Sunday, May 11, 2008


Thank U , but will he ever transfer his ancestoral those ill-gotton , Sinful properties full of Blood of our Most dedicated Nationalists who laid their Lives so that I & you may breathe in Fresh FREE Independent India ?

If Yes, then at least at the fag end of his life now, he should transfer those properties to Government of India . Or he needs a reminder that NO ONE on earth can take even a needle with him when he departs from this world ?

In the same way, there are 100's of similar cases where our former Cruel British Masters had given away Precious Indian properties even to their smallest "Bavarchies/ Khansamas " & to the Informers & Killers who sided with those British Cruel Masters during Pre-independence days as well as before they Finally left India on or after 15th August , 1947, they had given 100's & millions Hectacres of our Precious Land & properties & Riyasats to their Stooges/ Chamchas , leaving about 769 free & Independent States within India , for which Our Sardar Patel had a tough time in Uniting with our Motherland, Bharatvarsh to an extent that when Late Mr K P Menon, his Secretary had visited Jodhpur State on his /Indian behalf, the Maharaja of Jodhpur had personally taken out his REVOLVER & wanted to SHOOT above Secretary / Ambassador of India before the full view of "HIS Darbar ", how he saved himself is a BIG story.............

All these & many more facts are recorded in the annuls of Indian History & transfer of Power & Amalgamation of Indian States in Government Library in "TEEN MURTY BHAWAN " at New Delhi . One cd go there & go thru those records incl. of our above present HRD Minister & verify my statement.

If our nation has become corrupt today , it is because of such people , who or their Forefathers were traitors to the nation & who had ammased ill-gotton money & Wealth by walking on the Blood of our Truly dedicated Nationalist, particularly Hindus.

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Union Minister for Human Resource Development Arjun Singh on being reminded about his ancestors getting monarchy of Churhat as prize to kill Indian freedom-fighters at gun-point for erstwhile British rulers, has said that one cannot choose his parents! But if he feels himself really ashamed for sinful acts of his ancestors, he can at least disown all his royal assets and properties inherited from his sinful ancestors by transferring these to government as national property!