Sunday, January 27, 2008


Today almost every Political, Social & Religious Leaders want nothing but MONEY & MONEY alone at any costs , without realizing that they can NOT take even a needle with them when they die & , thus, lose Millions & Billions of Country's PRECIOUS wealth in Swiss accounts as they are NOT allowed to withdraw from those Swiss numbered a/cs which Swiss Banks manage for them at a certain high fee levies only .
Whenever you have time & inclination, please do visit the "Three Murty Bhavan" at New Delhi which has been converted into an official Government Library after Nehru's death. In this Library you can go through various Historical facts of our fight for Freedom & how even Lahore went to Pakistan which had 55% Hindu population with 45% Muslims only on the evening of 14th August, 1947, a treacherous act, on the last day of our slavery, by Nehru on the advices of the then Governor General ,Lord Mountbatten, ( his so called kept's husband, though nobody knows the exact truth except certain memoirs of Edvina & Mountbatten ) , when our country's partition was done on the basis of Hindu Muslim population.
Thus the entire Hindu population of Lahore had to embrace ISLAM & give away their beautiful womens to the Muslims. Hence, on visits to Pakistan ,you can find the names like : Nazam Sethi, Kamruddin Arora, Zamaluddin Sehgal , Ahmed Hasan Gill, Fatheuddin Kapoor & so on.These Hindus have retained their Surnames & prefer to marry amongst themselves with all the Hindu Customs except Nikah as per Islamic laws.
You could also know the facts even of such famous poets like Mirza Ghalib, who lived in Ballimaran, a Muslim area of Delhi, who had been writing his Ghazals in praise of Queen Victoria of England & from whom he had pleaded in 1855 for his Pension & monetary assistance on the basis of his faithfulness towards the Cuel British Queen then.
Enough for the day, I suppose.


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