Sunday, April 27, 2008



Dr. Babu Suseelan

Hinduism is the central part of India civilization. Yet, since independence, Hindu culture, values, and spiritual practices had been ignored, neglected, or disparaged by the ruling Congress Party. It seems that that few Congress Party politicians understand the importance of Hindu culture, its eclectic philosophy and all inclusive nature. Without Hinduism there can be no freedom, pluralism, secularism, harmony and coexistence.

How could the Congress Party has been successful in deceiving the general public for long with its bogus secularism, Islamic appeasement and corruption? The Congress Party has failed miserably to defending our borders, Hindus, Hindu culture, or to do anything more than protecting their own narrow political interests. As a party, the Congress has reduced its mind and heart to the level of intellectual and moral bankruptcy, outright dishonesty, corruption, ineptitude, nepotism, and inefficiency. These immoral practices have become the fallback mode of the Congress leaders. In the name of pseudo secularism, Congress moral relativists, atheists, and agnostics want to appease Muslims and want to overturn traditional Hindu culture and moral values.

Now the Congress Party headed by the Italian Catholic Sonia is devising new cunning schemes to restrict our liberties. For several years, Hindu organizations around the world had exposed Congress leaders despicable behavior and corrupt practices.

For the last few years, Indian American Intellectual Forum in New York is in forefront in exposing corrupt and immoral practices of the Congress Party and its Italian catholic leader Sonia. Narain Ktaria, Arish Sahani and Indian American Intellectual Forum members have expressed concerns about Jihadi terrorism, Sonia's deceptive statements about her background including her education and corrupt practices of the Congress Party. Indian American Intellectual Forum and its leaders have been trying to inform Hindus on the corrosive, violent, and immoral effect of the Congress Party. The public is aware Indian American Intellectual Forum is one of the most important organizations devoted solely to finding and amplifying sane and progressive voices. The Congress Party leaders are offended by Indian American Intellectual Forum and its leader's claim to the moral high ground.

Now Sonia and her ilk have filed a law suit against Narain Kataria and Arish Sahani, leaders of Indian American Intellectual Forum. It is an act of cold blooded strategy to silence Hindus. It is directed not merely against Indian American Intellectual Form, Narain Kataria, and Arish Sahani but it is directed against all Hindus. It is a sinister strategy to silence, intimidate, threaten and coerce all Hindus around the world.

What is the lawsuit really about? It seems is intimidation--intimidation of anyone inclined to raise questions or express concerns about the Italian Catholic Sonia who head the Congress Party. It is meant to silence her critics. Faced with the cost and time of defending themselves, plus the emotional drain the threat of lawsuit poses, the intent is to make the defendant give up, shut up and go away.

With this lawsuit, Congress bullies actually think they can fool, frighten and intimidate Hindus around the world. What is more. This legal intimidation has galvanized Hindus around the world and they have determined with all its strength to stop Sonia's plan to export the Congress culture sewage to the rest of the world. The lawsuit also exposes the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Congress Party headed by the Italian Catholic Sonia.


At 9:26 AM, Blogger tnjjp77 said...

the c ongress is coming to power by killing its it has comemto power by killing the moral values once attached to the erstwhile congress. don't worry the days of congress is numbered.

At 9:27 AM, Blogger tnjjp77 said...

The rajiv gandhi mureder which refuses to die will finish off congress.


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