabhu, sold their house to a builder with political background. We have certainly a welcome law now to make children take care of their aged parents. But at same time, how far it is logical that aged in-laws may be allowed to send their daughter-in-law on streets by selling the property to take revenge from usually observed sass-bahu conflict! If aged in-laws had some problem with their daughter-in-law, they should have taken timely police-assistance rather than using politician-builder nexus to take revenge. Case of Leena Prabhu is not an isolated one. There should also be a law so that aged persons may not be able to throw families of their sons on roads under influence of wrong elements.

Star-News channel should not have presented one-sided story against Leena Prabhu perhaps because she played a lead role in a popular TV serial of their competitive group’s fast-emerging channel NDTV-Imagine.


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