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OBC Redesignated By SC As SEEB. Required Definition For Quota. Complex Decision. Ordinary Graduation Post Your
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OBC Redesignated By SC As SEEB. Required Definition For Quota. Complex Decision. Ordinary Graduation Is Considered Forward. Define Income Limit. Implementation Not Easy. Creamy ???- By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh New Delhi
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Declaration-Blog is based on personal observations & thoughts exclusively.
All political parties are happy that the provision respecting 27 % quota for OBC has been upheld by SC. Should you go through the details, a different complex picture is visible? More work is needed by the commission to unearth the creamy layers. The existing list is useless without detailed investigation.

1 Quota is allowed to SEEB Socially Educationally & Economically Backwards classes or castes.

2 All castes cannot be continued to be a part on the list for ever. Remove the people from castes who have already advanced.

3 A maximum annual limit of 2.5 lakh rupees was fixed in the past. Fix the annual income limit now. An ordinary graduation is a sufficient evidence to be called an educationally advanced.

4 Remove the names of all MPs present as well as past from the list. Help the people belonging to OB castes to let them join the schools. Extend all possible help at primary & secondary schooling.

5 Redefine creamy layer in all respects so that undue benefits are not availed by already advanced sections.
The government of bharat & all political parties have been very happy since 10.4.2008 after the sc verdict in favour of obc reservations was announced. The supreme court has just done what was necessary according to the provisions of the constitution of bharat. On the other hands, a big problem has been given to the government of bharat about to work on the definition of the creamy layer within the obc while the name of the obc has been altered to write as socially economically educationally backward class. Yes, politically, the upa has enough weapons to ask for votes in their favour but, for all practical purposes the job is not that easy as the court attacked the government for the absence of many necessary relevant laws. The order is not directly applicable. A lot more work is necessary.
Jai Bharat Vande Matram

1 The Thursday of 10.4.2008 brought a good news for UPA. UPA is enjoying. Communists are enjoying. Many other political parties are feeling happy. But what is the happiness for? Bharat has set its future that shall lack the quality within the human resources of the government staff at all levels. In Bharat, more than 50 % students as well as staff shall be from off quality standards that is not the requirement in 2008. The professors of Engineering & Sciences shall find the lectures communications difficult as more than half of the students should be from lower ranks. The speed of syllabus covering shall be considerably reduced. The availability of professors shall increase due to more than 50 % shall be from reservations. The education is going to be at stake. The most effected shall be from Engineering disciplines.

2 Even if we welcome the SC verdict that is to be respected in all circumstances keeping abreast the honour of the apex court, shall the subject classes be in a position to avail the benefits? It shall take decades for the relevant communities to avail the benefits to enter in to the higher education schools. Creamy layer that was intentionally included within the list by the government has been struck out by the court that being the major set back on the proposed law. All efforts in fact have gone into water. The maximum benefits could be driven by the creamy layer that does not exist on the list anymore. SC has asked the government to do a lot more work on the definition of creamy layer on the accounts of accepted standards of economy as well as education. The work on the two designs is very difficult & time consuming. The court advice states that any person who has earned any university degree must be considered an educationally advanced while the financial criteria as an income of 2.5 lakh rupees annually.

3 Evaluating the list based on these criteria, it shall not be that easy task for the government to reestablish the list if OBC. We all know that most of the people have passed degrees such as BA etc. The defined income too is not that high in this age. The creamy layer is a big problem now for the list. The list has to be made based on the surveys over the entire nation. The government shall not be able to work with the required intensity. The children of the present & past MPs have been ordered to be excluded from the list. It is dead sure that more than 50 % on the list might be from creamy layer. The others, who do not have adequate income, do not even send their children to schools. The court has specifically asked the government to make arrangements by enacting laws for the required necessary education for the poor children. What should we understand about this issue? It shall take many years to implement the quota.

4 Most people might have obtained false certificates for the jobs & now they shall not be in a position to avail the benefits of OBCs. What is the fun then in the order? It is just for political game to mislead the people to get their votes. According to the decision, a person with a monthly income of more than 25000 shall not be able to avail the benefit provided one has graduated. But I do not think that it is a general case. Most of the poor people have less income & they do not have the capacity to send their kids to primary schools. The questions to avail the benefits are far away. The most sufferers shall be those who had been fighting for the benefits but belong to creamy layers. Factually speaking, only a few percentages of the caste shall be able to derive the benefits.

5 Only beneficiary shall be the political parties in the general election this time to ask for vote in the name of OBC facility. I also do not think that even the true sections entitled for this facility shall be happy as no good genuine person desires to use an OBC tag after ones name. The cut off marks shall be separately set by the government for various types of admissions. It is almost impossible too join any Engineering Institution based on OBC as the JEE is to be passed but to study the entire syllabus, just belonging to OBC is not adequate. A hard work is required before appearing in the examination. Only those who have plenty of time & a good amount of money only can appear in the examination & can then avail a period of 4 to 5 years for studies otherwise, all efforts go waste. The same explanation is valid for medical studies.

6 The government shall take many years to enact laws for the extension of facilities in schools for books etc throughout the years. The funds have to be made available. Simply, provisions of books are not sufficient. Other facilities have to be provided. The children of most of the parent might be contributing for the earning. That has to be isolated from the student by any compensation directly or indirectly failing which the OBC factor cannot work. Then where do the OBC stand? I think that it is all political game & nothing else of course, it shall obstruct those classes who are merit based as the number of general seats would be reduced thought they are saying to augment the seats by the equal number of reservations but that looks to be not feasible..

7 The court has just done its job as it is supposed to do according to the provisions within the constitution. The UPA is calling the decision as historical. Yes, it is historical as it has ordered to throw out the creamy layer that is the main cause of reservation. The benefits can never go to ordinary layers as they are still far away from education. It is sure that those who are in creamy layer shall make another demand to enact one more law to include them as constitutional amendment. We know that politics can go to any extent that may be based on foolishness. The entire list has been required to be redone as it is a fake presentation. The court has done a good scrutiny on the quality of the work done by the commission & called the government to work heavily further to ensure that the benefits go to the real needy sections.

8 Practically speaking, the verdict is a blow to the government based on the foregoing considerations while superficially, it is making them happy. All knew very well that the SC cannot turn the law down due to constitutional restrictions & provisions. The OBCs have still to wait for a long time. They have to spend money & time for educating their children for schooling otherwise, the verdict is useless for all OBCs. Yes it is a definite blow to the merit based students & the reputation of the Institutions. But we are living in Bharat that is different. Nothing can be done. Everyone has to digest the effects. Hope that let OBC avail the benefits, it shall be a good thing if it is done positively but it is not sure.

Bharat First-Everything Else Later
Jai Bharat

By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh New Delhi


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